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11 December 2010 @ 05:59 pm
Title: We’ve found a kind of paradise.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Shige/Koyama
Summary: Shige needed a vacation from his life and he found himself in an isolated inn in the mountains. Here he found his muse again, only to realize that he has a dangerous secret.
Notes: Thank you to my beta! Written for NFO 2010

In the forest of the night

Something in the bushes moved, there just out of his sight. He barely heard it over the pouring rain, but there again, was that water or something moving? Shige froze, hair plastered to his forehead, and slightly myopic without his glasses on, but they wouldn’t have helped with the rain anyways. He squinted, willing the shadows to take form.

A flash, something caught the faintest amount of light and shone, iridescent, two of them, low-set and even. Eyes. As soon as the thought occurred to him it was gone again, leaving him alone, wet, muddy, and paranoid on a dirt road in the middle of a thunderstorm. Lightening ripped the sky in two, lighting up the desolate stretch of road but whatever he had seen was long gone. Only a moment later a boom of thunder shook the air around him and the rain worsened, coming down in thick sheets.

Muttering darkly at the weather, Shige hurried his steps as much as he could in the clinging mud and continued along, hoping against hope that his camera case was every bit as waterproof as it claimed to be.

By the time he made it to the inn he was soaked all the way through and his bag probably was too; everything he owned was completely and totally waterlogged. He looked like something washed ashore in the muted yellow lighting spilling from the awning. It felt weird to be out of the rain, the phantom pressure on his skin not letting up for a little after he was actually safe.

Despite being ass o’clock in the morning, the light was on but Shige was hesitant to drag his drenched carcass across the lobby which may have not looked glamorous but was spotlessly clean. In the end, the trickle of water running down his back from his hair and the squelching of his shoes drew him inside. He approached the counter, fretting all the while about the trail of water and dirt he left in his wake.

His wasn’t the only ones. Near the desk off to the far corner there were already barefoot prints in dark mud, five toes and the ball of the foot. Shige licked rain water off his lips and looked around. The lobby was small with a sitting area and a large television, all hard-wood floor and soft cream colours. There was a bell on the counter and he reached out and pressed it. The sound shattered the almost hypnotic sound of the rain falling and the muted crashes of thunder. Loud and sudden in what felt like a library setting.

“Coming!” called a male voice from the back room, hidden from his sight. Shige watched the forming puddle around his feet and rubbed at his forehead, a single drop of rain falling off the end of his nose sticky and warm from his body heat. At first he couldn’t see the other man clearly, just a mass of skin and blond hair, too far away for details. Up close he was unnaturally pretty, narrow fox eyes, full lips and a straight nose. Shige blinked, finding himself admiring the symmetry there, at odds with the bird’s nest on his head, hair standing up wet every-which way. He was rubbing a towel through it, and as he approached Shige caught the earthy smell of rain and mud. “Sorry, I had to go out for something, and he rain hasn’t let up at all.” When he smiled, he put his whole face, his whole body, into it; all radiating happiness like Shige was the end-all. “But, I think you know that already right?” He seemed not to care at all that Shige was leaving a puddle on his floor. “What can I help you with?”

“I have a reservation.” Shige watched the other man’s face. He wore a simple black sleeveless shirt that exposed the lines of his shoulders. They were nice shoulders, pale skin contrasting perfectly with the black and corded muscles pulled taught over pointy bones. “Kato Shigeki.” He said almost belatedly, blaming the long train-ride for how daft he was feeling.

“Ah, right. I should have known.” The man flung his towel to the side and pulled out a large book from behind the counter. It was bound in thick brown leather and may have been taking this whole homey-retro theme a little too far. “Can you sign here?” Shige half expected a brush but was given a simple ball-point pen instead. He wrote his name in the box and the other man took the book back.

“My name is Koyama and I manage this place mostly.” He smiled and Shige realized that he was probably a little older then he had him pegged for. The wet hair and the wild smile, it had excitable kid written all over it. “If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. Towels I assume.” At that he smiled widely and Shige was far too exhausted to deal with someone that irrationally happy.

“Towels, yes. Do you have a drier?”

“Yep. I’ll show you to your room first.” Koyama was wearing pale blue shorts and no shoes, showing off the slimness of his hips and the long lines of his body. He was symmetrical all over with soft angles and enough muscle to toe the masculine lines. He had all the right proportions to be one of Shige’s models. He had the face for it too, but his smile was too real.

