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ever have one of those days where you just feel dumb? Like you made a really wrong choice but there is no way to make it right? I think I finally know what "regret" feels like.
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You are the moonlight I am the stars
Together we light up the night
You are the passion I am the flame
We are both one and the same
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I know my last post was a bit depressing. I was really scared at that moment...but luckily my gramms is doing good. Gaining strength and laughin' lots! I just love to hear her laugh, I dont think I noticed just how cute it was before. Funny how things like that happen.

I have been working like crazy. STILL. no end insight, infact the next 3 weeks will be the busiest ever. I mean, all this overtime means a good paycheck but some freetime is much needed.

Does anyone on my friends-list (as little as it is) watch Survivor? or watch this season of Average Joe? Im in the need of some reality-tv talk!!

Ohhh, my computer freaked out on me. I have someone fixing it and upgrading it. The thing that sucks is I made a few sets of icons. (does anyone remember the times when I made icons? lol I dont.) anyhow, I have some Buffy/Spike, Summer-ish, and of course my love Christina and Justin. As soon as I get my computer back, I'll post 'em. :)

Much love to everyone!
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I know I have neglected this journal lately. I have had alot of things going lately and have not been able to sit down and write. I feel bad that with my first post I have to ask a favor but...

I just got the news a couple hours ago that my grandmother was admitted to I.C.U. Im really scared, because she is loosing a lot of blood and no one really knows why. They are working on figuring out why...but...for now, they are just trying to make her comfortable and get her stable.

I'm really scared. I lost my mom last year and I just cant lose her too. I know that sounds selfish, and wee bit childish but I love her to death and just cant help but think of the worst.

I just want to ask y'all to say a quick prayer for her tonight, and if you aren't religious please just keep her in your thoughts. I truly believe good wishes can make miracles.

Thank you so much..
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Right now I feel a lot of things. I'm angry, hurt and relieved all at the same time. But now Im confused at what to do next. Walk away or stay.
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I wanted to write a real update tonight...but...after my day at work its just not going to happen. I am soooo tired, plus I have a headache and my tooth hurts. I guess my wisdom teeth are coming in and the pain is crazy. Anyone else go through this? Have any suggestions? I hope I can get into the dentist on friday...my only day off.

Im so excited that all the new people added me. Seriously I used to read your updates all the time on addictivedesign and was missing it. Maybe Ill even make some icons this weekend if I'm going to be at home on a friday night with a toothache.

Since I cant keep myself from whining Im going to go.

ps. i miss you, and cant wait till you get your battery charged and can answer my text messages.
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Just got a paid account/extra icons. Thinking this journal needs a new layout and lots of new icons! I think that I will get on that this weekend. :)
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I did it. I told the person I have been having problems with today, that its over. Well not over exactly. I told them, I would still be friends with them..but they had to stop, me being treated like shit is OVER. Im so relieved right now. I should have done it ages ago. And you know, they didnt even take it that bad. I am starting to wonder if they even realized they were acting that way. Anyhow we are going to go to dinner tomorrow night...talk, and try and see where to go from here.

*takes deep breath*

Im a happy camper tonight! So happy Im going to add this list of friends now. lol
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Ewww. I don't feel good today. My stomach hurts really bad, plus I'm REALLY missing berriest_eri Didnt get to say goodbye to her last night. BUT Im thinking I may I have a BIG surprise for her tomorrow if it all works out.
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There are just those songs that can always make you SMILE. Thank god for them.
When ever I see your smiling faceCollapse )
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