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I shall never grow up; make believe is much too fun.

21 January
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The artist formerly known as weirderworlds.

first of all: you don't know me. and second of all... you don't know me.

I'm Kathryn. hair that's long enough to play with. champagne for breakfast. shopping for food. online window shopping. having money. LEARNING. I really like learning. good skin. boys who make my stomach flip. new shoes. january 21st. photographs. the way the sky changes colour so fast. gaining weight. big sunglasses and dresses in the summer. painted nails. twenty. change.

this winter: healthy, heavier, blonde.
haemoglobins, marmalade, my chanel glasses, my ysl tributes, natalie portman, paddington bear, quartered sandwiches, toothpaste, vintage bags, zooey deschanel