He wouldn’t have survived a day left to the wolves. Shige’s world would have ripped him limb from limb, just because he was so pretty. He’d come out on the other end not eating for days and doing speed with his morning java.

Shige smiled back.


Ryo raced through the trees, grinning stupidly to himself, feet flying knowingly over branches and leaves and rabbit holes. He leaped over a fallen tree and skidded in the wet vegetation on the other side. He cut a sharp left and waited behind a tree, the pounding of his heart was going to give him away. He could barely hear the sounds of Takahisa’s feet over the crush of rain on leaves the low rumble of thunder drowning out everything for a brief moment.

He pounced when Takahisa ran by and they tumbled to the ground in mud and dirt and leaves and Takahisa would be pissed later but Ryo was having too much fun.


Are you the now or never type?

Shige woke to the sun shining in through the window onto his face. He moaned and rolled onto his side. It had taken forever for him to fall asleep. He’d given all his wet clothing to Koyama and the other man had vanished and left a pile of towels in his wake. The thunder and the patter of sheet-like rain wouldn’t help his mind quiet any.

He blindly reached out and found his phone on the bed near his pillow and squinted at the numbers. It was two-thirty in the afternoon which explained a lot about the ache in his head and the pressing urge to pee. Despite the amount of sleep his head was fuzzy and he tripped over his own camera-case, the hard plastic sending a jolt of pain through his baby toe that had him waking up a little. Blinking at the fuzzy, unfamiliar surroundings, he stumbled his way to the small bathroom.

His room was done in the same muted style, cream walls with a dark brown trim and brown furniture, a huge window that showed him the forest that seemed like it was trying to swallow the inn whole. There were faintly off-colour painted cranes on his walls and it should have been tacky but it wasn’t garish. He felt like he’d taken a step back in time into the wilds of Japanese forests.

Well except for the flat screen on the wall and the satellite channels he got.

Once he’d pissed and washed his hands he took a quick shower to get rid of the rain water that was still clinging to his hair. The woodsy smell didn’t go away and Shige realized that it was the air itself. This whole place smelled of pine and fresh rain. All his clothes were folded and left at his door. He smiled at them. This place was getting five stars for service.

By the time he made it down to the lobby he was in probably the best mood he had been since forever. Even the faint buzz behind his eyes from oversleeping was okay because the air didn’t taste like smog and toxic fumes, anger and restlessness. Just being here was unrolling something in his lungs, something he kept secretive and safe. He’d been in the wrong profession if something so simple could make him so damn happy.

In the sunlight Koyama was stunning. His skin glowed, oddly pale, as he mopped the lobby. A shorter boy was running over the huge desk with a cloth. They were laughing about something and stopped when Shige walked in.

“Good Morning.” Koyama smiled at him and it was no less fabulous in the daylight then it had been when Shige was less delirious with rain and exhaustion. “Are you hungry?” He didn’t have an excuse for that.


“Go around to the back, I think Nishikido was serving food in the courtyard. I’m sorry- it is down season- I don’t think we have the full menu.”

Shige nodded dumbly. The puddle and muddy footprints were gone and they continued their softly murmured conversation that he’d interrupted. The greens outside were so naturally vibrant that it made his eyes ache in time with the throbbing in his chest. Sometimes when he saw nothing but glass, cement and make-up he forgot how beautiful nature could be. Shige made a silent vow to get a dog or something, just so he’d have an excuse to go to the park.

Nishikido turned out to be short man with tanned skin and dark sharp eyes. “Hello?”


Nishikido was barely polite but the omelette and coffee he made was to die for and so Shige allowed it. Four and half stars for food.

He spent his first day lazing around the inn. Koyama had been right there were not a lot of other patrons, mostly it was the people who worked there and friends it seemed. Shige didn’t know for sure. They peered at him oddly when he passed. For the first time he had the unsettling feeling of being on the outside of something.

The weirdest thing was that each and every person here was beautiful, so far he’d yet to see a single ugly man or woman. It was like there was something in the springs here and like King Midas turned things to gold it turned them gorgeous. It was creepy in an ‘attack of the pod people’ sort of way.

He took a few photos of the springs while they were empty, light bounced off the faint twirls of steam that danced in the air and made it shimmer magically.

“A photographer?” Koyama scared him, he moved so softly that Shige hadn’t heard him moving at all.

“Yeah.” Koyama wore tight jeans that exaggerated how long his legs were and a pale pink top that accented the pink in his lips. Koyama didn’t need a stylist; he glowed naturally in the sunlight. It was almost supernatural. “I usually do magazine shoots; it’s nice to photograph something natural for a change.” He smiled faintly and Koyama nodded.

