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18 January 2006 @ 12:43 pm
okie dokie, I just made my journal friends only, so those of you who aren't my friends, you canot read it! unless you give me a cookie. or just leave a comment telling me how much you love me.
16 January 2006 @ 03:56 pm
Name five of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. Escaping life in a book.
2. Driving my car in the country on a nice, sunny day
3. Cuddling and sleeping in with Michael
4. Playing with my puppies and fuzzy slinky's
5. That first pull on the first j of the day.
6. (I KNOW<>>ONLY 5...but I had to. )not so simple....but being at the cottage and going to teh beach and the sanctuary. Its bliss.

And now I tag my shitface, kerry (if you ever read this)umm... I dunno. I have no frineds!
Beth, Smells, annnnd jamie.

(I finally did it!)
16 January 2006 @ 09:50 am
It's weird, for the past two nights I dreamt of my cousin Brent. He's the one that was hit by a truck last x-mas. I wonder how he's doing. I know he hasn't left the hospital yet, though.
On the first night we went to a concert with his brother, and for some reason the thing to do was trade shirts. I dunno why, but it was fun, until some fights broke out.
Then last night I flew to some crazy island, and right when I got to my hotel I saw Brent sitting by the pool with a huge snake coiled up around him. Not in a bad way...it was his pet. I tried to pet it, but it tried to bite me. We talked for a bit, but I told him I should probably put all my stuff in my room first and get all settled. When I walked into my room, all my girls were there partying. It was such a nice dream. We all partied and hung out together on the weird island.
I wonder why I'm dreaming of Brent so often though. Well just two nights in a row, but to my knowledge, those are the first two times he's ever been in my dream. I hope things are going good for him.
I want to go to montreal soon to see him, so I asked my parents when they are going next, since I can't drive there in my car, and they said march break. SUUUUCKS.
I'd go, but I told my aunt I'd watch her house and pets while my whole familys in Barbados.
I think I'll just take a train to montreal sometime in the summer. I get a discount at VIA.
I havn't seen him since it happened, but I want to. A lot of my family won't go, just cos it's so hard to look at him without crying. They say half of his face is caved in and that he's lost a lot of weight and muscle..they don't think that he hears anything or feels anything, but I know he does. He just has no way of telling us. I feel guilty, because I always think that if everyone came by to see him when it first happened, he would have known we loved him and were all hoping for him, and he would have pushed harder to get himself out of wherever he is...but I think he saw the life he was leading before, and how bad he had treated family before...and he just sort of gave up.
He wasn't the best kid growing up...always into trouble. He was a bad kid but had a good heart. Huge heart ( I remember this one time when I was a kid, I was crying about something, so he robbed the convenience store and gave me TONS of candy to make me happy). He was sent to jail a couple times, I dunno what for.. but I remember when he got out once, he came to visit his dad in burlington, and stole tons of money that one of my other uncles had sent him to give to all my cousins for xmas. My family was so mad. He would come into the apartment all fucked up on whatever drugs he was on, and one night trashed the whole place. They called the cops, but by then he was gone. I think he went back to montreal. Then to prison again. Anyways, he was really good when he got out this last time. He went into re-hab, was looking for a job, found a girlfriend,and just like that, everything went down the drain. For a bag of milk and some cigarettes. Fucked up how that shit happens.
13 January 2006 @ 09:27 am
This morning I was off to such a bad start..
I coughed so much and so hard that my tummy started convulsing and the next thing I knew, me and the toilet were in a lovely embrace.
I thought of not comming in to work, since Michael has the day off and we could just cuddle all day long, but I need the money.
So here I am. Working. Sort of. Not really.
I've become such a slacker these days. I think just knowing I'll be gone in about 3 weeks makes me not care. I've been working on this stupid project for about a week now, and I could probably do it in a day if I really focused. Ah well....I'll finish it today. I just need some change...shake things up a little!

I think this leprosy problem I keep getting with my lips is an allergic reaction to something I'm eating...but I have no clue what it is. Some people say too much pasta....all acidy like...but eff that. You can never have enough pasta! I'll eat pizza today though anyways...just in case.
I should've been born Italian, man.

