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Velocity Girl.

Madame Self Destruction
11 September 1905
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♥♥♥♥Watching The World Through Listless Eyes♥♥♥♥
I Wish I Was Special
a static lullaby, adam and the ants, addictions, ai otsuka, akira, alkaline trio, almost kisses, anime, armor for sleep, arms round my waist, ayumi hamasaki, baking cakes, bakura, beanie hats, being hated, being in love, being loved, being random, being told i'm special, binge drinking, black glitter, black nail varnish, blood, boys kissing, caramel macchiatos, carguments, chain smoking, clowns, coffee, computers, corsets, cradle of filth, crying, cucumber, cutting my hair, dick dancing, disney themetunes, drawing manga, dreadlocks, dreaming about darth vader, drinking bleach, dyeing my hair, emo moments, evanescence, eyeliner, feeling pretty, ferrets, from first to last, fruits basket, funeral for a friend, funfairs, getting fucked up, glue, goldfish, graphite stick fights, guns, hair falls, half smiles, happy days, holding hands, hugging, imaginary friends, intelligence, japanese culture, jpop, kate bush, kissing my friends randomly, kittays, knives, lacy underwear, laughing, lipgloss, manga, moshpits, muse, my chemical romance, nail varnish remover, napalm death, nightwish, nile, not feeling pathetical, not having naked nails, permenant markers, piercings, playing guitar, poetry, popcorn, prettiful glittery things, pulling people, rainy days, random moments, razors, reading, ribbons, sharing chewing gum, shiny things, singing, sleeping, slipknot, sohma ayame, songwriting, starbucks, stones, straylight run, stupidity, taking back sunday, tasteful tattoos (alliteration baybee), the smiths, the spill canvas, the used, torturing barbie, transvestites, tree hugging, verdana (lmao), watching movies, wearing dresses, writing, yellowcard, your mother, yuugiou