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barbaric yawp
24 September

i am m.
m is dork.
dork dork dork.





I am the master of this universe
and I have got so big it hurts
Raise your eyes and graze your knees
Oh for your master is displeased
because you dared to doubt his word
His polished surface dulls and cracks
Your bitter laughter breaks his back
I am the master of this universe
I taught you everything you know
Now you must bear your master's curse
Oh for I will not let you go
Now you must walk this town 'til dawn
in every public open place
Your master's look upon your face
Oh now look what you have done
You've spoilt it all for everyone
The master vegetates alone
in a corner of your home
You feed him scraps when in the mood
You beat him hard and keep him nude
You cut your master down to size
Now he cries and he cries now
Lalalalala lalala...
And now he begs both night and day
He lets you take him on your knee
He keeps on losing consciousness
he dearly loves his new mistress
Now he repeats it every night
Every night on point of death
"You are the master of this universe"
Now he cries and he cries now
"You are the master of the universe
You are the master of the universe
You are the master of the universe
You are the master of the universe!"

-pulp, master of the universe

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