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Frrrriiiiiends only~!

I am, sadly, lacking a shiny, shiny banner. 8( Perhaps I will fix this in the future (which we're now in, according to the entry date, hurrhurrhurr /lame)

But, yes! Not everything will be locked, because I'm a pretty open person like that, but, if for some reason, you'd like to be added, just leave a comment and a reason why and/or where I know you from. I don't need an essay, and I'm not at all strict on this. XD
Because I am as materialistic as I am sentimental (read: I buy tons of shit, and then can never get rid of it), it can be a bit hard for me to find things in my room, from time to time. I can't find the following:

-Transcripts (I hope I had the foresight to give them to my mom for safe keeping. Augh.)
-Snow Crash
-My leather case for my headphones.

This was written on two hours of sleep and soya milk gone bad. You've been warned.Collapse )

Clearly, I should not be allowed my laptop when I'm sick, but if you try to take it from me, I will gut you with extreme prejudice. >8/

P.S. Oh yeah, and I ordered more books. Because I need more of them despite not having any shelf space. At all. Also, life still kinda sucks.

Tea Inventory and Musings

TAKE TWO. I was ALMOST done this damned entry, but I somehow managed to hit the back button by way of alt + something, and lj restored a previous entry that I didn't want to post anymore. The ONE TIME. THAT I DON'T COPYPASTE IN WORDPAD, THIS SHIT HAPPENS. FFFF.

Anyway, yes, I'm starting to amass something of a collection of tea as of late, and it's getting to the point where I should proooobably keep track of them all. I'll note when I bought them, so I have an idea of when they're going to expire, where I got them, and other such little things.
God, I have NO self-control. At all. 8/Collapse )

Hahahaha, Oh Joy

X-posted from a message; thought it warranted an entry

UGH. Worst day. Well, it was okay until my stupid landlady dropped the ball. Okay, ranty tiemz. 8D!

So like, this is month 3 of being away from home, right. First and last were paid for by cheque (though the funds came from me). February was paid for in cash. I've talked to my mom, and she was telling me that I should get receipts, so I can file then for my taxes next year. I'm a receipt whore, and love getting monies from the gubment, so I get to asking. My landlady says sure. Keep in mind, she gave my mom a receipt for January, without being asked by anyone. A few days ago, she finally gives me a receipt. (I'd been asking for weeks, though she's been busy, so I've been patient)

Except it's a piece of freaking paper that could have been written by anybody. 

It wasn't even her real name. She's Chinese, and has a English given name, which was on the paper, but you can bet your ass it isn't on anything official. It was more than a little insulting that she thought I was that stupid. Like, seriously, what am I going to do with this paper. So I follow up on this later, and ask for a proper receipt. She says she doesn't have proper receipts. She's a freaking accountant. I very often, almost compulsively and repeatedly, give the benefit of the doubt to people, but even this seemed more than a little fishy to me. Receipts are part of her very livelihood and she doesn't have them or the means to make one. Mmmmkay, there. I could be wrong, but I honestly doubt it this time. Especially since, later, when I ask about it again, she starts to bemoaning how none of her past tenants have ever asked for a receipt, then starts to go on about how I can't claim rent or other things that I plan on claiming. I wasn't deliberately trying to tune her out, I just don't remember the details, but I got the distinct feeling she was trying to talk me out of it, and I wasn't going to let her.

Prior to this, I talked to my mom about it, and she's explaining all the nuances about taxes, including confirming what I'd already known: she doesn't want to give me a receipt because then she'll have to claim it as income. I was pretending that I didn't know about this fact, and whenever she asked me why I wanted a receipt, or without being prompted, I always said that I needed the money I'd get back from the government, because I'm a poor student. And this isn't a lie, I do need all the money I can get.

So, today, she asks if we can go out and get the rent. I don't have it ready. Yeah, I know rent is usually due on the first, but it can be different, and she never explicitly said when it was due. When I first moved in, it was the second of the month, and she didn't ask for rent last month unti the 22 of February, so there's no precedent for being late, and there's hasn't been any communication as to when she wants it. 