“There are some nice flowers and scenery out in the woods, you should check it out some time.”

“Can I take a photo of you?” It tripped off his tongue before he could stop it and Koyama looked at him, stunned for a moment before he smiled widely.

“That would be great!” Shige laughed at his obvious enthusiasm.

He’d been right; Koyama looked perfect in front of his lens, making all sorts of different faces as he tried to settle on something for the photo. Shige smiled and laughed at some of the weirder faces he pulled. No make-up, no special flash or diffusers, just sun and skin and the faintest gleam of sweat on his broad shoulders and it was probably one of the easiest sets of photos he’d ever taken.

The camera loved Koyama and that much was obvious in the way that he didn’t seem to have a single bad angle on him. The camera was straight out a slut for Koyama, catching the way the sun seemed to want to halo his hair and the wind tugged on it like a flirty date. Shige had nothing to do with it; he just found the best angle and took the photos.

It wasn’t until he was looking at the photos later that he paused, staring at Koyama’s face, the curve of his lips and the way his eyes all but vanished when he laughed, that he realized that it was somehow familiar. He couldn’t figure it out that night, on the tip of his tongue, a dream half forgotten and a phrase half remembered.


Last night I dreamt that I forgot my name

He found Koyama naked and sleek in the hot springs and held the knot on his towel tighter, embarrassed for a reason he couldn’t understand. Koyama seemed to be completely at ease with his own nakedness, lounging with his head tipped back staring at the half of the moon through the clouds.

“Are you going to come in?” He jumped, hadn’t realized that Koyama had even heard his approach. Koyama’s eyelashes were dark with moisture like the blackness of his eyes, and Shige swallowed thickly, smiling a little as he stepped into the pool. “It’s a beautiful night.”

He’s been there three nights and two days and he’s really only spoken to Koyama, and Ryo when the other man was looking civil. It felt like a secret, being here and having these long rambling conversations with the older man. When Koyama talked he felt like he’d known him his whole life and could trust him with his deepest secrets. He figured Koyama had that affect on people and it made him ideal for the hospitality industry.

“It’s really beautiful., I was going to take some photos at night when no one was here. I’ll do it later.”

“A lot of people here are awake most of the night.” Koyama shook his head and the damp longer pieces of his hair flew, sticking to the sides of his face and his long neck. Shige settled deeper in the water to avoid staring. He worked with some of the most beautiful people in the world every day and he hated it, now he couldn’t keep his eyes off of an inn keeper? It didn’t make sense. Like browsing an art gallery and finding a lost Van Gough in a pawn shop.

A classy pawn shop but none-the-less.

“Something on your mind?” Koyama was loose and boneless, sitting in water just cloudy enough that Shige could make out the shape of his body but not every last sordid detail.

“Nothing really.” Shige shook his head. His skin was getting all pink from the hot water and he could feel it weaving lethargy through his muscles. It was nice. “Just taking in the scenery.” Koyama smiled at him like he might have picked up on the faintly veiled pick-up.

The silence stretched for awhile and Shige began to really relax into the water, muscles he hadn’t even known were tense beginning to uncoil and unwind.

“Tell me about your home?” Koyama was staring at him the same way he’d been staring at the moon, lazy with an edge of something he couldn’t name.

“You’ve always lived here?” Shige asked in return and Koyama smiled faintly.

“No, it is easier to live here, but I grew up in the city too and it has been a long time since I’ve been there.”

“It doesn’t change much.” Well that was a lie, it was changing all the time, the essence of transient life, rushing around and going to stores that were always being swapped out for the newer more trendy labels. But it was a constant change, and so it stayed the same, static. “It’s big, noisy, and bland.”

“You sound as if you are unhappy with it.” Koyama seemed genuinely curious and interested.

“Bored I guess.” The average new-age boy, on top of all the latest news, fashion, gossip and somewhere along the way it stopped glittering and he realized he was every bit as surface deep as the rest of the people he’d come to hate. “Looking for something new.”

“Everything here is old, it doesn’t change at all. You’re not going to find anything new here.” Koyama’s laughter was like bells, he laughed like he didn’t care if he sounded dumb and it was like the breeze that sent chills down his spine.

Shige sank into the water a little more to keep warm. Koyama was wrong; this place glittered like the stars that Shige hadn’t even realized were so bright until he’d seen them from here.

He came back the next night and found Koyama soaking in the springs and watching the moon that was getting progressively fatter. “I found out where I know you from.”

