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I only l o v e you on a g.o.o.d day

16 September
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I am exactly like every other 14 year old girl you will ever meet, except -
-I am 5"10
Oh no, I ran out of reasons. But still, how many other 5"10 14 year old girls do you know?
Okay, so, I'm a big Bloc Party fan. I am not going to lie to you: I love them for their music, but they are especially great because of the whole cute band members thing
I have size 8 feet, which makes finding shoes very hard. I'm not really shoe kind of girl, I'm more of a tshirt kind of girl, but I love a good pair of shoes.
I haven't decided what I want to be 'when I grow up'. I'm thinking along the same lines as everyone else my age, being in a band would be great, so would being a novelist, but I'm considering photography, tshirt design and graphic design as more realistic options.
I like jeans. Too much.
I read a lot. Unfortunately, most of what I read is trashy crap, but I read the occasional classic. My favourite books are The Time Travellers Wife & Animal Farm.
And I love skinny indie boys.
And, no, we haven't met before.
That was some other irritating teenager.

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