Me: I'm going to get it, tomorrow, because I have to get a money order.
Her: Is it because you want a receipt?
Me: Yep. I need it for taxes.
Her: I don't like this whole receipt thing, I feel like you don't trust me.
Me: *confused* It's not because I don't trust you, I need it for my taxes. I'm a poor student and need money. *HAS SAID THIS 50 BILLION TIMES*

Later, after leaving my room

Her: You don't have to give me rent this month, how about if this is your last month?
Me: ...What? I don't understand? o_O
Her: I don't know. I don't like this whole receipt thing. If I give out a receipt, that means I have to show that I'm renting this place out. I don't want to do that.
Me: I don't get it, you -are- renting this place out. So what's the issue. (She doesn't want to claim the income, but I'm still playing dumb, and her reasoning is still pretty dodgy)
Her: I don't want to do that. *heads downstairs, while I go bitch to my mom*

So, there's going to be a follow up. I don't know if I'll seek her out, or if she will me. Probably the latter. I was thinking on moving out for April, but I think I'm more on the yes side of maybe. This place a bit far from the school, and if I have to put up with this kind of shit, I don't think I'd want to stay, anyway. It's just that my roommates are amazing, and I'm afraid of getting shitty ones. D8 And I do like the house, and my room, so it's like auuuuuughhhh. If only I had a landlady that wasn't crazy. It's funny, because the dude that used to live in the basement, Adam, was kind of insane, and really hated her. While I know some things that Adam did were totally crazy, since I got to see them for myself, I have to wonder if there were some things that she did that kind of drove him to that point, because I can totally, totally see it. And I've caught her lying, too. If I do move out, she'll probably say I did some thing that never happened to my other roomies.

Out of curiosity, I asked how John, who now lives in the basement, pays, and he does by cheque. And you can get some kind of receipt from the bank for that, and she apparently doesn't know about that, because she'd flip her shit, otherwise.

So, basically, my ass might get kicked out if I pursue this. Well, I'm going to. She can suck it. John says that she  legally can't deny me a receipt, but she's not part of the landlords association, or whatever, so I don't think that carries any weight. If she were, her ass would definitely have to give me a receipt, and she'd have to claim everybody's rent as income. She doesn't want to. I can see why, and I'm not saying it's not a good reason, but she's being a total freaking bitch about it. She never specified any of this when I'd moved in, and I don't care that her previous tenants never asked; it is, in no way, shape, or form, an unreasonable request.

My mom offered to talk to her, and you have to know my mom. "Talk" is synonymous with "verbally eviscerate." So I say, "Nah, you're like a nuke, or just a powerful bomb that doesn't result in radioactive fallout because that's bad. I'll use you as my last resort. Which may be soon."

So we basically came to the same conclusion that I should give my mom my loan money and she could write the cheques. I could have said that I didn't have any more money, and that my mom was going to pay my rent, hell she thought my mom was paying my rent, so this would have been an awesome plan. But I already said I was going to give her the money order tomorrow, implying that I have money, so I'm fucked.

I'll just tell her that I wasn't aware of my finances, and that I have to pay the rest of my tuition soon, so my mom's going to pay my rent this month. Which, y'know, come to think of it, is not a lie. Well, not completely; I am completely on top of my money like white on rice, but I am going to be so strapped for cash after I pay the rest of my tuition. Doi, student. 8B It's certainly a believable scenario, and the details are none of her business, anyway, so she's lucky I'm volunteering this much information. So, she'll get her money, I'll get my secret receipt, and everybody walks away happy. Though, I'll be happier if she steps on a mine. ^_^ <3

tl;dr: Possibly getting kicked out because I had the gall to ask for a receipt at all. When asked why this might be my last month, I get bullshit reasons. Mom and I hitch a plan in which we secretly get what we want while she gets what she wants.

