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06:28pm 28/12/2010
  well its been a long time since ive posted. i tried on multiple occasions to write a post about the freefest trip me and paul went on but it i had so much to write and no time, so that post never happened but i do have pictures ill have to upload and post, but my camera is dead after only having it for a year >:( so ill have to attempt that at another time.

but yeah in my last post i was talking about my little cousin maddy. since then she has had a rocky road. she got out of the hospital, and seemed like she was doing fine. but then 2 weeks ago she went to the hospital because she was suffering from seizures. they found out she has infantile spasms which is a form of epilepsy. the medicine they have her on makes her feel horrible. the doctors say she will have a low IQ and they don't think she will be able to walk or talk. we are all just hoping for the best and pray that she gets better, thats all we can do :(

not much else has been going on. me and paul just finished up finals and we have been working. we have having car "issues" that we are desperately trying to fix but sadly none of it is in our hands its all up to his parents and there is nothing we can do.

my birthday was in the beginning of december and i had a party. i made pizza and my family and friends came over and it was so much fun. i got a bunch of great gifts, my mum and paul bought me an ipod touch. my ipod broke last january and since then ive been using my radio/cassette player from 1995, the thing still works like a champ though haha.

my christmas was really nice. we all went to my aunt phyllis in andover. i got to see all my baby cousins and they we all so friggin cute! there was no fighting this year so that was good. oh wicked funny story. me and paul and my brother went to the basement to smoke a bowl. so yeah we down there in the side room by the door smoking this bomb purple shit and we finish up and we come out of the room and open the door to the main part of the basement. then we see my aunt right at the bottom of the stairs and she's like oohhhh i thought i smelt smoke, i didn't know where you guys were but i smelt the pot, im not dumb i know whats going on. and we all just laughing then she asks to bum a cigarette and we all go back up stairs like nothing happend. haha it was awesome too bad she couldn't have joined us hehe. but yeah my christmas was nice, i got good presents. i got a new pair of chucks i designed online, clothes, books, other crap. paul got me and awesome Aerosmith ring, but its a half size too small so i have to get it resized. i got paul a Scott Weiland English Laundry dress shirt, jim morrison book, body wash, deodorant, and other small shit.

so yeah thats all i really have to talk about but here are some pics

me and aaron my b-day

me b-day cake

me and paul on christmas

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Good news and bad news.......   
02:32pm 14/09/2010
mood: indifferent
Since I have some time i'll post again about what is going on right now. My little cousin Madison has been in the hospital. She was born 2 months premature and she now is only 2 months old. She went into the hospital with fever a week and a half ago. 2 days after going in there she suffered from 4 strokes and multiple seizures. The doctors knew she had a infection but didn't know what kind, a few days they figured out what it was but they don't know how to cure it. She had suffered from brain damage and will have vision problems. They thought here left arm was going to be a dead arm, but the other day she finally moved it, she also finally opened up her eyes for the first time since she went in there. Last night she had an MRI and the preliminary results showed no new brain damage, but I haven't heard the full results yet. I just hope to God they find a cure for this infection. Its so hard to see a little baby suffer. When I went to go see her at the hospital the other night she was having a seizure and it was horrible to watch, it broke my heart. And my poor cousin Derek is taking this really bad, he had to get put on medication just to deal with it all, he is heading for a breakdown. It so sad too because they have another daughter who is turning 2 in a week. This whole situation just it devastating. Anyone who is reading this please pray, or send good vibes their way, they need them desperately.

this is Madison about a month ago :( please please keep her in your thoughts Photobucket

so yeah aside from this horrible situation nothing much else is happening. I started school this week and its going alright, me and paul are taking a class together so that makes it more interesting.

Oh something big did happen recently though! on the way home from work 2 weeks ago me and paul were listening to the radio and the DJ on WFNX announced for people to call in to win a contest. We weren't even paying attention to what it was for, but paul called anyways. Well he got through and won a fuckin trip! They send are sending us to Baltimore Maryland for the Virgin Free Festival and pay for your hotel and taxi to the show and back to the hotel. We couldn't believe it, we figured we we calling in to win tickets to some local show, not a trip. Im so excited I can't wait, we leave next friday morning and come back on Sunday wooo!!! Ive never been to Maryland so it will be exciting, and it just makes it better that they pay for everything!!!!!

well thats about it for whats going on, i gotta go get some stupid accounting homework done, ewwwwwww :(

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Stone Temple Pilots 9/1/10 Bank Of America Pavillion, Boston Ma   
02:00pm 14/09/2010
mood: sleepy
So me and Paul went to see STP 2 weeks ago and it was great. We got into Boston around 3ish, parked the car and walked down to wear the venue and tour buses were just to see what was happening, and absolutely nothing was haha, so we went to grab some food. We went to a restaurant called Atlantic Beer Garden. We got some bomb nachos and a couple of beers. We sat on the patio and we were right on the water it was beautiful.

After we left there we decided to take a walk around to see what the scalpers were trying to get for tickets. We had 5th row and we were trying to see what kind of trade we could do with them to get up closer. The scalpers we talked to only had 2nd row and they said in order to do the trade we had to pay I think 100 a ticket, which is ridiculous. We had already spent $450 for our two stupid "VIP" tickets, there was no way I was going to pay more. I can't tell you how much I regret getting the VIP tickets it was one of the worst purchases I've ever made. All the stupid extras they give you like the t-shirt, poster and other crap is not worth it. When we went online the day the tickets went on sale and we figured if we wanted to be upfront the VIP was the best option cause we figured the scalpers would be charging more. Well that wasn't the case at all, a week before the show we could have scored 1st row with paid parking for $165 a piece!!!!! So just a warning to everyone unless you really want all the little extras that go with the VIP tickets NEVER EVER buy VIP tickets, you will get a better deal going through a scalper or a broker.

So enough of my ticket rant haha, so we checked out the scalpers and then started to head back to the car so we could smoked a quick bowl before heading into the show. On the way crossing the street from the venue some guy was like hey! I remember you guys. And it was the drummer from Tab The Band. When we went to see Scott solo they opened for him, and after the show me and paul were just hanging outside the venue talking with him and then he asked if we could give him a lift home, we gave him a ride and smoked a bowl with him haha. But yeah he asked if we were seeing STP and we said of course and that we were excited for their set.

So after we chatted with him we went to the car listened to STP for a bit and smoked and then headed to the venue. We got there just in time to catch Tab The Bands set. This was the third time I saw them (im actually seeing them again this week, they are opening for Slash) and they always sound great but I have the hardest time hearing the vocals. I was skeptical of Cage the Elephant leading up to the show, I never really cared for the singers voice. But I was very impressed by them, you can tell how passionate they are about their music.

