The trick is getting you to think that all this was your idea///
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i started taking sleeping pills the other day to help me get a better nights sleep. i think it worked. this morning i didn't feel groggy and lazy like i usually do. i am hopping that this stuff works all the time and i cant some sleep. maybe if the turtle tank wasn't in the room either... eh, never mind.

been working out a little bit. walking for about 30 minutes and doing the exercise bike for about 20 minutes. so far, I've lost 1 1/2 pound. not a whole lot, but its something to me. and thats all that matters, right?! it also helps when Paul has been making really yummy food at home for dinner and using healthier ingredients. like brown rice and fresh veggies and such.

i got this odd rash this past weekend. i think it was from a bug bite that went horribly wrong. one is on my left leg (like the calf area but closer to the inside of the leg) and the other one is on my right foot (like directly on the ankle bone). they are looking scary big and red. i don't know if i should wait it out and see if they go away on their own or if i should head over to the doctor some time soon.

other then that, life is pretty good. my turtles are happy in their separate tanks, my cats are happy because they are so spoiled, and i am happy because i have my wonderful boyfriend Paul to come home to everyday no matter how shitty things are in the office. ::end emo-ness::

i didn't get bombarded with 9/11 issues and memorials. (yes, what happed was bad, but we need to more forward and stop looking at the past so much). i wrote this at this "lets have random people at the California State Fair write messages on a big white banner so we can send them to our troops to show that we care" banner... i hope no one gets/ was offended. i thought it would "boost moral."

fuck yea!


Fresh off the plane, Konichiwa bitches///
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An interesting day none the less.

Paul had his first day at school today.
I took all the loose change to the bank... $33, beeotch!
I finally signed the papers for the lease to the apartment with Paul & Josh.
Went to eat at Dad's (this little deli/ sandwich shop near Paul's work on S Street) with Paul.
Went to Ikea to research my turtle tank idea.
Had an emotional break down over something small.
Went to PetsMart to buy new turtle tank.
Spent 1 hour cleaning the old rocks/ tank & setting up the new tank.
Made dinner with Paul (chicken stir fry with lots of veggies).
Cleaned & created a "light fixture" out of an old basket & christmas lights.

intresting, eh!?

tomorrow? taking paul to the batting cages since i seem to be enjoying his love for sports.i just dont want to watch college football all weekend!?

Waiting for our ship to come but our ships not coming back///
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Paul is sleeping. He has class in the morning. Poor kiddo. I kind of feel bad for him. But that’s life. I need to find my passion for writing again. I tell my boss that I should turn the antics that go on in the office into a book or something. The constant drama might make for some interesting reading at least. With all the gay-ness, i should be able to come up with something awesome.

The only thing that is going on in my world is that my friend is going to have a baby which means that I might be "Aunt Manda "someday... It’s kind of funny because I am already an aunt to my half brother and sisters kids. Who knows… this might help me get rid of the fear I have of small kids. When ever I see small children when I am out and about, I cringe on the inside soo much. My stomach churns and everything. I know I should just get over it and start acting like a 23 year old… fuck it. When the time comes and I get knocked up, things will change.

I got a bonus at work for being all hardcore and collecting lots of money from patients. Part of me wants to be frivolous with the money: buy a nice 42” flat screen TV (the TV that my parents said that they would buy Paul & me which still hasn’t happened and we have been together for over a year and living together for about 9 months)… or get more tattoo work done on my back piece… or just be stupid with the money and buy tons of things that I don’t need (like more booze).

I do need to get a bigger turtle tank for my girls. I think Minerva tried to attack Mona this week. Her back feet look chewed up and like club feet. There goes another $50 or so. *ugh* PetsMart, here I come.


Alright, I wrote enough for one night. Who knows when I will ever find this much free time to vent?!


edit: working on photos tomorrow :)

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i promise i
will write in here

i need thing to happen
for once.

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off to the mountians for pauls 25th birthday.

drunkness will commense..

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its been over a year and a half... and i might be getting a raise. fucking-a

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Aaron: Hey yo. I got my septum pierced today
Manda: omg
Manda: ick
Aaron: It looks real good though
Manda: ick

I pull the black from the gray///
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cleaning out the closet &
the craft basket in my closet...

manda = 1
closet = 0

warning: image heavy


You'll never need another sound///
m!: manda/ josh @ the party
oh how things have changed
in the past few years...

[Amanda 2003 = age: 19]

[Amanda 2004 = age: 20]

[Amanda 2005 = age: 21]

[Amanda 2006 = age: 22]

[Amanda 2007 = age: 23

If time itself was his demeanor... There’d be no sunlight or a glimmer///
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