This just sucks because between personal issues, my being sick for weeks (and counting), and now this whole shit, I haven't had much time to work on my portfolio much at all. I don't think I'll be able to finish it. >__<

Also, that unicorn game! XD <3


Okay, just got back from what is probably one of, if not the best Thurdays I've ever had.<3 Went out for a burrito--THAT WAS MEGA DELISH. 8D Walked around Yorkdale, and holy crap, I don't know why it's taken me so long to go to that mall--it's stunning. And they have these really kickass sinks where it's not actually a sink, but a long, blue glass panel with a ruffled pattern that's tilted against the wall, but for this space in between where the water drips down. GORGEOUS AND WAY COOLIO. <3 Went to three book and comic stores, and I am positively kicking myself, still, after forgetting books that I know Noey and Alana have recommended me. I usually keep a list of titles in my wallet, just in case. I AM UBER PREPARED NERD, OKAY. If you've ever asked yourself why anybody would do that, well, there you go, perfect reason. But I did get a comic bought for me, and jeez, I knew Ultimateverse was all about gritty and grim and dark, but hoooooooly shit, they have the angst turned up to 15. Like, 11 would not satisfy so new increments manifested out of the ether just so the dial could reach new levels of DARK AND EDGY. But damn, the art in the Ultimates is absolutely faaaaaaaaanfreakingtastic. Unf. If I could muster 1/100th of Joe Mad's skill, I shall be one happy artist. Keg mansion, omfg. D8 If there's a a next time, I totally want to go explore the rooms on the third floor. I wonder if it's reserved for the mafia, or something. Logic says "no," because they're free to the public, but it could be a trap of some sort. Maybe a cult meets up there, ooooh? And those who have the courage to venture might be worthy of joining. It could be a rite of passage!

See, now I'm thinking that I shouldn't go up there, now, just because I wanna keep thinking of different scenarios.

I almost missed my train home. The schedule screen said platform 5, but when I got up there, the announcer on the train said platform 6, so I was hella hella confused D8???, got off, walked a bit, didn't see any other trains, and another announcer was all like "Are you getting on?" And I was all "I don't know, is this going to Oakville? D8" and he was all "Yep, this is the right train. 8)" Thank God, because it was really late, the trains were running only once an hour, and if I'd missed that one, by the time I got into Oakville, the buses might have stopped running. That would have sucked.

Man, my sinuses have been acting up for weeks. It hurts so badly. Pleased to stop being sick, now. DX

But yeah, awesome day. <33

Subjects are for Squares!


I hope I haven't done an lj faux pas! I didn't notice so many people added me to their journals. Sorry, guys. ;_;

So my three days off work is drawing to a close. Shame. Having so many days off is both a blessing and a curse, the blessing is obvious, but the longer I have off, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things, and the more time I have to reflect on how much I really, really don't like my job. XD

Hopefully, the idiot manager isn't closing. Oh God, I hope not. XP

Just two more months, just two more months...
I am extremely, extremely horrible about filling these things in. In fact, I won't be surprised if, after this, I never do so again for months, but I just felt like it today.

I really want to delete my past entries, but couldn't find myself able to, no matter how much I wanted to.

And believe me, I really, really did. 

But that would be chickening out. As much as my face longs for my palm when I so much as glance at those entries, I think it's important to be able to see and remember who I was then and who I am now to see how I've grown. So, they stay. I'll just never, ever, ever look at them.


You know, it's funny how things you don't expect to change you, will. Gramma died a few weeks ago, and I felt far, far worse than I thought I would. She's my grandmother, yes, but I realized a few years ago that you don't need to love everybody that's in your family just because they're family. I'm very sensitive and emotional, but also a critical thinker. I cried when my mom told me, and often after that. I knew I would--I cry at just about anything remotely sad, but I thought I would quickly get over it. I didn't. I really, really miss her. I remember when she took care of me when I had chicken pox, always made fufu for my brother and I (our favourite) in her very hot apartment, and was always, always just so very kind.

