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where do you go

when youre trapped in your own reflection?

31 March

once upon a time;; there lived a girl called emma. she was 17 years old and celebrated her birthday on the 31st march. she was at college taking art, history and double i.t. but she didn't like it and wanted to get out and do something exciting. she decided to stick it out though. she spent far too much time on myspace and photoshop, but enjoyed every minute of it. she cared far too much about things that never really mattered, and didn't always care enough about the things that did matter. her attention didn't actually have a span and she loved being out and about. she lived with her head in the clouds, her camera in her hand and her headphones in her ears.

music;; ALL TIME LOW, mcfly, blink182, boys like girls, red jumpsuit apparatus, angels & airwaves, +44, saving aimee

tv;; THE MIGHTY BOOSH, friends, mock the week, qi, top gear, never mind the buzzcocks, my family, only fools and horses

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don't take life too seriously,
none of us get out alive anyway.

-- postsecretcommunity.com
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