STP hit the stage at around 9 maybe? I can't really remember haha. When they walked out me and Paul held up the banner and right away Dean spotted us he waved and saluted us haha. As you know the set was the same as the others nothing special, even though I was hoping so bad they would play and Aerosmith tune since they were in Boston haha. They sounded fantastic the whole time, I absolutely loved the jams they did. I hated being so far from the stage though it was like torture, I have never been anywhere but front and center for them. Im only 5 feet tall so I could see but not as great as I would have liked to so I was just rockin out like crazy the whole show. Me and Paul were going so crazy singing and dancing literally at one point there was a whole section of a row looking at us and instead of the show! haha.

I wish I had more to say about the set but I don't have as many stories as I usually do. Scott was looking very good though. He did rip his pants early on in the set, it was like right were the fly was, but it wasn't big enough to get all excited about hahaha. I didn't even realize that went he left the stage one time he put a different pair on because they looked exactly the same. It was soooo friggin hot there though, he was sweating so much that all the sweat from his shirt was getting absorbed by his pants making him look like he pissed himself haha. He should have just taken his shirt off, and everything else for that matter right? haha ;) At the end of the show when there were saying goodnight Dean pointed to me and Paul and waved bye to us.

After the concert was over we headed right over to the parking lot where the buses were. The security guy there said if we wanted any chance of seeing the bus we had to walk a couple blocks down to a certain street. So we go there and nothing was going on there it was just an empty lot where the buses pull out of, so we just headed back to were were where before. We were sitting there and we could see the buses but we weren't allowed to go near them, and after a little bit the guy was like you can't stay here any longer, if you want you can wait across the street. But that would have been a waste of time, all we would have been able to do is see the guys walk on the bus from like a quarter of a mile away, so we just headed back to the car.

So yeah that was the show nothing too exciting, but still an absolute blast. I did take a few pictures but it was pointless trying. Every time I went to take a pic someone would move their head right in my way, or whoever I was trying to take a pic of would move the second I went to take it. So yeah sorry about the lack of pictures.



haha see it looks like he pissed his pants!

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10:45pm 28/08/2010
mood: high
who the hell makes homemade blueberry pancakes at quarter to 11 at night????..... me cause im stoned hehe

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03:16pm 22/08/2010
mood: hungry
well i haven't posted since june when i posted my review of the STP show in new york so i guess i have a lot of catching up to do. i really haven't been up to much besides working. i got a job at building 19 1/2. i started off doing 20 hours a week and then i moved up to 30 which was fine with me cause paul was doing about 40 hours a week (he got a job at starbucks). i like my job so far but after one month i got called up to the office to speak with the manager and the president of the company. the president broad told me that i had to tone down the colors in my hair. she gave me this whole speech thing about how a lot of our customers are older and they might get scared or thrown off by my hair, but she has heard about how great i am with the customers and what not, so if i could just do a few less streaks that would be fine. i was really surprised by this, if you have been to a building 19 you would know that its a crazy messy place that is very far from any cooperate company, it said absolutely nothing about hair color in the handbook, it just said don't wear anything offensive. so yeah i didn't fight them, i just told them that honestly i get the exact opposite reaction from my customers. they all love my hair and tell me it looks great and they are so happy to see someone new in there that is colorful and cheery, and that i brighten up their day. they said they understood but they still wanted me to tone it down. what pissed me off about this the most is that (i am in no way being racist im just stating an opinion, and i really like all the people i work with) 90 percent of the employees there are Indian and about 75 percent of them speak broken english. So to me i cant understand why the president is more worried about the color of my hair driving people away than the employees who can't properly communicate to the customers. i have had multiple people whisper to me at my register that they are so happy that i am there cause i can actually speak english. but yeah since then i have taken out two streaks of color so its a little toned down but its still out there so for right now its all good.

umm besides working me and paul have done little fun things. we have gone mini golfing multiple times, and gone to a few concerts. we went to see lynyrd skynyrd back in july. we met some cool people that were tailgating next to us in the parking lot. we smoked up this cool lady in her 40s how hadn't smoked in years, she gave us some wine in return haha.

we went to see aerosmith last week, and well it turned out a lot different than we expected. the day stared out great we parked at alewife headed towards fenway. then we went to game on and grabbed a couple of drinks and nachos and hung out there till about 7. then we headed into the show. we watched the g giles band and they were great. after that we went to go grab beers but while we were walking to the line a drunk guy came up to us and was like hey! i was sitting next to you guys at game on, then we got to talking and he told paul he would buy him a beer if he waited in and got him one, but the guy said i had to stay as collateral we wouldn't take him money and leave haha. but yeah paul went and got the beers then we went and sat down. then the show started and paul got really sick. he had been feeling a headache coming on all day but it struck him right when aerosmith came on. he sat the whole entire show with his head down, about half way through he went to the bathroom and puked. i was so worried about him that i sat down and he just rested his head in my lap. everyone around must of thought he was absolutely shit faced haha. but yeah the show got over and we decided just to grab a taxi to alewife and i would drive us home from there. well after an hour of walking around fenway looking for an empty taxi and paul puking like crazy on some side street we found one. he pulls up asks us where we are going and we tell him alewife, then he was like umm ehhh umm and paul told him we would make it worth it to him if he did. and he still was like ehh then he slowly drove away so then paul kicks the back of his car. then the guy stopped and paul walks over and is like what the hell this is your fucking job, im sick and i just want to go home we will give you a good tip, please. and the guy was like well how do you know you wont get sick in my car. and paul was like im not fucking drunk i have a migraine just give me a ride, but the guy refused. so we were like fuck it lets just take the train. so we took the train and i drove home from alewife. the next day we slept in and then went to bickfords and ordered a ton of food and paul felt all better after that. buy yeah i could not believe the setlist aerosmith did, i was so disappointed. i really thought they were gonna bring out some rare gems for their hometown hardcore fans, but nope, just all the 90's hits and the usual dream on, walk this way, and sweet emotion. the only two songs that really stood out to me were draw the line but thats not even rare they play that a lot, oh and they played come together that was awesome. but the rest of the set i was really disgusted by, like really? i thought this show was going to be one to top all the other aerosmith shows ive been to (this was my 11th) but no this was probably honestly the worst.

we went to see tom petty on thursday night and it was great. we tailgated in the parking lot with wine adn pb and j sandwiches haha, the weather was beautiful. the set was awesome a great mix of new and old songs. i hope he keeps touring for a while they just put on a spectacular show. oh and i have not seen the lawn packed this much since i saw roger waters there a few years ago. this was probably due to the 25 dollar tickets, well i think they were proably a little over 35 dollars including fees. me and paul just bought our tickets from some dude in the parking lot before the show for 30 a piece.

i cant really think of much else i have been up to. im not looking forward to school at all, but me and paul do have a class together so that should be interesting. im seeing STP on September 1 so im wicked excited. but im still pissed that im not up front, im know its messed up to say cause i have 5th row but since all the other times ive seen STP its been GA i always have been right up front on the rail. and now to be 5 rows back it really blows, especially considering the price of the tickets we had to do a VIP package that includes our ticket, a tour laminate, t-shirt, poster, and guitar picks, all of which i still have yet to receive. back when i got the tickets it stated that the items may not show up till after the event, so yeah im really getting my moneys worth... yeah right! haha

but yeah thats about it for right now. me and my mum have to go pick up paul from work cause his car is getting worked on right now.