“Hm?” He turned and smiled lazily at Shige and he was again being distractingly naked. It had been niggling at him since he’d seen Koyama dripping wet and waiting for him in the warmth of the inn that first night.

“The first photo I ever took was of my neighbour when I was a kid. He’s a dorky little thing.” Shige laughed, the photo was framed at home, the contrast was all wrong and it was an unflattering angle of a chubby face. Still it was the first time he could remember ever seeing something and knowing that he needed to keep that memory, record it down and carry it with him forever.

Seeing Koyama again reminded him of that, a smile that he wanted to keep in his heart, wanted to catch in a cage. He’d spent his life trying to build a perfect cage for memories.

“Really?” Koyama was looking at him now, actually looking alert for once and not the usual lazy eyes.

“Yeah.” He grinned, “it was you wasn’t it?”

“I lived in Tokyo a long time ago.” Koyama shook his head.

“You had a sister; I always thought you were her because your hair was so long. You looked similar then.”

“Really?” Koyama laughed. “I do remember you.”

“Good.” Shige smiled, and he did remember, remembered having a sweaty-palmed feeling whenever Koyama’s sister was around, thinking that she was so pretty, like a wild flower. “Why did you leave? School was just about to start and you were so excited about it.”

“My father left and my mother needed her family.” Koyama said it so simply.

“I’m sorry.”

“I remember you.” Koyama repeated with a stupid smile.

“I still have that photo of you. Reminds me why I like photography.” Maybe it something about Koyama’s straightforward personality but it was infectious and he was saying things he wouldn’t have to any other person in any other place. Maybe it was something in the water?

“Probably thought I was my sister, you have the most ridiculous crush on her. You always thought I was her.”

They had both been too pretty. It was a easy mistake to make.


I wish I was the moon tonight

Keiichiro ran as swiftly as he could without making a sound, around him the forest watched his passing with a fond smile for her favourite son. The birds sang sweetly and he picked up the scent of his prey, chemicals and humans, smog and oddly enough cherries.

Slowed down to a trot as he followed him, he could hear him moving now, inelegant with branches snapping under his shoes and animals sitting in the trees laughing. Stupid human in their game. He crouched low so as not to be seen and crept as close as he dared. He could just see Shige, poking around trees, holding his camera with one hand and just exploring the way children do.

He watched for awhile, following him slowly, being sure to always stay out of sight.

The forest watched her son and let out a laugh, the breeze stirring the vibrant green leaves, as Ryo snuck up behind him and nudged him with his shoulder. Koyama just barely contained a yelp of surprise, mindful that they were hiding. Ryo made a soft enquiring sound and Koyama nudged him back with his nose, pinning him down with one paw and beginning to clean his ears reassuringly.

Shige stopped what he was doing and the breeze dried the sweat that was covering his body in a fine sheen; it was hot out here and he was hiking. It felt for a moment like the forest was alive, like it was breathing with him, in him, around him and watching him. Still when he stilled nothing obvious moved.

So he set off again.

Two hours later and countless photos of trees and a little stream he’d found later Shige stumbled on a half-dressed Koyama. The other man was flushed like he’d been running and wore only the thin outer layer of a bathrobe and sandals. He was also curiously wet and the robe clung to the faint lines and angles of his body.

“Shige!” He smiled and Shige tried not to stare too openly.

“What are you doing, here?” Without any clothes went unspoken, Koyama winked at him. Looking amused and mostly like he had a secret to tell. He leaned in close to him, his breath smelled faintly of mint where it fanned against Shige’s face and it would only take the slightest tip of his head and he could pull those lips against his own and capture that smile.

“There is somewhat of a secret hot spring this way. It isn’t part of the inn’s property so no one owns it. I went with Ryo-chan.”

He couldn’t say he was surprised;, after all everyone at this inn was so damn gorgeous it would only make sense if they were all fucking their way across this whole little forest. That it was Ryo was a little surprising, someone like that Oshima girl, or Masuda would have made a little more sense. Ryo was darkly handsome in his own way but he didn’t really inspire Shige’s artistic side.

“It’s not like that.” Koyama was all but talking in his ear and the damp ends of his hair were dripping on Shige’s shoulder and the mineral smell of the water surrounded him and Shige swallowed thickly. “I know what you’re thinking.”

With a voice like silk all the things he really hadn’t been thinking about flooded his mind. Pink mouths meeting and licking steam from flushed skin. Ryo’s dark hair and Koyama’s pale hair and all that steam and sweat. Shige jerked back, tripped over a root and pin-wheeled but didn’t fall.

