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My LoVe for MiGuel CabRera

GiiSzYSz` LiiFe !!
21 February
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HeY Heii BiznaTcHes.. wats upp0 as U alreAdii kn0 ma name is Giselle a.k.a gizZLe! iM 13 YrS old and i Go 2 RoCkWaY MiDdLe. Im In Da 8th GRaDe anD i haBB a bOiiFrIeNd. HiS NaMe is VinCeNt and hes Ma babe!! I LUBb HIm wiTh all Mii HearT!! hes da greatest.. well theres nothing much 2 say.. if u wanna chat i/m me!
-hugz `n` kissez-

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