When we saw her last year, she starting making it again, and being me, I wanted to help. That shit is hard to stir. I mean, I figured that looking at it, but I really couldn't get the spoon to go around once. My brother, Mr. Boxer did little better than I. But when Grams did it? Oh my God, it was like the spoon was moving through water. I was laughing my ass off, I couldn't believe it. I guess making it for most of your life helps out a bit.

So, there was a memorial celebration to her that my mom and I went to on Sunday. My cousin organized it, and it was at a very ritzy place, I wonder how much it all cost. It looked like a place where the chicks from Sex and the City would do brunch. (That's supposed to be a point for, in spite of the clientele) I probably killed my diet with all the bread and cheese I ate, but I'm a whore for good cheese, no two ways about it. The just-spicy-enough cheese ravioli didn't help either. I'll work it off, work it off. (I'm taking breaks to do some reps as we speak. Or as I write, or whatever.)

I saw my sister for the first time in years, and some of you know that I have been FREAKING OUT ABOUT HER ever since my mom saw her. I didn't spaz when I saw her though, promise. I keep forgetting that this girl is twelve years old. She's big, and actually, I think a bit taller than me. And I was wearing heels too, wtf. She looks less Asian than when I last saw her, which, yeah, okay fine, was when she was seven, but she looks incredibly different. It was good to see her, and I'm glad I get to talk to her again.

And so are my cousins and mother, it seems? The fact that I talked to her, and treated her as a person was apparently very classy. I was confused when my mom brought this to my attention, because I honestly never thought much of it, but then I quickly caught on to how she meant how people can be so ridiculous, petty, and stupid. I have my...'special' moments, but nothing of that magnitude.

I hope the awesome shoes I gave her fit. *sigh* I could count the number of times I got to wear them on one hand. They were such awesome platform sandals. Stupid feet. >8/

Hahahahahaha, I saw my father too. Oh, that was hilarious. Especially the bit during his speech when he said he tried to pass on the lessons he learned from Grams to his children. He must have meant the kids in Mexico me and mom think he has, because he's only ever claimed my sister. Dear God, did he ever get fat and ugly. I can't believe--ugh, best not go down that path. He talked to me all of two minutes, and though it was difficult, I was civil. I think I've earned cookies for asking him how he was. I should have asked him if he rememebered my birthday and how old I was, that would have been funny. At the end of the night, he wanted to take a picture of me with my sister, and my mom insisted on it, citing the very likely possibility that I'd never see him again.

...I know's there a point in there somewhere, but I can't quite find it.

The memory card was full on the camera, thank God, so I said bye to my awesome cousins, and got the hell out of there before my sister's mom changed it for an empty one, 

The point of the memorial, or I guess any memorial really, was to celebrate her life, and my mom and I felt really good for it after we'd left. Mom'd made an incredible speech, and I learned so much more about her from other people and what they had to sayShe adopted so many children as her own. People who'd once been complete strangers, people of different race and backgrounds, she had made a place for everybody in her heart. She had nothing but love, respect and understanding for my mom, even after she'd divorced my dad. She truly loved everyone. After listening, I felt that I didn't have to feel sad anymore, but I'd still always love and remember her.

When I die, I want to have one of those, but while I'm alive. There's really no use in having all of your friends and family around you once your dead. I mean there is, but I, personally, would rather much be alive to enjoy them all while I was alive. I wouldn't want anybody to wear black, at least not for mourning's sake, if you need the slimming power of black, by all means (or maybe you just like black). I'd want them to wear whatever they wanted, and felt comfortable in, I'd want there to be good food and good music, with some of my favourites being played. I want everyone to dance, even if they couldn't, that's okay, we could play 'YMCA.' It's diabolically catchy, and everybody can do it. I'd want them to talk about me, what you loved about me, what you didn't (not too much though, this is happy tiemz), how I made an impact on your lives, and then I'd return the favour and tell you the same. I'd want everybody to to laugh and smile, and have a great time.

Really, you couldn't ask better send off.


LJ tells me my last update was 44 weeks ago, not that I care.