Koyama’s smirk was impish.

“Well I had better get back; I need to make sure all the sheets got changed.”

“Koyama.” Shige wasn’t used to being flustered; he’d fended off the advances of countless models trying to get a foot up in their cut-throat line of business. He’d been with women who thought all he needed was a good spanking while they rubbed their tits in his face. Which was probably one of the more awkward moments in his whole life. Maybe next to this one. Koyama was clearly naked under that thin robe and his skin smelled good and he was teasing Shige.

“Hm?” Koyama looked at him, and up close his eyelashes brushed the high cheekbones when he blinked, hard to see how long they were when his eyes were open.

“Will you show me?” the words rolled off his tongue before he could close them behind his teeth and he held out the camera in front of him like a shield. “I bet the photos would be incredible.”

“Oh.” Koyama shook his too-long hair out of his eyes, entire demeanour shifting slightly, just enough for Shige to notice. Interesting, he had been offering something without explaining what. “I’ll take you over there after dinner, it is really pretty.”

“I’ll walk you back to the inn.” Shige fell in step a little too close to him and Koyama smiled at him all over again making his heart stutter in his chest.


Koyama’s mouth tasted like mint and Shige’s tongue chased the taste, feeling the hardness of teeth and the soft silken glide of cheek and the almost slimy feel of Koyama’s tongue in his mouth. He wasn’t an aggressive kisser, but sensual, pressing his tongue into his mouth with a languid sort of roll that spoke of slow fucking under the sun.

The water was warm around him and Koyama was already naked and half in his lap, all slick like a seal and wiggling faintly. He clung to the towel around his waist like a lifeline the one piece of fabric that separated Koyama’s bony ass from his perking dick.

“Shige.” Koyama had an almost squeaky voice, his fingers dug into Shige’s shoulders as he slid around on his lap getting a good perch on him.

Shige was sitting on the natural ledge formed by the rock and Koyama’s knees were to either side of him and the incredible heat of his body was pressed all along the line of Shige’s torso.

“You taste wild.” Shige mumbled against his swollen lips. Koyama paused, leaning back a little and looking at Shige through narrowed eyes. Because he could, he reached up and used his thumb to brush away some of the droplets of water that gathered on the ends of his eyelashes. Koyama caught his wrist and delicately touched his tongue to those fingertips. It sent something fizzling through him, like shaken soda and he let out a shaky breath watching Koyama’s pink tongue flick around his fingers.

Objectively that was an image he wanted to capture forever. Good use of colour and impact with imagery. It was like having Koyama’s tongue flicking like that against his dick with the way it twitched at the sensation.

“What makes you say that?” Koyama dropped his hand for another kiss cutting off his answer by eating the words from his mouth. He groaned into Koyama’s mouth, his hands coming around to grip the curves of his rib cage and hold him close. Koyama’s body was so lithe, and he ground down when he rubbed his thumbs over the sun-warmed and slick skin.

“Say what?” Shige gasped when Koyama finally let him go, tilting himself so that he could suck lightly on the skin of Shige’s neck. Each sucking kiss had little shock waves of pleasure tingling down his spine and hardwired to his cock which was impossible to hide now. Not that Koyama seemed to the mind the way his was grinding against Shige’s stomach in tight circles completely unabashed in his lust, skin hotter than the water.

“Wild.” Koyama growled against his neck and scraped his teeth down to his shoulder in time with raking his nails down his side underwater and Shige groaned and pressed up against Koyama hard, knocking his balance. He gripped Shige’s shoulder and tilted his head back laughing softly. “Calm down tiger.”

“Fuck you.” Shige’s cheeks flushed and he let his hands curve around the lines of Koyama’s chest thumbing his dusky nipples for the shudder and the soft cry that wrung from the other man.

“Hey.” Koyama ran his wet hands up and snared them in Shige’s damp hair and his smile was feral, and Shige had a moment to feel like prey before he was eaten. Koyama’s mouth was hard and unyielding like the firmness of bone under his soft skin and he was all lips and teeth, bruising passion and a sweeping tongue. Shige melted under him, surrendering in the face of the other man’s surprising agression.

It was hot, hotter than the steam that coiled around them and filled his lungs with heavy and humid air. Shige’s hands smoothed down the slick glide of Koyama’s side to settle on his bony hips and pull him so that his ass was sliding against Shige’s dick and he tore his mouth away to hiss. Koyama shifted so he could grab the towel that separated them; it was coming off anyways.

