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Deacon Frost
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A good pal of mine once looked at me and said "We're gonna be naughty. We're gonna be naughty vampire gods! I think that about sums it up, don't you? Except he was kind of a idiot, so it really only applies to me. But hey, whatever fuckin' works, right?

Just a few things. I'm a god now. La Magra. I still hate dusty outdated corpses that sit around a table and discuss their fucking stocks while the rest of us are out there really living it up. And Blade? If you ever read this, I gotta say that for the record you're one sick fuck for killing your mom. Like demented, man. Not bad, not bad. We're still one big happy fucking family, just so you know.


Deacon is literally La Magra, the blood god he became at the end of the movie Blade. As such he is still quite vampiric, but he is very much more than that. However, since he's new to this even he doesn't know all of his powers. He stumbles on some of them. Yes, this gives the mun license to create powers for dramatic effect, but the mun will try to keep those sporadic powers within this list. I.E. they will be creative variations within these powers as opposed to brand spanking new powers that are off the wall and completely random. Like tossing a giant magic (ly plastic) D to ensnare his opponent. (Sorry, I just watched Superman II. Great movie, but the magic S was just completely out there. ^^)

**He is immortal. There is simply no way to kill him. If you chop off an arm, he'll reform it from blood as per the movie. If you chop him in half, he'll come back together, again as per the movie. It is the same for beheading. See Weaknesses for ways to work around this.

**As per the movie, Frost is exponentially faster and stronger than even the best of vampires. Blade, who has the strength and speed of a vampire, could not even follow Frost's movement and got the shit kicked out of him. The movie was but a taste (but a well choreographed taste) of that strength and speed, mostly because the fight didn't last long. As Frost gets better at being La Magra, he will likely have more control over these physical improvements and thus become even faster and stronger.

**When most vampires bite someone, that person takes days to turn. When Deacon bites someone, that person will turn instantaneously UNLESS Deacon doesn't want them to. He has absolute control over when a person he has bitten will turn as he is, well, the (or a) god of vampires. Most vampires tend to have some minor hold over their progeny; Deacon has a stronger hold. Not only are they vampires, they are vampires created of his bite, his virus, his blood magic, however you wish to look at it. His vampires are like his familiars.

**Related to the above, he has some hold over vampires when he chooses to utilize it. Depending on the vampire, this hold can be stronger or weaker. It may simply be an aura of intimidation or fear, or he could actually manipulate their minds to force them to do things for him.

**Also related to the above, he has a stronger hold on his familiars than is usual. This, and the above with the hold on vampires, are both up to the discretion of the players of the other vampires and familiars he may run across. Obviously, the hold over NPC's is up to me.

**Frost has absolute control over ANYTHING relating to blood. If you have blood in you (and pretty much most living creatures do), he can manipulate it. This can be anything from causing a character to feel mildly nauseous to using it to lift the character by their blood to boiling their blood from the inside out to just ripping the blood out through all available orifices including pores and watching the person drop dead (or crumble to ash, if they are a vampire). Frost's whole being is essentially made of blood given form, so this means that he also has absolute control of himself. It is how he regenerates, but it also allows for some shapeshifting. Frost does not need to drink blood (although he very much likes to); he can cause it to flow towards him through the air and absorb through his skin. He can also sense blood, meaning he is acutely aware of living beings in the vicinity. This allows him to sense blood pressure, heartbeats, and other such things relating to blood which can allow him to perceive nervousness, fear, lying, arousal, etc. Relating to the last, his manipulation of blood has also been used to strategically inspire intense physical lust in others (just to name a positive use of the power heh).


With all of those amazing god strengths, one may wonder if he has any weaknesses. Well, he is a god. However, I abhore godmoders and thus try to build in certain ways to defeat any character I create. They may not be EASY ways, but they exist and can be found out about through experimentation, sheer dumb luck, or prior knowledge.

