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the inside lingo had me at hello

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I'm Jess. My friends call me Weewall. Don't ask me why. I'm honest and empathetic and original and confident and loving and I am me, I'm just who I am, and that's all I can be. okay, enough of that lol. i love to laugh and have fun, my friends and family mean the world to me. i love animals, i have a dog and a cat, if i could, i would take in every animal who needs a home. i love to write and draw, i'm not very good at drawing, but people tell me i have potential. writing, on the other hand, i've been doing for quite a few years. i like to write poetry and lyrics. i'd like to write a screenplay someday, i think that'd be fun. thats all for now. oh yeah, i love the used and Bert McCracken!
art, drawing, family, hanging with friends, music, musicals, plays, singing, stage crew, volunteering at animal friends, writing