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General Sephiroth

Just because I'm small doesn't mean I won't kick your ass

...this was not part of the deal, Ancient!

I'm going to kill her.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005


Low Level: Sin Harvest (see memoryofsilver)

Mid Level: The Golden Age of the General - for four rounds of play, General Sephiroth regains the power and age of his adult form, growing up and filling out until he is an exact duplicate of his counterpart (except for pale skin and the red eye). In this form, he is level 95 for the duration and has all the stength, stamina, and dexterity that comes with it; however, his magic usage still remains at his base level. Also, Masamune appears in his hands and remains with him even after the limit break has faded away. He is not healed by this ability.