What the hell is with Lays changing the flavour of their chips without even consulting me? Especially when they were already the best tasting chips in the world...and now they suck. Serisouly.
I will never eat a good ketchup chip again. Ever. All because those bastards thought theire flavour needed to be more "ketchupy". Effff that shit. I bought a new bag and threw it out after the first 5 chips. Then I went out and bought all the old, mostly expired, bags of the original stuff that was still on the shelf. I'm all out now. There is no hope for humanity. This world is just crumbeling away around me!

ONNNNN ANOTHER WAYYY HAPPY NOTE: The Bergerons are trying to breed the servals this spring!! One is kinda old...so they want him to have a baby before he passes on, since he's just so awesome. If it happens, I'll be so happy. This = me having to take care of the new little one(s). I can't wait! I'll have to play with them, bring them for walks and feed them to make sure their used to people from a really young age. SO EXCITING! I'm all discombobulated just thinking about it.

Shitface- I need to have a serious talk with you. Actually, I'll just send you an e-mail. I have no clue what your number is at school and my stupid, piece of shit cell is broken. And I'm never home. The only thing is that sometimes I don't get reply's at work for some reason. So send it to my hotmail one.
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12 January 2006 @ 09:50 am
I am going crazy.
There are just not enough hours in the day.
Not with work, thats for sure.
I spend about 3 hours in the car each day driving to and from work, on average. I'm so happy I won't have to make the trip every day come February. I'll most likely walk to school all the time, since cold weather doesn't exist here anymore. It'll be SUPER nice once spring comes along. I need to get in shape anyways..everyone thinks that just because I'm pretty tiny, I have to be in good shape, but I get tired after walking up like two flights of stairs.
But this time thing...driving me nuts!
Even though I'll shave off about 3 hours from not driving to work, I'll have homework. And I'll most likely get another job to make some moula.
So much time away from my boy toy!
It's so pathetic...but I hate being away from him.
He didn't want to sleep over the other night, so I pouted and tried to cry until he agreed to. I'm so evil.
But I hate sleeping alone lately. I takes me soooo much longer to fall asleep. With Mike there, he just puts his arms around me and in about two seconds I'm gone.
We should get our own place pretty soon....I think once the TV is paid off.
We've been waiting for Collin and Melody, since our plan was always to move in together, but Mels mom just gave them the whole second floor, so no need to move out.
The thing is that I want a house. Not an apartment, basement apartment, or townhouse. I want a house with a big yard in the middle of nowhere. Like Dunville.
I always pick up the re-sale home magazines, and this Dunville sounds nice. I have no idea where it is, which means it must be out in the middle of nowhere. And property is cheap down there. I think.
Im not an expert, but 99 acres (65 of which are workable! (yes...I want to be a farmer!)), 13 rooms, 5 bedrooms, a couple of outbuildings (sheds and barns), and right on the waterfront for $345,000 sounds fuckin awesome to me. Of course I wont get such a big house on such nice property so soon...but it's something to dream about.
I don't think Mike would like it though...I think he would want to keep his job at Groove, and it would be too far to drive/train it from Dunville, wherever that may be.
Groove is looking up these days, so I know he wants to stay as long as possible. They just signed on with a new investor whose apparently really rich. They're moving the office to somewhere bigger, and the tester team will grow to about 25 (theres ony anout 10 now at a time) at a time, all working 9-5.
More hours = more money for him.
I know he's got his big money dreams...and so do I. (We're both convinced we're going to be filthy rich once we're older, and have a huge house full of fun toys). But I'm happy with leading a quiet not-so-rich life out in the country somewhere. With tons of crazy animals.
First on my list is a serval. We'll be best friends, and it will sleep and cuddle in my bed with me.
Tne only thing I have to figure out is how to make money in the middle of nowhere.
The internet is always pretty helpful. And so is 65 acres of workable land.
I'm working from home for sure.
But I just don't know what to do and where to start. Maybe graphic design....I loved that in school..or buying things from garage sales, fixing them up and selling them on e-bay. And my animal sanctuary/zoo/boarding facility/training...but everyone tells me theres no money in that. And I know its true....but I can do things on the side!

