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"because they prevent you from running, pumps force you to slow down
and smell the roses... and increase the chances of a romantic rendezvous" -- Christian Louboutin

"here's to partying like rockstars, spending like moviestars & fucking like pornstars"



MAKE ME ONE LIKE THAT!!!! Where did you find that? I want one too!
I made it, find me a pic and I can make you one too!!!
I can't figure out how to make it all see-through! Or at least black! I am hopeless. :(

Anyways, what sort of program did you use to make that? It's really neat, I love the stars.
I used Microsoft Picture It! I'll see if I can make it black....

Click on the picture to join __so_sexy!!
you commented on my friends journal and said you love gossip girl books, maybe youd be interested in our community. gossipgirls00. i would have made a nice banner for you but im in a rush!!

<3 niky
Ok, I'll check it out...
yeah u commented on my journal and you should join our community cause its about gossipgirls00


Sorry for the spam<333
wanna be friends? :)
Sure, I'm adding you.


Looking for hot icons? Come join vivid___!


thehouseofstyle JOIN TODAY!!
Hey add me :D
Added! :D
Just wanted to say thanks for joining _nicoledaily!! Hope you enjoy it!

<333 Amber Nicole
hey, you commented in my journal - i know you're from the aritzia comm., and i was wondering if i can add you?/vice-versa? thanks!
Sure, added!!! :D:D:D


Aight, your added...
powder makeup?? how can you hate it? lol
Haha, I better change it to 'caked on foundation & powder make-up'
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
COME JOIN __sizzling__!

We're a new rating community looking for sizzling members!

Sorry for the promo, but please think about it! ♥

hay i randomley came upon ur lj and u seem cool...add me!? <33
I added you. :D
happy birthday fellow may 20th birthday person!
Thank You! :D
Happy Birthday to you too...
You should check out our new community _tila_nguyen_!!
Aight, I'm in.
Time to get this party started!!!

just to let you know that the conan icon there was made by me.

i'd be cool if you could put my username in the keywords or something! don't worry, i'm not mad or anything :P i just thought i'd give you a heads up!

Done & done.
I love the $'s and tips comment format! sexyyyyyyyyyy
Yes! Do it... do it...
we used to be friends, readd?
Of course! :D


All Wrong Wrong Wrong

Never said I was molested at 14. I was never abused sexually by my parents. MC claims to know all? He doesn't. He is thick as a brick.

Finances? None of your business. I have never been happier in my life right now.

Most people would have been mortified if they knew their medical records were exposed. I laugh, because it's so dumb. Same with the stalking etc. and everything else. NOBODY CARES!!! I don't plan to make any $$$ out of anyone, never wanted anything. You want to know, how, what, where? Expose yourself like an adult.


May 2010

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