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random nose piercing

...smoke weed everyday....

so life is hard. i got a promotion at my job and it turns out i dont get a raise. i work harder and earlier than ever to get my hours cut. how do i live? easy mac and jen buying fast food.
i might have jury duty on thursday. what kind of shit is that?
im so over school but im going to work my ass off even more. im going to summer, anyone else? what to take a class together?
im really looking forward to my bro coming in and than me and jen going to boston. thats the only thing keeping me going.
well, that and long nights at denny's...

Dec. 21st, 2006

so at around 8:40pm last night a old lady tried making a left turn before i pass the intersection 42nd and 7st. i crashed in to her back, my tire popped, i last control, and my car is fucked up. merry fucken christmas.
now im leaving to boston for christmas with this fucken mess in Miami. when i come back i have no car to drive to work. if i dont go to work i cant pay to fix my car.

Nov. 26th, 2006

$65, Tattoos by Lou in Kendall

Spring 2007

so i picked my classes for the next spring and im going to Kendall. i have to go because West doesnt offer the classes i want but atleast i could see some faces i know. well, i dont know if that would be that great... here are my classes:

English Comp 2 9:50a-11:05a 4102
Theatre Appreciation 11:15a-12:30p M235
Intro to Sociology 12:40p-1:55p 4205

i hope my classes are near, ive been to the Kendall campus once and i was scared by how fucken big it is. the west campus is just one small floor of a small building. im still debating about what to take as my 4th class. but i want all my classes Tuesday and Thursday. and jen is going to start school now in spring, if she ever goes to sign up...w/e

Cardinals take game 1, hell yea...
i dont wish Miami Dade on anyone. it sucks more then bad luck. i sould be in new york making art not in computers class poking my eyes out. i need to see people i know. alot of then. in the last about 4 months ive only seen jen and my mother. thats a lonely live. pity me.
i need to see people. people i know. people that care for me. does anyone want to see me?

Downward Spiral

In the blink of an eye everyone is gone. no goodbyes, no i'll miss you, just gone. why couldnt i have what so many other people have? they dont even deserve it. they abuse, forget, dont care about the greatness they have. why should they have it and leave me to cry.
its hard to be happy when your alone.
a new chapter of my live is starting. i've grown up, got a job, pay for everything except rent, going to start college in a week, i drive everywhere, manage my checking and credit card. but why do these same problems haunt me?
now its going to be harder....
i think im growing out of old relationships. how im i suppose to be happy when im paying and driving every where when they/she cant cause im the only one with a job. sorry cant go out, i have to work. or yeah, im starting school on the 23th your not?

i need someone to take care of me for once in my life.
im just tired.

Jen got tickets to see when it comes to the Broward Center!!!!


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