**The first weakness is in the way I try to play the character. This may not sound like much, but I prefer talking villains. Caster Troy, Deacon Frost, and Gabriel Shear are all excellent examples of this. They are smartass villains who talk more than they do, but when they do watch the fuck out. The point here is that it is enough for my villain to have the power and others to know he has it. The timebomb under the table effect, essentially. As such, outside of an actual fight scene I try not to overtly excercise his powers (however, I must admit he is the most violent character I have ever played). BUT..well see below.

**Frost has a psychological weakness that I have gleaned from the movie. He has an inferiority complex. Deacon craves respect. He was not a purebred vampire and had that rubbed into his face. This fueled his overwhelming ambition to rule the vampires of the streets of NYC and eventually his ambition to fulfill the prophecy he found to become La Magra, the Blood God. It pissed him off much more than it would the average person to be talked down to, disrespected, and treated as a lesser being. He thrives on his position above humanity. Now that he is the blood god, he thrives on his position above even the purebred vampires. How is this a weakness? Well, it is a weakness in two ways. If he is respected, he will eat it up and almost be blind to the person who might be very good at faking the respect. On the flip side, if he is not respected, he will get very fucking pissed off. This will cause him to lash out in some cases, ruining social interactions and possibly costing him allies. This lashing out could be verbal, or if the disrespect is bad enough, it could be physical. Costing him allies could be alienating other vampires or killing them.

IMPORTANT: IF YOU PISS FROST OFF BADLY ENOUGH, HE WILL HURT OR KILL YOU IF HE CAN. I will play Frost's character honestly and realistically as I perceive it from the movie. To do any less violates my code of ethics as a RPer. I really try very hard not to be a PKer as that is not a way to make friends, but I am not responsible for your character's well being if the character chooses to push Frost's buttons and is significantly weaker than him. Frost is very much an ICA = ICC character. The ONLY exception to this involves communities like Sages of Chaos which have an actual anti-violence field in place. You have been warned. Don't piss him off if you don't want to deal with the consequences.

**Now for some physical weaknesses, as that's what anyone reading this is really looking for. First of all, he can regenerate and come together from all wounds BUT if you blow him up, it'll take longer. If you use the drug in the movie, it'll take him even longer. The drug serum that blew him up in the movie put him out of commission for a decade in this storyline. He cannot instantly come together from being fully blown up; it takes time. All of his blood molecules need to come together.

**Silver and garlic hurt like a bitch, but they don't kill him or affect him as badly as they do other vampires. They just burn. And that's irritating. If you can actually hold him down for torture (good luck, remember his body is blood incarnate), these would prove useful for causing him pain in large quantities.

**The sun. Ah the sun. He doesn't like the sun, but it isn't lethal. If he stands out in it, he has the equivilent of a bad sunburn continuously until he gets out of it. This is the mildest of it's effects though. Most of his powers do not work if he is exposed to direct sunlight. For reference, this means being out in the sun or being bathed in sunlight. Patchy sun is not as bad, and UV flashlights are a pain in the ass but nothing near full sunlight. Full UV lighting is not quite as bad as full sunlight, but is certainly very, very bad as far as robbing him of his powers. He cannot regenerate when the sun is full on him either. All of this can be used against him if one is knowledgeable of it, even the flashlights which can either be creatively used (shining it in one eye while shooting him there, for example. If somebody uses precisely that just because now, I'll have Frost do more unpleasant things than usual to them. :P) or just a pain in the ass distraction. Be forewarned though, I said his powers and regeneration..NOT his strength and speed. Those are lessened but still there. He is not relegated to human status. The unwary hunter forgetting this (assuming they know any of this information to begin with) will find him or herself in quite painful situation when brutally reminded of it. Also, this means that if he is blown up somewhere where the sun shines during the day, it will take him twice as long to come together as he obviously cannot come together at all during the daylight hours.

Tenebrae Nostro

The Vampire Invasion and Garou Invasion events in TN have changed Deacon Frost in a major way. Following these events, Frost is no longer a vampire, let alone La Magra. After losing everything, Frost fled the country with Pepper, his fiance and soon-to-be wife. Much like (Blade-verse) canon cured vampires, he has some Damphyre qualities that I will describe below.

