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This is – I can’t believe I have to say this – a serious place.

...if you want me I'll be at the bar...

7 September 1986
I should now be a real-life, grown-up person. This frightens me. I have recently completed a BSc in Forensic Science. It was nothing like CSI (unfotunately) so I am making up for it by reading all the CSI fic in the world. I watch far too much TV and read far too much fanfic. Callie/Hahn from Grey's Anatomy is my new crack.
I moved down to Dorset in September to work as a Resident Assistant at an International boarding school - its ACE! But the drawback is that the school internet system blocks most websites inc LJ - so sorry for the long periods of radio silence!

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Helen&Niki is first girly crush Love! this by velmaneuwirth

i'm in ravenclaw!
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