“Touch me.” Koyama demanded, speaking softly against his cheek and running one hand through his hair, rubbing behind his ears in a way that was surprisingly sensual. “Please.”

“Yeah.” The towel was flung, Koyama taking it from his hands and flicking it somewhere out of sight. Then they were sliding together in all the right places and Shige was hissing, pressing his mouth against the wet skin of Koyama’s chest and scraping his teeth against the sharpness of his collar bone. Koyama shifted against him, and Shige’s hands came around the hard lines of his hips to the rigid line of his cock pressing against his stomach.

Koyama made a soft sound of wordless pleasure when Shige’s fingers found him, and Shige grinned a bit, liking the mewling sound that Koyama made when he squeezed. Koyama shifted on his lap, fucking the tunnel of his fist with slow rolls of his narrow hips.

“Like this.” And Koyama’s hands were covering his, wrapping around both of them and Koyama’s dick was hot against his, gliding and Shige groaned, letting his head fall forwards against Koyama’s chest, unable to press up into the friction because of Koyama’s weight keeping him pinned.

With Koyama’s hands covering his he couldn’t control the pace at all; he could just tip his head back and take it. Koyama was beautiful like that, with his face flushed and the steam making his hair darken and cling to his face and neck. He rocked on Shige’s lap, moaning while Shige bit his lips to trap the sounds.

“No one can hear us.” Koyama said with a stupid smile, and Shige realized that, yeah. No one could hear him.

So when Koyama leaned forward and bit his jaw he moaned softly, letting his hands tighten on their dicks. Koyama shivered despite the heat.

“More.” He demanded.

Shige gave him everything he could.

When Koyama came the only word for it was wild, he tossed his head back and shivered through it with a low sound. Shige watched it, almost stunned. Koyama was so damn beautiful. Unreal.

He slumped against Shige when he finished, breathing softly against his hair and Shige batted his hands out of the way. With Koyama on his lap he couldn’t thrust into his palm and with the water he moved slowly and it fizzled through his system. Koyama mouthed the lines of his cheeks kissing soft and wet. Shige’s desperate and he was chewing on Koyama’s bottom lip lightly, sucking on it.

He couldn’t hold out, couldn’t hold on. Didn’t want too. He came with a growl, tensing as it exploded behind his eyelids.

He felt almost dead, all wrung out from the heat and his orgasm. Koyama giggled against his neck and he pulled him a little closer.

“You didn’t take any photos.”

“Later.” Shige groaned; he didn’t even want to think about it.


I’m an angel bored like hell and you’re a devil meaning well

They fucked all over Shige’s room, on the bed, in the bathroom, and even up against the wall once, Koyama pressed against the cool surface, palms sliding along the wall as Shige pulled his hips back into his desperate thrusts. He wasn’t athletic enough for standing sex, he decided much later lying boneless in the hot spring.

Weirdly Koyama wasn’t there. Shige looked around with narrowed eyes, his mind was slow and muddled and he’d almost fallen asleep right there where he sat. Koyama was nowhere to be seen, he’d escaped after they had walked through the forest without saying where he was going.

Shige sat up and looked around, all of a sudden missing Koyama’s presence in his nightly bath. The scenery was nice, but Koyama all naked and panting was even nicer. He only realized now that he’d been waiting, and it started to grate on him. Shige pulled himself out later when there was still no sign of Koyama. He could have at least told Shige that he had somewhere to be so he wasn’t waiting like an idiot.

He tied his bathrobe off and moved up to his room to dress. Koyama wasn’t waiting by the door to his room, and when he slipped on a plain t-shirt to go with his sweat pants Koyama wasn’t manning the front desk either. In fact no one was. It felt as if the inn was holding its breath. Shige peeked around corners beginning to get paranoid.

Still, it seemed like the whole place was empty.

He felt dumb and wanted Koyama to jump out from behind a door and go ‘boo! Got ya!’ but there was nothing. He returned to the lobby and rang the bell on the counter. Now the sound was even more piercing, too loud in the total silence of the lobby.


Something slammed behind the counter, and Shige jumped, spinning to stare at the door. Well, he could always pretend that he needed towels if it turned out he was just being stupid. Shige peeked around the door and the office was tidy, but empty, there was another door there that seemed to lead out the side of the inn. Maybe the wind had closed it? Then again maybe it hadn’t.