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Stone Temple Pilots 5/18/10 Gramercy NYC Review..... a month later   
12:09pm 17/06/2010
  Well to start off the show was amazing!!!!!!!! The day started off catching the 7 AM bus at south station. We arrived in NY at about 11:45. I slept most of the way there which was great cause I was working on only about 3 hours of sleep. We knew the first thing we wanted to do once we got there was to head to our favorite place to eat around there, Bid Daddy's Diner. We went there last year when we went to see Loaded and we absolutely loved it. When we got there we were actually given the same waitress as last year, and shes a trip! We love her so much, shes a free spirit and just so crazy and cool. I got their macaroni and cheese, and paul got a bacon cheeseburger with cheese tater tots and omg those tater tots were the best I've ever had, they were so light and fluffy and not greasy at all, damn I wish I had some now! After we ate we decided to head to the Gramercy and grab our spot in line.

We got to the Gramercy around 1 PM, obviously no one else was in line haha. Luckily the venue has a covering so even though it was down pouring we stayed completely dry. Throughout the day me and paul tried to eavesdrop on all the workers walking in and out of the venue. We couldn't really hear much other than all the stuff about the filming of Jimmy Kimmel going on for the show and that the capacity for the night was 625 people, and out of 625 people 300 were VIPs!!! At about 3 PM 2 people showed up to join us in line, and not till about 5 or 6 did other people start getting in line. The people that were behind us were really nice and I was glad we weren't stuck next to d-bags or anything.

Im not really sure what time were were told probably around 7 PM (doors for the show open at 9:45)but one of the security people from the venue came over and told us that all the VIP people were going to be let into the venue before us. When me and paul heard this we were furious!!!! The VIP line already had about 30 people in it and it just kept on growing. The security guy felt bad for me and paul, he knew how long we had been waiting in line. After we were given that news the Jimmy Kimmel camera crew came over to the line and wanted to do some filming for the show. They had us do a bunch of cheering and stuff, I held up the banner i made for the show and i started the S-T-P chant, they made us do three takes of it.

Around 9:30 all of us in line were getting anxious. For the past 2 1/2 hours the VIPs were getting let in and there was no way to know how many. Me and paul and the people in line behind us were getting upset cause we waited in line for hours and hours and all these VIP assholes were getting let in before us. We figured that by the time they let us in the floor was going to be filled up. Oh and not to mention it was pure chaos between the two lines, the workers were having trouble trying to communicate between each other to find out what was going on. Then to make it even worse non-VIPs were sneaking into the VIP line and were getting let in!!!! WTF!?!?!?!

About 10 minutes before the doors were to open a guy that had been in line for a few hours came up to me and paul and told us how he had won tickets on the radio and they were on will call but for some reason he wasn't aloud to pick them up like normal will call tickets, normally you can go right up to the box office window before the show and pick them up. but they were telling that guy he could only get his tickets once they started to let the line in, which makes no sense since they were letting other people pick up their will call tickets no problem. so anyways this guy asked us if he could get in front of us in line so he could pick up his tickets, cause it wouldn't be like he was getting inside before us he still had to pick up his tickets at the window. so we told him yes as long as if he gets up to the rail he has to let us squeeze in next to him if were not already on the rail, and he agreed.

so the doors get opened and we head in and surprisingly enough there is only one row of people at the barrier, turns out all the asshole VIPs were more concerned about getting in early to get to the bar. So yeah we were bummed that we weren't right on the barrier but figure we could squeeze our way in eventually. but it turned out that there was no need because our buddy the contest winner managed to squeeze his way right up to the barrier and called us over to stand right next to him up there!!! wooo hehe. we were sooo happy that we let him cut us in line cause he saved us from not being right up front.

So as for the actual show goes the set was
Wicked Garden
Between the lines
hickory dichotomy
big empty
sour girl
interstate love song
huckleberry crumble
tumble in the rough
lounge fly
sex type thing
dead and bloated
trippin on a hole in a paper heart

All the songs sounded amazing and i was so pumped to hear the new ones, and it was amazing to hear tumble in the rough, i never expected to hear that one at all considering they haven't played it for like 10 years. the whole band sounded so tight all night, dean was going nuts during trippin it was awesome. Scott didn't really do much talking in between songs just introduced them, and of course he did the "this is a new one" then they broke in to Plush, that still cracks me up no matter how many times he does it hehe. Lounge fly kicked ass, thats always one i look forward to i just love how they do the lights to it. The crowd there was alright but after the show i read reviews on below empty of the show and someone was saying how some VIP ass from Atlantic was shooting up with his friends during the show, right out there in the open! WTF?!!? seriously, who does that!?!?! I hate how these people think they can get away with shit like that, if it was just a regular fan doing that in the crowd you know damn well that they would get their ass kicked out within seconds.

so yeah the show was excellent, out of the three times ive seen them this was by far the best on all levels. at the end of the show me and paul a got few of roberts guitar pics, and as the band walked off the stage someone crew guy came down from the stage and handed me and paul two perfectly new setlists. i wonder if one of the guys in the band told that guy to give them to us cause it was instantly, not like a few mins after when they start putting the stuff away. i dunno but i like to think they did hehe :p after the show me and paul hung around a bit inside saying bye to people we met and hit the bathrooms.

when we left the venue we saw the cars that rob, dean, and eric came in parked out front so we knew they hadn't left yet. so we waited out there with about 15 other people. we had to wait about an hour and eric came out. i got him to sign my banner and said hello, he took pics and signed stuff for everybody that was out there. after like a half an hour there was probably about only 10 of us out there and finally dean and robert came out. right away when dean saw me and paul he gave us huge hugs and was like hey!! where i have i seen you guys before?? (I couldn't believe he actually remembered us from the river rave back in 2008 when he stopped his car and got out to say hi to us) We reminded him of the river rave, and just chatted a little bit about the new album and how great the show was. Robert then came over to us and we chatted with him too. the both of them were extremely nice, they truly truly care about their fans. Before they headed into their cars i got them to sign my banner, got some more hugs (paul made sure grab an extra big hug from dean ;) hehe) and we demaned that they come to boston soon (which they are now woop woop!!!) after they left we still had like 2 hours before we had to catch our bus back to boston. we weren't sure if scott had left or not yet but we just decided to hang out a while longer just incase. he didn't but we got to chat with the worker that were there all day, they were like damn you guys were the first ones in and the last ones to leave haha.

so yeah we left the venue grabbed a taxi, and right when we get out of the taxi at the station a guy comes up to us asking if we wanna buy coke haha we obviously turned him down and headed in. we got in line and had about an hour to wait. once we got on the bus it took me probably about an hour to fall asleep and i only woke up a few times in between by the time we got to boston. when we got there i did not want to get up knowing that i had to take a biology final in a few hours. but yeah we got off the bus and went to the bathroom and headed on the train to school. i had about 3 hours before my final was supposed to start so i got some extra studying in. when i get to my class my teacher tells us that we get to have an open book final and my heart sank, my book is at home! i wasn't gonna lug that thing around with me all the way through new york and a concert! everyone in class is grinning and im furious and me teacher is like holly whats wrong you should be happy, and i was like well umm no i don't have my book. and she was like well thats ok we can work in groups. I was so relieved! I ended up acing the test and got an A for my whole grade in the class.