Warning: this entry is very, very incoherent because i went to bed at like 7:10 and woke up at 7:54 and I'm trying to get this all down while my mind's fresh. And it's a dream of mine, which is reason enough.

Today, I write to you of my phobia of horror movies. All because yesterday, bari decided to play that fucking sound in msn, the one that plays where you find whatsherface in the closet, Rachel's ex-husband in the chair and when whatsherface is about to die.

How DID they get where they were?!

Anyway, I fucking HATE that sound. It's hard to describe. It's like a sharp-sounding, electric buzz thing. And after hearing that one little buzz, ON LOW VOLUME AT THAT, I had nightmares. Yes, nightmares.

Thanks, Bari.

My subconscious is very fucking sensitive to all thins Ring-related.

A little prologue, if you will:

For those who know me, you know that I'm absolutely scared shitless of anything horror-related--not thriller--horror, namely The Ring. The Grudge, too. I haven't seen it, but it still scares the shit out of me. Truthfully, there is no fathoming of my phobia for all things horror (I forget what it's called, Haruhi said it in Ouran), but let me attempt to illustrate it for you.

~*~The screen waves to signal a flashback sequence~*~

Me: *Flipping through channels, comes across Ringu*

*reads summary (digital cable rocks!)*

"Ohh! This must be the Japanese version of The Ring that I've heard so much about! Well, it's Japanese! I watch tons of anime, so how scary could this possibly be?"

Oh, you poor naive fool.....

*bed time after movie*

Me: O_________________O *huddled under covers, sweaty and afraid to fucking MOVE*

~*~End flashback~*~

Uhh, so I didn't sleep that night. At all. When I mean sleepless, I mean I stared at my fucking alarm clock until it was time to wake up and get ready for school. Whenever I fell asleep even for a minute, I woke back up, too scared to leave myself vulnerable and defenseless.

That morning, I was the earliest I've ever been and will ever be for school.

I got up at 5:30 and got to school at 7:00. The first of 1500 students to arrive.

9 times out of 10 I get to school at the very last possible minute. This went on for a WEEK.

Oh, and during the week, I kept checking the clock, trying to remember when it was exactly that I watched the movie, so I'd know if I was safe or not (Guess I'm okay, lol).

Oh, and the funniest thing (for everyone else who knew, that is), you could NOT say The Ring in my presence. If you did, I would jump, squeak or crouch down involuntarily. Sometimes, all of the above. This lasted for 3 MONTHS. My brother told my cousin this, and she tested it out and they both laughed.


That same cousin dared me for 50 DOLLARS that I go see The Grudge. I turned it down without a second thought, and I still would today. The only way I'd see a horror movie is if you paid me enough to get therapy afterwards. Or if you could induce amnesia somehow, I'm not picky.

Before my brother became a complete asshole (seriously), and back when we lived at our old house, he used the grudge as blackmail to use the computer. Let me explain: the computer and the tv were both in the family room, and whenever he wanted to use the computer and I wouldn't let him, he'd put on The Grudge (when it was On Demand: movies/shows you can watch whenever and however many times you want for the month) to get me off (and then I'd watch tv). I always tried and acted like it didn't bother me, but that facade quickly died after the first 2 minutes. I gave in, and we switched. So sneaky and underhanded, wtf.

Oh but, whenever the movies comes on, I can't help but flip through it. Argh. XD Like really quickly. I'll watch for like 5 seconds, then switch. Even faster if there's some real shit going down. When the ring 2 came on, I flipped through and saw Samara climbing out of the well.

Yeah...coulda done without that, thanks.


Okay, here's the nightmare. But like...after detailing my fear and then writing the nightmare, it doesn't seem scary at all. BUT I SWEAR TO YOU, IT WAS! I woke up sweaty. Ick.