More importantly, like canon cured vampires, he has had a sudden crushing sense of guilt for all of the evil that he committed as a soulless, evil vampire. He has memories of what he did, and now he feels the full force of guilt and grief for those actions. A day nobody ever thought would come is here - Deacon Frost now hates vampires and everything that they represent. Part of this hatred comes from redirecting his sense of self-loathing to loathing for that which made him what he was and part of it is honest loathing for creatures he now knows to be unholy.

Yes, unholy. Deacon Frost has had a literal "come to Jesus" moment. As a human, Frost was a second generation Russian immigrant born to full blooded Russian parents in the 1940's. They were devout Russian Orthodox Catholics, and so was he by extension. As a reborn human, he has found solace in returning to his religion - but there is a caveat. Deacon Frost's parents were also Russian Mob. His father was relatively high in the ranks, and Deacon had been on his way when he became a vampire in the 1960's.

There are some things that will never change, and Deacon Frost is not a "good" character any more than any Mobster that is devoutly Catholic. As a human again, he has also returned to the Mob, but in Russia first as opposed to New York. Knowing that Adrien is a threat, he has determined that he will be safest under Mob protection in the Motherland. When he is good and ready, he will move back to LA as a power player (which will be soon in RP terms. I will have to speed up the process of him moving up in the ranks - he will have some lucky breaks in addition to his own good leadership and raging ambition). In LA, he will be a Russian Mob boss. But there is a twist -- Frost will have convinced the Mob that vampires exist. While they cannot and will not be turned into unofficial vampire hunters, they WILL kill known vampires if they can get away with it because, being devout Catholics, they view vampires as being unholy. So Frost will have protection and some teeth when it comes to dealing with LA vampires that would want him dead.

And as for Catherine? Well...she is a wild card. I'm not sure what will happen there, or what plans she has for Frost when she finds him again. He knows that she is a vampire, but he still has an enduring fondness, perhaps inspired by the bond he had to her, for her. I imagine that she will be almost a kind of femme fatale character to him if she desires it, a danger to both his humanity and his relationship with his wife.

Damphyre Strengths

Because he was a vampire, and a vampire for a long time, Frost retains some enduring strengths. These may or may not be linked to La Magra. What happened to La Magra is a mystery to Frost and everyone else. Is the dark god slumbering within a human Deacon Frost? Did it leave, unable to exist in a human body? Do the dark, morbid, terrifying dreams that awaken Deacon in a cold sweat more nights than not come from nightmares of what he was or the whisperings of an evil god that wants to rise again? Time may tell...or it may not.

Constitution: Frost is hardier than most humans of his stature. He can take much stronger hits and recover more quickly from them. Gunshots and stab wounds that would be mortal to most others are not as much to him - he has more time to have them treated and a higher likelihood to recover. This is not regeneration, however - just a resistance to damage and dying.

Poison/Disease Immunity: Frost is immune to poison and disease. He still smokes, but he will not get cancer from it. He drinks, but he can only get a moderate buzz from the liquor. Drugs have no effect on him, and that includes painkillers. Fortunately, due to his constitution, he also has a much higher pain tolerance, but undergoing surgery without anesthetics is a real bitch.

Strength: Without even working out, Frost is stronger than the average human. With working out, he is much stronger. In that, he is like Blade.

Mental Resilience: For some reason, Frost has a fairly high resistance to mental attacks. Whether this is due to lingering La Magra influence or something else is uncertain.

Weaknesses: This can be summed up by saying that he is mortal. A shot to the heart will kill him. Falling from a great height will kill him. Old age will kill him. He isn't fragile, but he can die. The question is, does anyone who knows what could be lurking inside his mortal shell wish to risk what could happen if he dies?

Speaking of La Magra and his vampirism, I would like to play with certain things setting off "episodes" where he has something akin to a flashback that paralyzes him with trauma. That would be a great weakness in a dangerous situation. I'm not sure what will set these episodes off yet, but it will usually be vampire related.

(Deacon Frost is a copywrite of Marvel and maybe New Line and all that jazz. I'm just RPing, not making money, so that's my legal bit to not get in trouble with the big guys!)