So all in all for such a short notice and stressful show im turned out to be fantastic. Now i just have like 3 months to wait for their next show, i still can't believe its at the bank of america pavilion!! i hate that place, i was forced to buy the shitty ass VIP package so i could get up close, but the closest i got was 5th row for a ridiculous price, this is gonna be the first time im not right up front for STP but its ok as long as i still make a banner they will know me and paul are there hehe. at least now we can have a few drinks before the show instead of waiting in line for 6+ hours haha.

i was stupid and only had a faded pink sharpie with me so the signatures are really light but oh well





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here i come i come i come i come   
07:31pm 17/05/2010
mood: STP!!!!!!!
so me and paul scored tickets to see Stone Temple Pilots in New York for tommorow at the Gramercy Theater. Im so fucking excited! I saw Loaded their last, actually a day short of exactly a year. But the place is tiny it only holds 600 people. The tickets sold out so quickly. I was online on two computers right when they went on sale at 10 and right away it was saying no tickets available but i kept on trying non stop and then at 10:13 two tickets showed up and i freaked out. i couldnt believe it kept checking over all the details over and over cause i wanted to make sure it was the right thing and not a glitch or something haha. but yeah the show is tommorow, we are gonna grab a bus there in the morning and then catch a 3:30 AM bus back but it sucks cause i cant even go home once i get back to boston i have to head right to school for my biology final!! ahhhh its gonna suck so bad im gonna be working with no sleep. but its totally worth it, im so excited to hear their new songs. wooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! S-T-MOTHER-FUCKING-P!!!!!!!!!!!

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do do do do do   
05:04pm 04/05/2010
mood: hyper
im bored and haven't posted in a while. haven't been up to much. school is going to be done soon and so is my job, ive been looking for somewhere new but haven't had any luck yet. some fun stuff ive done is i had my little cousin aaron stay with me a few weekends and that was a blast.

me and paul went to see the documentary about The Doors called When Your Strange and it was fantastic. i had some bomb weed i had been saving for something special and we smoked a couple bowls of it on the ride to the train station and then we put wine in a water bottle and snuck it in. i loved all the interviews and commentary but of course at the end when they talked about Jim's death i started crying like crazy but it was worth it. when we left i guess i didn't realize how much i drank or how good the weed was but i was soo fucked up on the train home. it was so much fun the train was completely empty, it made me miss all my intoxicated train rides back in high school, like to the science museum hahaha

hmm something else i did was on April 15th me and paul worked a long day (we work at a tax place) so after our manager took us out to a few bars he hangs out at and he bought us drinks all night. after like 3 beers i didn't want anymore so i gave mine to paul, and mark kept on buying him shots. by closing time i was sober and paul was drunk, mind you we have been dating for almost 3 years and paul has never drank that much, i never saw him drunk before that night. so yeah i drove home from boston but within 1 minute of being on the road paul forced me to stop on the highway so he could pee it was hilarious. we got home around 4 AM and then at 11AM paul was puking in the bathroom he spent the rest of the day in the bathroom haha poor guy :(

lets see what else is there hmmmmmmmm me and paul got tickets to see Aerosmith and the J Giles band at Fenway!! my sisters friend's father is a season ticket holder so he was able to use his presale to get us tickets. we got 4 tickets and we are trying to sell to in order to pay off our tickets haha. we also got to ticket s to lynyrd skynyrd/bret michaels tickets, and we got Slash tickets.

im getting really excited about STPs new ablum ive heard about 4 songs from it so far and my favorite it Hickory Dichotomy, if any of you are interested even though no one probably is going to read this but here is a link to hear some of the knew songs, they are on the player on the right http://www.amazon.com/Stone-Temple-Pilots/e/B000ARC4TI/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1272586134&sr=1-2-ent

i guess i don't really have much else to say other than that so im gonna get back to watching spongebob because i am just that cool ;) haha

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05:45pm 05/02/2010
mood: I HATE COMPUTERS!!!!!!!
of fucking course right after i made my last post my computer (not my laptop) got like a fake virus thing, it giving me a bunch of pop up saying im infected and trying to get my to buy software then when you buy it then it makes your comp crash, well yeah i fell for that a few years ago. so i knew not do do anything to so i called a few places to see how much it costs to get fixed and everything and im so stressed out right now cause i have no money and i cant even think right now. pauls at work right now and he wont we home till seven so im going to be like manic till he gets home i need him so badly right now :( im watching the Stone Temple Pilots Thank You DVD and smoking a bowl and burning incense trying to relax myself hopefully it works :'(

but yeah before my computer fucked up i was about to post do a picture post and i didn't get to upload my pics from vermont but this is what i got uploaded so yeah here

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im cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................   
03:12pm 05/02/2010
mood: cold
so yeah lots of stuff has happened since my last post. to start of i lost my job :( the fudge shop i had work at for almost 3 years closed down unexpectedly, i would go into more detail about it but i know no one really reads my posts anymore anyways so i wont bother with explaining the whole thing. pretty much the new owner sandra got into a fight with the old owner phyl and phyl got wicked pissed and shut down the store cause everything was still in her name. so yeah me and paul lost our jobs. we got new ones at a tax place dressing up as the statue of liberty and waving to people outside (the place is called liberty tax service). we absolutely hate it we are out there everyday in like 20something degree weather looking like dumbasses, and its shitty pay and when you figure in the amount of money it takes to take the train the pay is even worse. im not sure how much longer we can take it there but paul is starting up at the rainforest cafe next week so we'll see how that goes, i just hope i can find another place soon.

schools been going ok its only 2 weeks in so its not too hard yet. im taking bio and a class called the joy of making art which is really fun, we have just been doing some drawings but i feel like ive gotten better already.

hmmm what else is new, ohh i got a laptop after christmas and its pretty sweet, now me and paul can both do our homework on the computers without feeling guilty about hogging it from each other haha.

