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[September 5th ♥ 2004
@ 12:02am]

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new journal. add me!! =D
ps- i know, im a journal whore. lmao.

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[August 19th ♥ 2004
@ 9:20pm]

Give me one thousand comments in this very single entry. Yes, you heard me ONE THOUSAND. This thing can last for a day, a week, or even a year. I will resist the temptation to make even ONE comment because that's no fun. Comment away, please. With any luck, we can get 50, maybe 100 in each day!!!!

This is the last entry im writing until i leave for Myrtle Beach, so please do me a favor and comment away, i would love to come home to 9239487012830 comments, hehe you can post anything you want, pictures, lyrics, abc's, anything. I love you all and I will miss you all very much!! =D be back august 28th or 29th. much love!! hehehehehe! dont forget, LEAVE COMMENTS!


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[August 15th ♥ 2004
@ 4:30pm]
What Makes You Sexy?
by dollface04
Physical AppearanceYour Lips
Special TalentsFlirting
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[August 14th ♥ 2004
@ 6:34pm]


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rock_n_rollbaby!!! [August 11th ♥ 2004
@ 1:13am]


promotion, if you love me.. you will joinCollapse )

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Friends Only. <33 [July 20th ♥ 2004
@ 3:44pm]

Friends Only!
Go ahead and add me.

zannie. <33

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