Wondering what the hell was going through his head he slipped out the door. It was night time and the darkness seemed yawning ahead of him. Something moved just in front of him and Shige moved towards it automatically.

It seemed like a blur, one moment he was standing and the next something heavy was slamming into his chest and knocking him over. Shige screamed as jaws snapped at his face, a loud growling coming from his attacker. Later he would deny shrieking like a woman, but Ryo would swear up and down that it was going to break his ear drums it hit such a high register.

There was a flash of dirty brown and it was slamming into the creature on him and they were tumbling off and rolling around barking and snarling. Shige pulled himself up and along the wall looking for door and in his panic he couldn’t. One of the huge dogs seemed to melt and Shige’s mind boggled, clicking and whirling and refusing to catch up because the dog was melting into the naked form of Koyama. Bones snapped audibly and crunched as his snout shortened and melted into his face and the fur shortened until it became familiar smooth skin.

Koyama was kneeling naked in the wane moonlight and waving his arms about like a crazy person.

“Dammit, Ryo, stop it. It is Shige.” Koyama snarled and if Shige hadn’t been busy freaking right out he might have stopped to admire the moonlight on his pale skin and the anger on his fox-like face. People always looked more beautiful when they were pissed off, emotion brought a face to life.

Shige was going to be very dead very soon. More of the huge dogs were coming out of the forest all of them staring at him and one of them began to change, and she was naked and glaring at him and Koyama had been holding the dog and it too was changing and then he was holding a very naked Ryo who was panting and glaring at him.

“Now what?” The girl spat, and Shige recognized her from the inn.

“All yours.” Ryo shook Koyama off him, and with the same disregard of being naked that Koyama showed stormed into the hotel and slammed the doors. The girl was gone, having melted back into a dog and vanished back into the woods with everyone else. Shige couldn’t even blink he was too freaked out. There was no way in hell that this was really happening. There was weird and there was weird.

Koyama was at his side, tilting his face and checking him over for damage. “You’ll be fine.”

“Heart attack.” Shige croaked, clutching Koyama’s arm.

“I can’t stay like this for long.” Koyama said, “Ryo’ll have changed back, don’t be scared. We’ll talk later.” There was no trace of the smile he usual smile. He looked actually like he was in a little bit of pain.

Then Koyama kissed him and he really did taste wild.

When Shige opened the door a small dark animal was waiting there, it was hard to tell without it having a human face, but it looked pissed off. It trotted past him like it didn’t leap at his face earlier and out into the woods, Koyama was gone already.

Shige closed the door after himself and went up to his room on autopilot.

Half of him was convinced that he was going crazy and half of him was sure that he had gone crazy the moment he’d gotten caught in that horrid rain on the way up. That was where this whole hot mess had started.

Koyama didn’t come back that night no matter how late he stayed up, and by four thirty in the morning he was so pissed that he decided to go to sleep. Fuck dog boy. Shige rolled over and went to sleep.

He woke up in the late afternoon to the sound of someone laughing on the other side of the door to his room. Shige groaned and rolled over, digging himself into the bedding and refusing to wake up because if he did then he would need to admit that last night wasn’t a pipe dream and that his reality had taken a nose dive off the end of crazy.

It took him an hour to crawl out of bed and into some clothes. He brushed his hair and teeth slowly. Beyond that door was a whole bunch of dog-people and he was going to go get some breakfast with them.

Shige straightened up, and strutted out of his room and down to the small patio where Ryo liked to keep breakfast and coffee when it was nice out. Shige couldn’t have imagined a nicer day, the sky was achingly blue and there was a slight teasing breeze to cut the heat a little.

“Wolves can smell fear.” Ryo snarled at him and Shige only just managed not to scream, he hadn’t heard the other man coming. “You stink of it.” Ryo smile was malicious and Shige glared at him.

“You woke up.” Koyama was sitting at one of the tables basking in the sun and watching him from behind his sunglasses. “I was beginning to think you were going to spend the last days of your vacation hiding.”

“I wasn’t hiding, I waited up for you, you didn’t come back and I went to sleep late.”

There was no other way to describe the noise Ryo made aside from a ‘wolf whistle’. Shige cringed. Koyama laughed, and he took off his glasses and he didn’t look any different knowing now what Shige knew about him; those same damn laughing eyes. Well if he didn’t look any different after he’d fucked Shige over the table in his room, then why would he look any different now?

He sat across from Koyama and glared at him.

“You’re kinky.” Was the first thing out of Shige’s mouth, among all the questions that he had. Koyama blinked, obviously stunned. “Doggy-style, really?”

