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oops, my personality is showing.

momo the mob man

cowboy conan :)



December 16th, 2008

(no subject)

cowboy conan :)
last updated 70 weeks ago, lol.


August 12th, 2007

may 28th - august 12th.

cowboy conan :)
jesse and i officially started dating the 9th of june. i think we broke up midway through july. hm, let's calculate. three weeks after the fourth of july. that's when it happened, haven't talked to him since. he deleted his myspace, i changed my number, he hasn't- as far as my knowledge can take me- been to spring hill since two weeks after the fourth of july.

well, sorry to say, thought i was falling for the boy. i think i might like people a little too easily, in all respects of the phrase. i'm attracted to all strangers. i believe in the good of the people. i think there's something good in everyone, just as there is an equal and opposite evil.

but, i'm starting a rampage here, trying too hard to sound poetic.

it hurt a lot what happened with jesse, though we had just met in may.

i tried to get a new job recently. i had an interview with subway, she said she was going to call back the next day, but never did. it's been three days. i, my friends, did not get a job at subway, because i have tattoos.

work's been terrible. it's a hell hole. i'm going insane there. i can't function.

school starts the 20th.

May 27th, 2007

(no subject)

cowboy conan :)
happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

May 26th, 2007

(no subject)

cowboy conan :)
last night after work i went to danny's house to see jesse and i was there til 1:00 in the morning. oops. everyone was asleep at home, so they think i got home around 11:30. s'all good.

soo yes, new boy. i am happy.
he plays dungeons &dragons. oh my.
he's mighty cute &awkward. and i like it.
good hugger, too. <3

two more half days of school left. the only exam i have to worry about is pre calculus, which i'm not really worrying about. hehe i'm horrible. let's see, if i try i'll get about a 50. so i find that there's no point, and no possibility of failing the semester.

i have to work four to ten today. which is really lame.

new job at eb games over the summer. chyea!

i put a DIV layout on my myspace.lol.

just thought you might want to know.

May 17th, 2007

(no subject)

cowboy conan :)
i got my car back yesterday. ro and i are no longer on talking terms. and today, rather than a parking ticket like everyone else around me.. i got a condom on my windshield.

May 10th, 2007

the minivan: a poem.

cowboy conan :)
i got my liscense and a new car.

it's a 2006 stealth grey pontiac grand prix.

and it's beyond gorgeous. and a beast.

now, after getting used to a new car-

and falling in love.

i have to drive the minivan for two weeks.

which sucks.


April 23rd, 2007

(no subject)

cowboy conan :)
i find myself refreshing my myspace home page at a mile a minute, and it's quite unhealthy. so, i'm here to rant.

today was beyond shit-filled. i failed my OPI, and i'm not willing to go into details. it was bullshit basically, and i didn't deserve it. neither did the other people he failed today, just for the fact that he was in a bad mood. fucking bisexual fatass dickhead.

i cannot wait for school to end. this has been the worst year by far, grade-wise. and the most stressful, too. i'm living for may, but that's pretty bad because everything's passing me by in the most important home stretch to the end of the year. i need to have about sex pieces done by friday. tomorrow, i'm going to the fair to see my painting. wednesday through friday i work. saturday is gradnight.

ugh, ridi--

there was just a car sitting in the middle of the road outside of my house with its brights on. scared the shit out of me.

i'm gonna end there.

April 7th, 2007

(no subject)

cowboy conan :)
yo. idk why, but i felt like putting up a picture. haha.

less than three weeks til i can get my liscense. it's about fucking time. i was texting my dad the other day asking for money for a car, he called after a couple texts. he said he was going to send money after he gets his tax returns. apparently he and his girlfriend broke up, got into a nasty fight, and he sent her back up to virginia in his truck. then he went up there and got arrested for DWI. woo, whatta great daddy.

i find out tuesday if i can run for president, campaigning starts friday. chyeaaa boyy. i'm the only one running, though. haha.

i've decided i'm going to trade in my phone to buy a blackberry. OMG. they seem so amazing. i want one. so. bad.

mark's trying to get with some girl in tampa, so that ended quick. tim confessed his love to me the night we saw jim gaffigan. it's ridiculous. mike finally gave up on me. he kept trying to come over and sneak over at night. ugh. so many boys but they're all fuckin crazy.

that's it, just sayin hi.

mallory mae.

March 25th, 2007

(no subject)

cowboy conan :)
ah hah. i feel like updating on my life.

ken &i broke up awhile back. on our one month, actually. all it came down to was he was really immature, a virgin, and not putting out. and he was a crappy kisser. SO. i had to do what i had to do.

that was right before spring break, which started last thursday. prom was last friday, it was okay. we went to clearwater for the weekend, it was amazing. i got some guy's number, he threw me beads from his car.
amanda: "how OLD are you?!"
mike(his name): "don't worry, i'm over 18!"

ahhhh hahahah. it was hilarious. i still have his number saved in my phone.

this guy mike (another mike) and i went to the movies i don't know, say tuesday night. he held my hand and put his arm around me and shit, but i was really not digging it at all. the next day at work, he brings me a fucking rose. this guy is like 23. so i'm pretty much ignoring him now.

i started finishing at work. meaning i bake the bagels &muffins, and i make the donuts. but now that schools starting back up again tomorrow, i'm back to my old job.

my friend mark and i have gotten hot &heavy the past couple nights. we started talking again while ken &i were dating. he snuck over the other night and we slept. then, he came over the next day.. and we didn't sleep. we woulda fucked in the grass if we coulda gotten away with it.

i'm really not looking forward going to school tomorrow.
ugh and i work. gayyyyyyy.

February 27th, 2007

(no subject)

cowboy conan :)
oh my. i'm stuck in the worst way.

i've been in the same god damn rut for the past seven months of my life, and it's horrible. work &school. work &school. work &school. you have no idea how miserable i am as i sit here dependent. two months and five days before my liscense, aren't i pathetic?

i started dating a boy named kenny around valentine's day. i like him terribly, but he's younger than i am. i've never dated anyone less than a year older than i. a bundle of issues come along with this. he's a virgin, i can tell.. and it's been about a month since i've gotten anything. his parents never let him go out, the only time i have is after work. (aka: midnight.) his parents also don't let him use the phone past fucking ten, and he doesn't have a job to pay for his pre-paid phone. of course he doesn't have a liscense, he legally couldn't have one yet anyway. so, that means no sneaking over, and no fooling around.

david's been begging to come over ever since ken and i have started seeing eachother. last night he even said "no one has to know, i won't tell ANYONE," and, "come on, all we'll do is lay together.."

it was FCAT for the underclassmen today, so i decided just to skip it alltogether than go in a noon. besides, this way i don't have to go to art or pre calc. whattagood day.

but know what sucks? i probably won't be able to see ken because his parents don't let me over his house. OIEAGHPOAIE.

fuckin' life, right?
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