First part: The Ring:Charlotte Chaplain/Samhain That's the title of the movie, I don't remember her last name, but it had in "ain" in it, I think

Okay, so my dream opens up with Bari (yes, bari, you were there, you asshole >8O) talking to me about The Ring and about this sequel for it that she liked called 'The Ring: Charlotte Chaplain'. Me and all my stupidity watched it. It was about how a normal girl became like an evil-ghost-girl-who-shan't-be-named that we all know, but like...punk style? I don't remember how she became a punk ghost, but she did and then she was everywhere--window reflections, stalking me, in the dreams of my dreams, right in front of me--everywhere!. In hindsight, after I've woken up she wasn't scary at all, lol. She was wearing a black off-shoulder midriff top with something on it, probably a skull and cross bones, but slightly comical. That or a white broken heart. She was wearing a dark, dark purple and red plaid mini skirt, too, it had those pleats that flare out, and knee high, lace-up black boots. She also had dark mauve coloured hair. Some of it was tied up, the rest left down.That hairstyle should have a name, I wonder what it is...

So, Charlotte was Samara/Sadako incarnate, except she was more obvious in her sadism and joy of killing people (she had this creepy smirk). Actually I'm not sure she killed people, I never saw it in my dreams but I was still scared to death of her. Case-in-point: By the end of the movie, I came in my mom's room and said word for word: "Okay mom, I know I'm almost 18, and I know it's pathetic, but I saw something scary and I'm sleeping with you. End of story." The thing about Charlotte is that she was more like a zombie, you could see her muscle and her skin was stretched, only held together by the sinew, it wasn't everywhere, though. I just remember parts of her stomach and a small part of her face. She also had 4 dark plum tentacles, though. God only knows why.

She'd be really hot if she wasn't, y'know a zombie.

Okay, so I told Bari I watched the stupid movie and that she was dead for telling me to watch it and she's just having a fucking ball. Typical Bari, always having laughs at other's expenses. Anyway, I'm teleported to this junk yard and there's like this gun war going on between the police and some gang. I'm hiding behind a couple of police cars and one of the gang guys--who coincidentally and ironically was Warwick from CSI--poured some gas on the car trunks. I knew what was coming next, so I got the hell out of there (they didn't notice I was there), and dude throws a lighter on the cars and they catch fire and later blow up.

Okay, so re-enter bari. Blowing up police cars is a big no-no, so she gets the idea to create a life-size Charlotte for Warrick and his partner (Angel from Four Brothers [lovely title in't it]) and scar them for life as punishment. So she tried to create this like Charlotte doll puppet using twine, pickles, milk, white make up, and two fish (they were trout, by the way).

It worked.

Figure out how and you've figured how every damn dream I've ever had works.

There were some Harry Potter bits and some Diddy Kong Racing part in which Drumstick (the rooster) had the acme rooster's voice (for those who don't remember, it's a southern accent) and flew (it was a plane race) into a gas station for...fried chicken.

Cannibalism is not cool, kids.


Yes, I'm back

But, this is just my physics assignment because my computer decided to fuck up, again.


Consonance and Dissonance, [Online] Available

Consonance and Dissonance, [Online] Available



Determining the consonance and/or dissonance of sound is not a perfect science, and there are myriad theories and processes in deciding which is which and when.



Dissonance, opposite to consonance, is an interval, harmony or chord
that is considered unstable, lacking harmony, or most commonly, sounds that are agreed to be—because they are—unpleasant one’s ears. For example, the teeth-tingling nails scratching on a chalkboard.


As mentioned earlier, determining consonance or dissonance is not a perfect science, but there is a widespread method known as the “Frequency Ratio.” The frequency ratio is a type of scale

I'm back.

Like the new layout I got? Yeah, it was a bitch to do, and it still needs a little tweeking; the "Moi" and "SITE"'s keep resetting, it's driving me insane!! >:( And it was such a pain getting the header image and navigation to show the hell up, too. ARRRRGHHH!!

But it's pretty! ^.^

Anywho, I'm back because I want to talk about one thing.