I have some sort of bite on my belly...its really itchy, and I keep picking at it, so now it's bigger and scabby-scar-like, but theres still yellow-green juice comming out of it. I think I shall just poke a straw into it and drink the juice!!
11 January 2006 @ 02:20 pm
My plans have been screewwwed for high school. Not totally...but they want me to take another class instead of guitar, since its a grade 10 course and I'll be a lot older than everyone else.
Since when is there age restrictions!?
I had tons of friends that took guitar at loyola...and since you want to learn from the beginning, people always start off in the grade 10 class. Even if they are in higher grades!
Ive already chosen all of my courses...but when they called today the chick was pretty much telling me to try ALC instead.
I know I'm old...but come on! Its unfair!
whoa...someones making weird cat-having-sex noises....
anyways, im not 21 yet, so i should be able to take whatever course i want.

In other news...I noticed that no one replied to my help save bergerons entry.
I know you're all poor...but go steal some money and send it to them, damnit!!
its only 25$ and your name gets put up on this giant plaque for ETERNITY!!!!
and you get a certificate.
you can even make it out to be in memory of someone, or put someone elses name on it as a gift...i dunno. just do it.
and you get to have this warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you got to save my tigers. and all the rest of the animals.
If you dont have enough, you can combine money forces with someone, and just have a lovely combined name on the plaque. EG: Kerry Mounfield & Jen Fiset = Jerry Fisfield or Ken Mounet
The first is obviously awesomer.

11 January 2006 @ 11:06 am
<td align="center"> QuizGalaxy.com!

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Man...so crazy. How do they know I like animals?

Weekend was soo wonderful. I went to Tristans for poker night, and Megan asked me if I wanted to go with her to the bar to meet some friends. And although I was sort of bored, I told Megan to go to the bar without me, cause I didnt know who was going and I didnt want it to be awkward. But I went anyways, after a few drinks, and it was awesome. I saw Smelly, then on my way to dance with her I saw this hot blonde chick out of the corner of my eye, and it was miss Jamie! We made out, then Kathrynn showed up, then Pinchy, then Whitney, then it was this awesome night of dancing. Actually I saw more. I saw Norm (who was being a perverted creep!! )Sean (jamies ex), Nicole (some chick from tech class), and this cute little boy I always had a crush on in high school.
I drank, I danced, I got complimented on my shoes... (actually this was so cool. some guy ws looking at me and jay for a while, so i figured he knew her and wanted to say hi , cos Jamie knows ALL the boys, but it turns out he just loved my shoes and wanted to tell me that). Then when I was walking past a big bunch of people, someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me they like my style. That was awwesome too.
It was a feel good night.
We got a cab back to Tristans and I cuddled on the couch with my Whitney.
It was all I could talk about after I left. Mike is convinced I'm a closet lesbian, and that I secretly want to be with Whit. But it's no secret!

I slept in real late while mike painted the bathroom, then we got lunch at monsatery (SOOOO EFFING GOOD MAN!!!) and went to Tristans again to eat it and hang out. We see him and Megan soo often now. I think Mike and Tristan are in love.
They're even talking about moving in together. That would be cool...cept I don't know Megan too well. But we're getting there!

Im really sick. I took Monday and Tuesday off. I got to hang out with my dogs all day long. I felt soo bad for leaving them today. They love hanging out and cuddling in my bed with me.
I decided that when I'm older, I have to work at home, or somewhere that will let me take my pets to work with me.

Err....I have this pukey feeling in my tummy right now .
I'm going to go hug the toilet for a bit.
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06 January 2006 @ 04:19 pm
I was recently notified of some financial troubles facing Bergerons Exotic Animal Sanctuary, the place I volunteer at over the summer. They have been at war with city councillors for about 5 years now, trying to stay in business, but it is a very expensive battle. After pressure from some locals and councillors trying to shut them down, they were found guilty of zoning infractions.The Bergerons then found themselves being forced to meet the facility design requirements and operating conditions dictated by the Prince Edward County Council or else close the Sanctuary. One of the primary requirements for rezoning of the Bergeron property and the continued operation of the Sanctuary is the construction of a perimeter fence. The soil is shallow with solid limestone just below the surface, and it is expected that drilling the 300 post holes required will cost over $7000. With that in mind, the Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce came up with a plan whereby supporters could help out by sponsoring a post hole.
It will cost roughly $25 for each hole to to be dug, but each sponsor will have their own plaque put up on their post permanently.