Koyama choked on air and started to laugh and Shige really realized that nothing had changed between them. Despite the obvious. He still had the photo framed at home of Koyama, small, with his long hair framing his chubby face. Shige made a face at him.

“Stop laughing.” Shige sighed.

“You’re so weird.” Said the guy who turned into a dog.

“So what are you?” Shige asked, and wasn’t that the million dollar question?

“Koyama Keiichiro, born in Tokyo.”

“Jerk.” Shige laughed and Ryo served him an omelette just the way he liked it.

“Technically I’m a Japanese wolf.” He stole one of the chunks of potato from Shige’s plate and ate it.

“Never heard of it.”

“It isn’t like we advertize it.”

“So,” Shige waved his fork around. “Everyone here?”

“Yep.” Koyama grinned.

“Oh. Okay.” Which might explain the King Midas thing that he had been going on around here. If Twilight taught the masses anything it was that werewolves, or whatever the fuck they were all hot at hell. Ryo was moving around the courtyard collecting empty plates and he didn’t look any different either, the same crotchety look on his face. Then he like he could feel eyes on him, Ryo was bearing down on them. It took everything he had inside him not to flinch away from his annoyed look.

“If you tell anyone, I get to rip out your throat.” Ryo smiled a shark’s grin as he sat with them and you could cut on the sharpness of his smile. Koyama laughed, airy and amused.

“Everyone will think you’re crazy.” Koyama added.

“You’re not even going to dispute the throat thing are you?”

“Nope.” Koyama shook head and Ryo clapped his shoulder on his way back to the kitchen.


When the sun has gone I see you, beautiful and haunting but cold

Shige was walking in the woods and Koyama was trotting along with him, barking at butterflies and jumping around the roots of large tree. He looked like he was having fun. They came upon the springs and Koyama sat down and whined. There were three girls in the spring and they all looked at them blandly.

“Sorry.” Shige stammered and Koyama bit the pant of his leg, dragging him in a different direction. “Stop that.” He growled at the wolf and Koyama raced ahead making happy little yipping sounds. In the daylight he looked less like a dog and more like a dirty fox.

They found their way to a small clearing and Koyama flopped down on the ground. Shige eased his way into a sitting position and Koyama rolled so that his head was in Shige’s lap and it was natural to run his fingers through Koyama’s fur.

He wondered if this was normal or not.

Decided to stop trying. “Comfy?”

Koyama changed right there, and the sounds of tendons slipping and bones snapping sent shivers down his spine. Then Koyama was naked and laying in his lap. Shige sighed, took off his jacket and put it down so Koyama could lay on it without scratching himself.

“You leave tomorrow.” Koyama was staring at the sky, and his face looked sad, so sad. Koyama never hid what he was feeling and it was refreshing as much as it was awkward. He didn’t really want to go back at times like these when the peace here was almost tangible. He’d found Koyama again just when he’d needed him most and there was something magical about that, beyond the transfiguration magic, or whatever.

“I won’t tell anyone about you.” Shige murmured add Koyama smiled, leaned up and tilted his head demanding a kiss. Shige couldn’t help but indulge him.

“I’m not worried about it.”

It wasn’t a fairy tale end; they couldn’t escape to some ivory tower together. Shige had a life he couldn’t leave behind, but he felt better, stronger, more put together and not quite like the man who’d stumbled in during the storm. Real life didn’t work that way. He ran his hands through Koyama’s hair, softer then his fur.

“You know,” Koyama said against his jaw line with the faintest flick of his tongue, “wolves can smell arousal too.”

Shige wondered if they could smell love so he wouldn’t have to say it.


Shige was losing faith in humanity all over again, one too many meth-addicted anorexics trying to claw through his pants. The photos of the forest were up on his walls like he was trying to recreate that atmosphere like a bubble just for him. He’d put the newer photo of Koyama smiling up by the old one, and after twenty five years his smile was still stunning.

Shige never got around to telling him that on the day he’d taken that first photo he had never thought Koyama was his sister.

There was an incessant knocking on his door and Shige sighed, levering himself off the couch.

He opened the door to find Koyama’s smile in total 3-D surround vision. Shige’s stomach flopped and he couldn’t stop the stupid feeling expanding in his chest and, a steady thrum of giddiness and happiness and rainbows and everything too bright.

“I need a place to stay.”

“No pets allowed.” Shige managed to keep a straight face for all of five seconds into Koyama’s startled expression.

The last reported Japanese wolf was spotted in 1905

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