i found out at christmas that two of my cousins are pregnant and they are about a month apart. one of them has been trying for like 10 years to have a kid and has had miscarriages so i really hope it goes well for her. i also have another cousin who is having baby, but its so sad its going to have really bad heart problems and is going to need surgery right after its born and he might not makes it through his teen years :( he's due this month so i hope all goes well with that.

last weekend it was my brothers birthday and we went to twin rivers so that was my first trip to a casino and it was fun, i didn't really gamble any of my own money just my sisters and i kept losing haha i hate those damn slot machines!!!

so yeah thats about it i have nothing else going on. me and paul usually go to vermont for valentines day but with losing our jobs there was no way it was possible so were hoping we can make it up there for our anniversary in may, but it depends on what concerts we have coming up we eagerly wait for the new Stone Temple Pilots CD to come out and them to announce some tour dates, so if it comes down to it we will see STP over going to vermont. but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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11:33am 22/12/2009
  Yeah so this has been the longest without making a post. So lets see the last time I posted was in the middle of the summer. I wasn’t really up to much. Me and paul went to hampton beach a couple of times, we went to see Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd. And I won tickets so The Allman Brothers too. Both shows were soooooooo good! But The Allman Brothers show was freezing!!! It had rained that day so the lawn was slippery and everyone kept falling it was hilarious to watch haha. That was about it for the summer.
In September school started again ewww. Ummm I saw the Joe Perry Project at the Plymouth Mermorial hall. I had never been there before. It was a tiny place and we were right at the front of the stage there was no barrier so it was crazy. After the show he was out at his tour bus and was signing autographs for everybody so I got to get my ticket signed and that was awesome! That’s probably all the highlights from september nothing else really happened.
Umm then in October Andrea at work had won Canobie lake tickets from the radio but had no way to get there so she gave them to me and paul. So we went there when they had some Halloween thing going on. It was so awesome cause there was barely anyone there so there was no lines at all. So we just kept going on the rides over and over. We went on the roller coasters like 20 times so by the end of the night I was so nauseous haha. Hmmm what else, we carved pumpkins and me and paul did awesome Stone Temple Pilots ones, they were sooo awesome, ill post pics when im at home.
In November I went to see the Joe Perry Project again and they were playing at Hampton Beach. So we got there early to wait in line and there were a few people already there with camping chairs and blankets haha. It was sooo cold that day especially cause the beach is right across the steet. The show was awesome they definetly sounded better but I liked the venue and crowd of the first show I went to. A few days after that show me and paul got wicked sick for a week and it sucked. Then it was Thanksgiving. It was at my aunt Phylis’s and I finally got to see my cousin lisa’s new baby and her other kid aaron. Lisa had the baby in April and it was the first time getting to meet her, I hadn’t even seen aaron since february when we had to pick up lisa from the hospital for an appointment. So I was sooooo excited to see him.
And as for the past couple of weeks, we got to babysit aaron the weekend of my birthday, On my birthday we picked up aaron and we took him to our house then that night we took him to the Stone Zoo to see some of the animals still out, and the Zoo lights. Oh and we all got our picture taken with Santa too hehe. After that we went home and we watched Toy Story 2 with arron and then went to bed. I know it was my 21st birthday and everything but I had way more fun with aaron that I would have been spending money on booze haha. The next day I had my birthday party and it was pretty small, but it was stll fun. We made like 6 pizzas and it was soooooo good. And I got an awesome birthday cake its too hard to describe but ill post pics when I can. For presents I got money, a gift card to old navy, a gift card to newbury comics, an ipod case, a grateful dead hoodie, socks, underwear, my sister got me a mystic topaz ring and earring set, paul got me blank cds, incense, a family guy dvd, guitar hero Metallica, a bear stuffed animal, truffles, cherry things and a peanut butter cup from work, and a Stone Temple Pilots charm that I put on a hemp necklace.
So yeah my classes are done for school im just waiting to find out how I did on my math final. I am so screwed in that class. I have all 100’s on my Homeworks, all 100’s on my writing assignment, and aB average on all my tests, but I have got a 62 on my midterm. And in order to be able to go the next level of math you have to pass the final with at least a 70. So im waiting to find out my score on my final. If I don’t get at least a 70 im going to have to retake the final some time soon. Then if I don’t pass the second time I have to retake the class for a 3 time. Which is sooo unfair cause all my other grades in the class are fine its just the big tests that always mess me up. It will be such a waste too cause I know the material pretty well now I just get overwelmed with the big tests grrrr.
Work has been going ok I guess. It just always changing in there we don’t find out our schedule till like Saturday night and then we are always getting cancelled the night before cause sales have been slow. So there is no way to budget or plan for anything cause it always changes. But work has been more fun, we always have things to do and we learned how to make fudge, so now im officially a fudge packer hahaahha.
Over the weekend me and paul did some chirstmas shopping most of it was gift cards for our secret santas but we got my mum and sister some hair stuff. Then I wanted to my sister a digital camera. So I looked the Target website and found one on sale for 50 bucks but that was just an online sale so we found one that was 40 bucks not as good but she wont care. We still have more shopping to do but it will have to wait till Thursday cause we are working after school today and tomorrow afternoon and we don’t get paid till Thursday, I just hope we can pick it up early in the day and not have to wait till the night.
This morning I got in the mail the pants that I won for paul in an auction. It was an auction for Scott Weiland’s brothers family, he had about 56 items up for sale that he had worn on stage or to award shows and just other clothes, and we won a pair of his jeans and with shipping they were only $37!!!!! I mean I feel bad cause its for a good cause and I want them to get as much money as they can but I was so excited that we won them for so cheap. But we did have to stay up till 3AM to win them haha. Paul didn’t get a chance to try them on cause we left for school right after we got them but I hope they fit. They are a girls size 3 so the waist will fit fine, but we aren’t too sure about the length. They look a little short to me but im hoping so bad there not, either way paul will wear them haha.
Well thats all there really is to catch up on I have to go pee and try to sell back me and pauls school books for some extra cash so bye!!!!!

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Stone Temple Pilots 7/15 Manchester, New Hampshire   
01:58pm 23/07/2009
mood: okay
So last Wednesday me and Paul went to a Stone Temple Pilots concert at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester NH. Since was had GA tickets we obviously wanted to get there early to be first in line. We figured because of the turn out at the last STP show if we got there around noon we would be the first ones there. Well when we got there, there was already 3 other people in line. We asked then what time they had been there since and they said they got there at 8:30! And they drove the same distance as us! I was pretty pissed that we weren’t first in line, but throughout the day we just talked more and schemed with them how to beat the other people in line (there are 4 doors, two for chicks, and two for guys)

The doors didn’t open up till 6:30 so we had to hang around for 6 hours in the sun. I didn’t think it was going to be so sunny so I didn’t think to bring sun screen. Well the side of the building where the line was, it points westward, so the entire day the sun was beaming down on us. I was wearing a tank top and I got a horrible sun burn on my boobs. During the show I felt like my boobs were on fire, and leaning up against the barricade didn’t help at all haha.