Here is a link to the press release, as well as the Bergerons site, so you can check it out for yourselves.
If you can help out in any way, I would be eternally grateful!! And so would the animals!!
Let me know if you are interested in sponsoring a post, or even making a small donation
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05 January 2006 @ 03:43 pm
It is now that time....when I am incredibly bored at work, and counting down the seconds to go home. So what better way to spend the time than STORY TIME!

There once was a little Duck named Wazoo, who loved to poo.
Now this was no ordinary duck that loved to poo. He liked to make art out of his poo. So one day, while coloring with neon crayons with his pal Pogo the Penguin, he had a brilliant idea.
What better way to mix such beautiful, bright colors, than eating all the crayons and pooping them out to make one, big, bright, multi-colored pile of poopwork. Pogo thought this was so fantastic, that he decided to join in as well. They ate crayon after crayon of allllll their favorite neon colors and waited with anticipation for the big moment to come.
When it came...it was glorious. They pooped out the most beautiful rainbow a duck or penguin has ever seen!!
It brought out such emotion and inspiration that they both blew up right then and there. *POOF!* And just like that, they were gone.
But they were not gone for good.
In fact, they were sent to some magiccccal land full of awe and wonder. And MUSHROOMS!!
You see, what happened here, was that the great god of all things magical and mushroomy had been keeping an eye out for good ol' Wazoo. For he knew! He knew of the great things that this little duckling could do!
Of course, everyone knows that the most magical mushrooms come from poo. Think of how much more magical these mushrooms would be if they grew on NEON poo!!
SO the grreat god of everything magical and mushroomy sent Wazoo and his friend Pogo to work. He gave them all the neon crayons a duck and penguin could ever want (and believe me....that's a lot!), and told them to poo out as much bright, and colorful poo they could.
Just imagine their disbelief! ALLL the crayons they could ever imagine and more! FLAVORED CRAYONS! This great god of everything magical and mushroomy must have been working with that Wonka man, because these were the tastiest crayons EVER. So off they went into the magical forest of mushrooms, skipping and holding hands, to eat all the flavored crayons they couldn't even dream of.

Until one day.....(DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!)an evil little Lawn Gnome named Frank, along with his partner in crime, the Cerial Leprechaun, caught wind of this scheme. They were not happy, for the great god of everything magical and mushroomy promised them each a barrel of rum if they would bring all the poo in eternity (yeah, i bet you thought it just got flushed down the toilet, huh?) and bring it from the eternal holding tank to the magical forest of mushrooms. Boy were they pissed....if this duck and penguin team were supplying all the poo (magical, neon poo, too!)then they were out of business.
They had to come up with a plan to stop this blasphemy!!! And they would stop at NOTHING!! NOOOOOOOTTTTHHHIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!MWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!! MMMUUAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!


to be continued......
05 January 2006 @ 11:10 am
Today, I think I am going to take a giant poo on the whole world and everyone will be stuck in it. Then drown. Or choke on it at least.
Im not feeling very loved today at all.
Theres something missing too. Or maybe a couple things...but I just can't seem to put a finger on it.
I think I need to just go crazy for a little bit.
I'd have to break all ties though, and run off to some crazy land. Where I can be with other crazies.
Not a schizo kinda crazy....just the fun and rowdy kind of crazy.
Yeah, maybe thats what I miss.
I feel like an old lady these days.
Girls, where are you??????????????
Can we be stupid/crazy/rowdy/silly girls running amok through a forest sometime soon?
I miss all of our antics.
I miss all of us.
We need to have a halarious night full of causing rockuses.
With no men, cause men are the epitome of evil in my book these days.
Unless we're at a male strip club, kidnapping all the men to be our personal slaves.
I call the firefighter.

ps....love me, damnit!