Holy crap, man--the shit rules!!! Feel free to skip this bit, if you so choose, but you have to Google it! It's non-negotiable! ò.ó

Shawarma (Arabic: شاورما ) also spelled shwarma, shawerma, or shoarma from Turkish word çevirme (read "chevirme") meaning 'one that is rotated' and which became 'shewerme' under Arabic pronunciation) is a Middle Eastern-style sandwich usually composed of beef, chicken, or lamb. Depending on the origin or location of a restaurant, the recipes they use may be different. The process of cooking the meat is the same. It is slowly roasted on a rotating machine, similar to a gyro machine, usually with one or two sources of heat over a period of several hours. The meat that is slowly cooked is then shaved off with a large knife and drops to a circular tray below to be retrieved. It is served in a pita bread or a lafa, usually garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, and a milky type sauce with assorted spices. It is flavored with vinegar and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Shawarma is made by placing strips of meat or marinated chicken on a skewer with animal fat and an onion or tomato placed at the top of the stack for flavoring. The skewer rotates in front of or over a flame so that the meat is grilled from all sides (see vertical rotisserie) and cut right before serving. Traditionally a wood fire is used, but nowadays a gas flame is more common.

Shawarma is most commonly eaten as a fast food, made up into a sandwich with pita bread or rolled up in Arabic lafa bread (a sweet, fluffy flatbread) along with vegetables and a dressing. Vegetables commonly found in shawarma include cucumber, onion, tomato, lettuce, parsley, pickled turnips, pickled gherkins and cabbage.

Common dressings include tahini (or tahina) and hummus. Chicken shawarma is often served with garlic mayonnaise, pomegranate concentrate, a chili sauce, or any combination of the three. Once the sandwich is made up it is normally dipped in the fat dripping from the skewer and then briefly seared against the flame. In Syria and Lebanon, chicken shawarma sandwiches are generally toasted after being made up, whereas meat sandwiches are eaten straight away.

And so ends the history lesson/introduction!

Excerpted from wikipedia, because they can say it like I can't, and doesn't it just sound damned tasty? XD

How did I first come into contact with these delectable Heaven-wrapped-in-a-soft-tender-pita-dishes, you ask?

Stop begging, already! I'll tell you. XD

I went to see Macbeth a while ago, at a theatre downtown. Come lunch break, everyone was eating the same crap that they could get anywhere else; Micky D's, Burger King, KFC, that sorta crap. But I was like "WTF is wrong with you people, you can get that sorta crap anywhere! We're downtown for goodness sake." Nobody listened.

So I'm walking downtown looking for something different and cultered to eat, but something that still is within my budget. I come upon this Arabic place and I ordered a chicken shawarma not knowing what is was (it was cheapest, too). I was a bit wary as to what the lady was putting on it, but seeing as how I hadn't tried most of it, I couldn't be sure that I wouldn't like it, so I just let the woman work her magic.

And boy did she ever!

So I had that and a honeydew milk bubble tea. Usually I have strawberry milk, but they didn't have it at the store I went to--which was just as well, because honeydew kicks the seeds out off of strawberry, like whoa!! XD

Bottomline: I have been hooked on the things ever since. There's a Arabic food place by school, and they have them!! Kinda substandard, though. The pita's really small, you can't even eat it straight a wrap, you have to eat some of the stuff first. And it doesn't have all the usual stuff you see in them regularly. But they're still kickass, so I've been eating them every. Single. Day. That and a 500ml chocolate milk. Which is a reasonably healthy lunch (compared to the other junky places around school), and my 10 lbs. lost will vouch for such. Plus I walk a few times a week, now, too. ~.^

I've never noticed how many shawarma stores there are in Scarborough!

Of course, I'm just saying that because I've recently discovered their orgasmic goodness, and I'm always looking out for them. XD

If I hadn't made it clear enough as to how much I like them, I'm about to go 8 miles, give or take (or however many miles it is to Victoria Park) for a 2 for 1 deal, before I go to see Barry in Shakespeare's shorts.

This is such an unhealthy healthy obssession for me. XD