When it came time for the doors to open we were so worried about having to beat the other two lines. But I got in and got my ticket scanned and then some how ended up being the first person to get a wristband but of course the chick who was putting it on my wrist acted like she had never done it before, as she’s fumbling my wristband I see like 5 people get down the stairs before me. But I quickly caught up, ignoring all the workers yelling at me to not run haha. Some how I managed to get right against the barricade in front of the mic stand.

As the floor filled up people kept coming up to me and paul talking about how they remember us from all the VR, and STP, and Scott solo shows. But there is this one guy that loves paul and is always shit faced. I have never encountered him sober. He always trashes Scotts solo album, Happy In Galoshes, and he always makes jokes about how he is probably back stage shooting up. Oh and the worst is he ALWAYS heckles the opening band from the second they get on the stage till the second they walk off. He drives me nuts!!! Haha

So yeah the opening band was called Resin. They were……..alright. They bass was turned up wayyyyyyyyy too loud. Seriously all you could hear was drums and bass, I swear the guitar player wasn’t even plugged in because I couldn’t hear him for a second. The singer, well I couldn’t tell you how he was because I couldn’t hear a word he said. But he was entertaining, they had a bunch of beach balls they kept kicking off the stage and stuff. At one point he came down off the stage to the front of the barricade and hung out there for a bit singing, it was pretty cool. But the whole time the annoying drunk guy was screaming at them, telling them to turn down the bass, or get off the stage, I was about to punch him in the face. After their set the drummer gave paul his drumstick and then the drunk guy was like if he gave me that I would have just gave it back to him. What a d-bag grrrrr

According to my new security guard friend in front of me, there was supposed to be another opener, but at 9 STP took the stage. The set was Silvergun Superman, Wicked Garden, Vasoline, Big Empty, Lounge Fly, Army Ants, Sour Girl, Creep, Crackerman, Plush, Interstate Love Song, Seven Caged Tigers, Down, Sex Type Thing, Sin, Unglued, Dead And Bloated, Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart.

The highlight of the night was right after Big Empty about 20 minutes into the show. I spent hours and hours making this awesome banner for the show.


We had been holding it up the whole set so far, so after Big Empty finishes scott introduces the next song Lounge Fly. Then Robert cuts him off and tells us to pass up our banner so they can sign it!!!!!! So we did, while they are signing Scott makes a joke about how you don’t realize how long it takes so sign an autograph haha. I actually found a youtube clip of the whole thing happening!!!!

I can’t believe they actually stopped the show to sign our banner. All I had hoped for was that they would just notice it and that was enough for me, but I was blown away by this.

The whole rest of the set was insane. The band was 109783498239048 times better than last summer’s tour. I haven’t heard Scott’s vocals sounds this good in a while and I see him perform pretty often. You could really tell how the band feeds off of the crowd. The whole front row center was a bunch of young people and we were all rocking out. When we rocked harder you could see Robert and Dean do it too. Robert was going nuts during Sin and Down it was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott wasn’t as energetic as he could be but it’s definitely a step up from STP’s tour last year, or Scott’s Solo tours. He even seems more happy, right when the band walked out in the beginning him and Robert hugged and Scott had a huge smile on his face.

I was so sad when the show was over, I feel like I say this after every show I got to but this was one of my top favorite concerts of all time. After the show it was the usual thing of people coming up to us talking about how it was so cool that the band did that. Once we got out we headed over to where the tour busses were to see if we could catch any of them leaving. Right when we got to the parking lot area a tour buss was driving away, from what I have heard from people at other shows that was the rest of the bands buss and scott has a black one. Well after that one left there were about 5 other tour busses still in the lot, so we decided just to wait till they all left, we had nothing to loose anyways haha. We waited for about and hour and a half and then we saw Dean and Robert hop on the last bus. The bus was behind a gate so there was no way they saw us standing there when the got on the buss. But when it drove by we held up the banner anyway hoping they would see. Well they didn’t haha but whatever, there is always next time.

I got a lot of good pics, but sorry about my security guard friend being in so many of them if I zoom in on my camera it always takes longer to take the pic and it likes to come out blurry too. But enjoy ;)





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12:23pm 02/07/2009
  when is the rain going to stop!!?!??!!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!!?!?  

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11:30am 04/06/2009
mood: cheerful
wooooooooooooooooooooooooo just got STP tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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02:14pm 29/05/2009
mood: lazy
ahhh i hate the internet!!!! when ever i go on here and have nothing else to do i just sit here for hours looking at shit. ive been going throught all my old entries and i cant believe all the stuff ive forgotten about. i keep reading about old jokes or things ive done and i keep cracking up. but all the pics make me soo sad. sometimes i wish i could go back to have things the way they were, i feel since ive moved ive havent gotten to hang out with people as much as i would like to, especially maura. i went to her birthday party last week and i can't believe we have been friends for 10 years now, its crazy! i really hope she can make it to a concert with me this summer, i miss her :(

i go back to work tomorrow, ive had the week off cause the new owner Sandra is completely redoing the place. she was hoping that she could open early on Sat but she isnt done yet. so me and paul are going in just to work on a big fudge wholesale order that has to get done and then a bunch of cleaning. im interested on how this is all going to turn out, i think anyone could run the store better than the old owner phyl so im not too worried, but you never know.

my mum got tickets in the mail free for a TV preview thing, you go in and watch commercials and tv shows and then give your opinions on them. me and paul are going to go it should be a lot of fun.

i have to go do something ive been on the computer all day, i feel so lazy haha

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Loaded show in New York   
02:50pm 28/05/2009
mood: hungry
So me and paul went to see Loaded in NYC on 5/19 for our anniversary. My sister drove us to South Station in Boston at 6 AM and we took a bus to NY. But before we got on the bus we posted a few fliers for the show around the station and took pictures. We got to NY around 12. I printed out directions on how to get to the venue from the station. So when we got off the bus we decided to check the venue out first to know where it was then do what ever after. On the way there we walked passed a restaurant and Bobby Flay was there doing his show Throw down!!!! I think they were making sloppy joes. We watched through the window for a few minutes then left.

According to the directions the venue was 1.6 miles away but me and paul had no idea how to follow the street signs. So we asked a cop and he told us the street was 17 blocks away. Well we walked those 17 blocks and finally found 23rd street but we were on the west side and needed to be on the east side. We didn’t really know which way would turn into east so we walked one way for about 20 minutes. Then we finally ask someone when would it turn to the east side, but they told us we were going the wrong way. Soooo we had to back track all the way. But luckily MB called me and she explained how all the streets and ave’s work, and she gave me directions on how to go to the venue and I found it. She also asked me if I could stop at a bakery that makes homemade marshmallows; she wanted to give them to the band. So I navigated my way there only to find out that they only make them during the fall and the winter. So yeah that sucked but me and paul bought some stuff anyways, MB told us the melted chocolate chip cookies were good and the pretzel croissants too, so we got those and they were amazing.

