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The Lady

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I hate these things; I never know what to say about myself. So...here goes. I'm quiet, I've got a few self-image issues, but if I'm around people I'm comfortable with I tend to be really goofy. I love to laugh, but don't really posses anything even resembling 'wit.' I like to read and write, but spend most of my time watching TV and being online. I love to talk to people online, mostly because I don't have as many issues with being shy when I'm not face-to-face. There's something about annonymity that makes people bare their souls. Or something like that. I also like a lot of kids stuff; cartoons, old books, comics, ect. Most of my light reading comes from the Young Adult section. The rest comes from Sociology or Current Events. Go figure. Hm...Oh, and I like to make icons. Not much more I can say about myself.

My other journals:
_lady_and_cows_ - My writting/icon journal. Not been much activity lately.

My communities:
comicicons100 - Icon Challenge community for comics.
100_book_icons - Icon Challenge community for books. (Don't let the title confuse you; it's a 50 icon challenge.)

My RPG journals:
Aximili (intrepidcaptain) - for morphlogs (inactive)
Melissa (lissagirl88) and Cassie (mother_of_earth) - for animorphs_rpg (inactive)
Jake Berenson (dontcalmeprince), Briar Moss (greensthorn), and Kitty Pryde (prydeofhonor) - for kh_phantas (I'm on hiatus)

My site:

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