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hi everyone! i havent updated in a long time once again so i thought i should.

* i am currently at slows house waiting to leave for school, but she is still in the shower ... go figure (rolls eyes) haha.

* school started a couple days ago ;; its not THAT bad. i have howel for english first period which sucks! she is a massive bitch. :(
second i have spare, third is fashion and fourth is food prep. there all pretty much blow off coarses so i am good.

* john moved out :'(
his mom is in the hospital and he needs money to take care of her so he can't afford rent anymore.
soo, he moved in with james because james' mom doesn't charge him rent.
i shall miss him.
p.s. he also started college a couple days ago! they grow up soo fast :)

* since john moved out i got his bedroom, so i now have three rooms.
i slept in the new room last night and it didnt creep me out at all ;; i really thought it would because there is something about that room at night that creeps me out :S i dont know what though..
i painted it red :)

* me and ori are official now. i have no idea how long we've been together though, we dont remember the exact date hahaha. his birthday is in 5 days and i still dont know what to get him :| i am screwed. tracy :: i need your help!!

* soo i am done,
bye those whom i love.

Wasaga. =]

So, as a child my mom would drive me down to wasaga beach almost everyday of the summer for more then 12 hours. to me, summertime IS wasaga beach.
except this year i hadn't gone once sofar ;; which sucks because it makes me feel like summer hasn't even started yet. My friend peach just got her G2 and said that she will drive us down for the day! i was sooo happy =]
so we packed up some stuff and went to wasaga for the day. it was a lot of fun! the waves were massive and the sun was out. I even baught a skirt that i have been wanting to buy for like a year now. there is only one problem with the day though. i am soooo incredeebly burnt it is not funny. my entire face is one solid colour of red, and that is no exhaduration. There are two places that i wanted to tan while we were there :: and that was my legs and my stomach ;; However, everything burnt except those two places!! it hurts sooooo bad. i am currently a rock lobster.

in other news ::
warped tour is in 2 days !
* so it appears i havent updated in over a month as tracy has just pointed out to me. sorry about that. i suck.

* me, tracy, and ori just fucked up tracys couch ::
so, Me and tracy hate her couch more then anything because it is really dirty because of the animals. tracys mom went to flordia for a couple days.. sooo ;; we decided that since she was not home we should get ride of it. we started by trying to fit it through the back door.. but that didnt work. we then decided to smashy the shit out of it to make it fit ! so we got a hammer and a saw and practically broke the thing in two. after that we draged it outside and onto her front yard. her mom is in for a surprise when she gets home ! hahaha.

* not much is new in my life really ::
i got a job,
warped tour is in less then a week
i am seeing someone right now, his name is ori. ♥ =]
and thats it !

* sooo theres your update on my life :D
♥ love. xo
- stephanina.
* soo i finally finished all of my exams yesterday! that means summer is here <33
i am sooo excited to start going to the beach and such! peach gets her G2 in a couple of days and she says that she and i are going to drive to wasaga a bunch this summer =]

* I went to see evil dead last night withh Tracy, Lana, Tony, Jade and lanas mom. it was sooo good. it was halarious. i didn't gett any blood on me which sucks but oh well.
favourite line - death is a bitch .... a stupid bitch
favourite song - the nequinomica. ( i think that is what it was called? )
favourite part - the blood spraying onneveryoo eat the end.
favourite character - evil ed.

* soo thats about it. i am currently on the phone with Peachessa! soo i am going to go tl to her now.
♥ steph .xo
* wooooo! i gots a new computer. =]
it is currently 8:45 am. i am on slows laptop waiting to go to school. i am just posting to say..
my f***ing computer broke again!!! =( =(
it must be because we lost slave driver. damn.
i am apparently getting a new computer now.
now i have to take yet ANOTHER break from LJ =(
byeee everyone i love.


I want to see shrek three. Do you want to go with me and slow tonight at 9:00?
its only 5 dollars on tuesdays I think.

random picture

* hey everyone! i am currently home sick and it s-u-c-k-s
* i thought i would post this random picture i did n photography class.

Read more...Collapse )

thats basically all. .
i am soo bored lol.


fun facts!

*hello again. i think this may be the first time i've posted two days in a row ... ever.

* i am sitting here waiting for keays to get here. and i am reading this book of fun facts. i thought i would share some.

random fun facts:
* a duck can't walk without bobbing its head
* "twinkly twinkle little star" was composed by Motzard when he was five years old.
* mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas.
* frogs never sleep.
* a ducks quack can not echo.
* if you keep a gold fish in a dark room for a long time it will eventually turn white.
* smelling bananas and/or apples will help you lose weight.
* frogs cannot swallow with their eyes open.
* 1/4 of the bones in your body are in your feet.
* penguins have an organ that converts seawater to freshwater.
* dragonflies have 6 legs but cannot walk.
* the mona lis has no eyebrows.
* fish can drown.

* thats all for my random fun facts.

♥ stephanina .xo

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