After we went to the bakery we found an awesome diner to eat at. We got eggs, pancakes, home fries and toast and it was sooo yummy! After we ate we decided to go back to the venue and hang up fliers. Well as we were walking to the venue paul tells me that he just saw Duff in a taxi and of course I thought he was kidding and I laughed. And he was like no im serious I just saw him and Jeff. So we started to walk faster towards the venue and then we see Duff and Jeff walk up on the sidewalk right where we were. We said hi to them and told them how we were going to the show and how we had been putting up fliers, and they thought it was “killer”. Duff said he really liked the shirt I made paul it was “killer” like everything else haha. So yeah it was cool to talk to them but we would tell Duff was mad about something. We were pretty sure what it was, and Jeff confirmed it later that night. But yeah the sign on the venue said “Duff McKagan Tonight”, which got quickly changed to “Duff McKagan’s Loaded Tonight” after they got there.

After we talked to them we went around and put more fliers up for a few. But then there were 3 people waiting in line at the venue so we went and got in line with them. They were all pretty cool and we talked the whole time. MB showed up a few hours later and jumped to the front of the line with us. Throughout the time waiting in line all the guys kept walking by and stopping to chat with us, mostly Jeff though. Me and paul asked if they were going to be playing Attitude and he said they weren’t planning on it but he would see what he could do. At 7 the doors opened and we went in, we all got right to the front. There was no barrier so we had the stage right in front of us which was cool. The venue was soooo cool inside, it used to be a movie theater so there are seats in the back and then there is the GA floor. At the merchandise booth they were offering the meet and greet so me and paul got it.

The first band up was Spider Rockets, they were alright. They had a girl for a singer but it was so hard to hear her. But she was energetic and interesting to watch. The second band up was called Rise Up From The Fall, I think? im really not sure haha. They were pretty good too.

After them of course was Loaded. I actually know the set list because paul snatched it for me from the stage after the show haha. It went like this, Sick, Queen Jonasophina, Sleaze Factory, Flatline, Dust & Bones, Dark Days, Seattle Head, Wasted Heart, No Shame, Attitude, I See Through You, Executioners Song, I Owe You, Translucent, It’s So Easy, and I Wanna Be Your Dog (with a jam with Bumblefoot, there were so many songs during this but my favs were Wild Horses and TNT). Also at one point during the show people in the crowd were screaming for So Fine, so they decided to play it. The whole show was insane!!! The crowd went nuts for songs like Dust & Bones, Seattle Head, Attitude, It’s So easy and the whole jam at the end. At one point there were people moshing right behind us. When they broke into Attitude Jeff went over to paul and was like this is for you. It was probably my favorite song of the night, then Seattle Head after that. The jam was soo awesome too, when Bumblefoot came out and started playing he came right over to paul and shook his hand. During the show Duff almost injured MB many times haha. One time he was right in front of her and he slipped on the wires right at the end of the stage, if he had went any further he would have landed right on her! Haha. Then at the end of the show he decided to jump into the crowd, but instead of putting his guitar down first he just lets go of it and jumps leaving the guitar heading straight for MB’s head. Luckily she saw it and caught the neck of it right before it nailed her in the head, thank god haha. As the band was leaving the stage Jeff gave me and paul guitar picks.

After the show me, paul and MB went outside so they could smoke butts and hand out fliers. Me and paul actually saw London from the reality show Daisy Of Love on VH1. At first paul had told me he saw him but I didn’t believe him and then we were right next to him and paul gave him a flyer and then I looked and it was definitely him. But anyways we went back in for the meet and greet. When we got in line they told us to hold up our playing cards (our ticket to do the meet and greet), I believe MB gave her card to a friend of hers that showed up later during the show, so she didn’t have one. The lady at the booth told her she needed one or she would have to leave. So MB told her to talk to the band or the manager but the lady was still giving her a hard time and telling her no. But then Duff walked by and MB pulled him over and told him what was happening and he looks at the lady and said “she stays” and he smiled and walked away, it was the coolest thing ever!! Haha

The meet and greet was a lot of fun we talked to the guys for a few, every one of them kept saying how cool the shirt I made paul was. And I was like come on guys my shirt should be up there being sold right now. And they thought it was funny. Me and paul told them how they had to come to Boston and that we would put up a million fliers and shit. They said they plan on it and want to but they have to spread out the tour all around. It was funny when we got to Geoff cause MB was introducing us to him and when she got to me she was like this is Holly and she is mine. And he was like she’s yours? Jeez I should become a lawyer so I can just own people hahah, it was so funny. So yeah all the guys were nice and were talking to us for a while but the people at the venue were like guys please hurry up to the next people haha. We went to Duff last and when he saw me and paul he was like hey guys did you hear the shout out I gave you guys. Paul had said he thought he heard something during the show but it was really hard to understand him. He was like yeah I said how we had our very first street team here tonight, and then he was like yeah I was going to say you guys were from Boston but I didn’t want everyone to start booing you guys (which they probably would have done) hahaahah. I thought that was so hilarious. I asked if he could take a picture with me and the banner and he was like sure, ive done this a few times, and then I told him how I made it and everything.

After we left the venue it was about 12 and out bus wasn’t leaving till 3:30AM so we crabbed at taxi and decided to walk around times square for a while. It was my 4th time in NY and I had never been there and neither had Paul. It was really cool there were soo many people still walking around at that time. We hung out there for a few then on the way back to the bus station a guy doing portraits swayed us to do one. It only took about 15 mins and it came out soooo cool! After that we went to the bus station and caught our bus and slept the whole ride home. Then my sister picked us up in Boston at the station and we came home and slept even more haha.

So yeah overall the whole trip was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun and it was extremely cheap too so that makes it even better haha. Here are the pictures for the show and stuff. Usually I get good pictures at shows but the lighting with my camera didn’t come out too good and the guys would not stand still, every time I tried to take a pic they would move right when I clicked the button haha. And since im so short and i was right up against the stage and i had horrible angles. But I still got a few good ones in there.






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01:48pm 08/05/2009
mood: blank
i dont feel like making a real post cause not much has happened. school is over, work is ok i guess and thats about it. nothing exciting to talk about besides the loaded show coming up wooooo!! i cant wait but i cant stand people from new york haahah. i dont really have much more to say.

here are pics of a shirt i made for the loaded show, and a pair of jeans i decorated.




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12:06pm 16/04/2009
mood: i dont want to do my homework
im am procrastinating sooooo bad on my homework. im supposed to be writing an essay for literature but i am not feeling it at all haha. i just found out that Duff Mckagans Loaded added another tour date for NY. Me and paul just bought tickets for their show on May 19 in NY, which is our anniversary. We are going to take a bus there in the morning and go to the show at night, then take a bus back at 3 AM. but i just found their new date which is on May 21st, but the tickets aren't listed onsale anywhere and i have no idea if its a 21+ show or not, i checked other shows there and it varies depending on the artists i guess. but i really wanna go to that show too but it would be a pain cause we would have to get a hotel or something cause we would be there for 2 nights, and the venue is 40 mins away from the bus station and i cant figure out the NY subway for my life. i went on the website and it looked like a bunch of colorful lines with words that meant nothing to me haha. but i email MB my duff mommy who is from NY and i asked her about it. im kinda hoping the show is 21+ so i wont feel bad if i cant manage to go to the show. im hoping they will add a show in Boston cause there is room too between a NJ show and the second NY show but its getting pretty close to then so i highly doubt they will add a show in Boston. But i should just be grateful to be able to go the the first show in NY cause 1 week ago i wasn't even considering to to that one, so i should just stop bitching haha.

i dont know what else is going on. i have been going to school and work. school will be done in a few weeks but until then me and paul have a ton of homework to do. work isnt too bad right now i never see the boss so thats pretty good, but its completely obvious that she is always trying to avoid having to see me and paul. i hope she will still put us on for the farmers market in bedford so we can pick up extra hours. it just sucks that those dont start until mid june. me and paul have a bunch of concerts we wanna go to but money is so tight.

yesterday my cousin lisa had her baby. she is alomst 50 and her husband is over 60. he already has 4 children from a another marriage, and she already has 3 from another marriage and one with him. a few of his children have austism, and the 4 year old he has with my cousin also has austism. lisa didn't think she could get pregnant any more, well she was wrong haha. i feel so bad for their new baby she is going to have such a hard life they are so fucked up. when we went to pick them up from the hospital one night jonathan was joking around saying that if it was a girl they should name it Whisper, so when people ask her name you have to whisper her name. well he made it seem like a joke but i knew he was serious, thats what they named her, Whisper. all their other kids have normal names and then they called the new one Whisper, thats like a hippie name and they are not hippies at all haha. i cant wait to see her thought, thats if i ever do, they never even called on easter to say if they were coming or not. they suck but i miss aaron :(

maura did my hair last night and it looks sooooooooo cool. she bleached it and put pink and purple in it, i love it and it was so nice getting to hang out with her too, i miss her so much :(

i really need to work on my essay but im too distracted right now, ill probably start working on a different assignment. but paul is going to give me such shit cause i always tease him for fooling around on the computer when he is supposed to be doing homework, and now im doing the same thing haha.

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This is the end.............   
02:57pm 13/03/2009
mood: good
yeah so i haven't been up to much this week. i had midterms in school and now I'm on vacation.

My aunt fell the other day while walking her dog and she hurt her leg pretty bad. It was at like 6 in the morning and she couldn't stand up so she tried to crawl over the school door to get help. but she couldn't do it, the janitor found her 20 minutes later and called an ambulance. she had surgery that night and it went well but she is going to be laid up for 6 weeks, so that sucks but at least she is okay.

My mum's birthday is on monday but we are celebrating it tomorrow. She told me that she didn't want us to buy her a cake, and that she would rather have me make one and decorate for her. But the other day we went and ordered her a cake. So i don't really know what to do, i told her i would make her one but we really have no need for 2 cakes.

Last Sunday my aunt and my cousin and his little baby came over for dinner. I was so excited to see the baby but she was cranky cause she just started teething. So she cried for a while then fell asleep and then when she woke up she was fine and we got to play with her. I think my aunt has to babysit tomorrow so hopefully she can bring her over for my mum's birthday party tomorrow night.

Im really bored and no one is here. im waiting for paul to get out of work, then we have to go to the fudge shop to work. After that we have to go finish getting my mum's presents.

I found a cool picture of Jim Morrison i found months ago that i wanted to stencil and use to make a shirt with. Well i finally got around to it yesterday. To make the stencil I inverted the colors on the picture then i printed it out in sticky paper. Then i took a razor blade and cut out all the shaded parts. Then i peeled of the sticky back of the paper and i placed it on the shirt and just used a paint brush with some fabric paint. Paul saw the stencil and wanted one too. So we went to old navy and i got a black shirt and he got a black and red one, and they were only $5 a piece compared to being $8.50 regularly. But yeah then we went to Jo-Anne fabric to got fabric paint. I took pictures of them so you can see

baby jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

picture i found

my shirt

paul's shirt

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01:44pm 05/03/2009
mood: blah
since im not doing homework ill make another post. me and Paul went to Vermont a few weeks ago for Valentines day. It was so nice we got there Saturday afternoon and we checked into the hotel and hung out there for a few. Then we went to grab dinner and of course with my luck when we are walking down the stairs to the car and i rolled my ankle and could barely walk for the rest of the night. All we could do was pick up dinner and bring it back to the hotel so i could rest my ankle it was so swollen. The next day my ankle felt a lot better. We went to friendly's for lunch and then we went to a place called Pizza Putt and it wicked cool. It has an arcade there, mini golf, batting cages and lots of other stuff. We stayed there for a few hours and i kicked paul's ass in our 10 games of air hockey and like 20 games of skee-ball haha. After that we went back to the hotel and ate and hung out. On Monday we got up and ate at the diner across the street from the hotel that we like and it was so good. Then we went to Burlington and walked around the shops down there. Then after that we decided we wanted to go back to Pizza Putt cause it was so much fun. So we went there and then after that we headed back to Massachusetts. The drive back was really pretty cause we got to see the sunset with the gorgeous mountain view.

i havent done anything exciting since then. I have no concerts coming up cause we are broke. we were going to get The Dead tickets but we didn't have enough at the time to get them and now they are really expensive. We are planning on getting Brett Michaels tickets for his show up at Hampton Beach in May. But we have to make a return at Toy R' Us for a guitar hero that someone gave us but we already have, then we can buy those tickets.

School is going ok i just want it to be over and i want the summer to come, but i don't cause i know we are moving in august but of course we have absolutely no idea where and who is going to be going where.

today me and Paul are going to Guitar Center cause yesterday he bought a microphone but it wasn't exactly what he wanted so we have to go back and get it figured out. he has been talking to people from craigslist about starting a band, so we are trying to get all his gear figured out so he can actually play with them.

my guitar lessons are going well i have been bringing in my ipod so Bob can teach me songs easier. I learned Used To Love her a few weeks ago, i learned Love Me Two Times last week, and this week i started on Dead Flowers.

i cant really think of anything so say right now. im just still furious about my work thing and im waiting for Paul to get home from his other job so we can bitch together haha

here are some pics from Vermont and the house.


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