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blargh! [05 Jul 2007|12:39am]
[ mood | awake ]

so yes, here is a picture from a set I did for GrimsGirls. Go to GrimsGirls.com and check it out. And then there's a picture of Michael and I. We got paid to do that, haha. People pay for the silliest things.

I'm not sure who I am addressing this to because no one uses these things anymore or something.
Did you guys know that you need a CODE for DEADJOURN. Stupid

So yeah, whatever. I love my job and I made a lampshade and two pillows today. the lampshade is a scantily clad lady with the definition of pornography on it.
And the pillows are one with a fallen apple that says "Oh no!" above it, and one is a Harry Potter pillow. It's got goblets raised in cheer and it says "To the boy who lived!"

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yo [15 Jun 2007|12:43am]
[ mood | amused ]

So yeah. I'm just workin' at the library and hanging around, doin' really nothing. I want to do more SUMMER! things. I feel like "I don't have time" which is such crap. You always have time to be extremely childlike. You do.
I'm going to make a mental note to do certain things before school is back in, before I school and work and shoot and try to mantain some sort of social life so I don't become even more socially awkward. Yup. Oh, and here are two photos of me and mike being dorks.

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grrrr [09 Oct 2006|06:47pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I want to start school NOW!
I have never wanted to be in school as badly as I do right now. It makes me upset.

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Ummm [07 Oct 2006|01:01pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So, for some odd reason, I decided to answer my house phone this morning. I got a call from Terry's Flower Shop. Someone is sending me flowers, and they can't find me to give them to me...Who is sending ME flowers? I'm so confused.

So, now I'm waiting because I need to know, of course. It's so odd. Am I the only one who thinks this is odd?

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FUCCCKKK! [04 Oct 2006|12:32pm]
So, from reading my favorite person's (Emma) livejournal about two tone hair, I really want to dye chunky black highlights into the red...I have not dyed my hair since June 18...I let it fade from plum red and now it's just growing in this weird auburn color that I kind of like. It's cool to know what color my hair really is now.
Ok, do you guys think I should? Keep in mind that since my hair has grown even more, it is pretty fucking wavy. Like, way wavier than any of my pictures. Here, here is a picture of my "Now" hair...

yeah, so what if my hair has the texture of a J.A.P.?

So I'm pretty sure it'll look stupid in such "textured" hair...I guess I must accept the nature of my hair and go with it. FUCKERS!!!!

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Hi. [08 Aug 2006|11:39am]
I am with mon petit chou, and we are listening to Annie.
I am accompanying Sam at a show tonight. Go to it!!!
Sam Rosen
TT The Bear's
Brookline / Central Square in Cambridge
9 PM
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[08 Aug 2006|12:53am]
J'ai recontré ce quelqu'un que mon coeur connaissait déjà.

I found a piece of paper that said that. Come to find out, it means "I met someone my heart already knew" (or something to that effect).
How lofy and beautiful of the french.
Work is lame.
Im playing skins for Sam now. TT The Bears, tomorrow night. 9 o'clock. Central Sq. Cambridge.
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Uh-huh. [02 Aug 2006|12:37pm]
So yeah.
Today I am going antiquing in New Hampshire. It is going to be lonely and sticky, most likely hot as well. But, it's going to be fun because I haven't gone antiquing in a while. I guess antiquing makes me a loser, huh? FUCK. Oh well.
I am way to confused to be alive.
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argh, matey. [13 Jul 2006|01:49pm]
So I just finished doing all the decorations for Kata's bridal shower and they look AWESOME, if I do say so myself.

I plan on going to eat shortly, then lie around and read for a while, maybe head over to Newburyport and check out this awesome dress my mother was talking about at an antique store near Richdale's that I've never heard of.

Sent in my application to AASU, not that I'm worried about getting in. What a conceited thing to say, but oh well.

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[30 Jun 2006|03:29am]
[ mood | bemused ]

So I've been painting alot. But only after 2 in the morning.

Yeah, that's all.

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Today. [18 Jun 2006|08:45pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So today I woke up. I lounged. I dyed my hair!

Then I gave myself a manicure, painted my toenails sparkly red, and got so lost in the backwoods of New Hampshire. I ended up about a half hour from Wolfeboro, which is like an hour away. I just listened to music and drove around. I think too much.

Then, I came home, showered, and Korbin came over for me to babysit. We took a little walk in his stroller and then came back, had some carrots, peas, and seashell macaroni, carrot cake. Then a bath, then a bedtime. He's sleeping right now. I've got Django Reinhardt playing for him to sleep to. He's the cutest kid ever. He knows my name and he pointed at my leg today and said "Boo-Boo" then kissed it better. Wish that worked for everything.
Too much PJ Harvey...

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Wow. Insane story!! [16 Jun 2006|11:24am]
[ mood | discontent ]

So here's the scoop...
I'm in Vermont, and I got here on Wednesday. That night, we decided to go to this cool, secretive senior camp-out thingy. I ended up getting tired and falling asleep on Travis' sleeping bag, until BAM! Sean shakes me and yells COP!...So I get up, and we start running. I took of my shoes beforehand, so I'm totally barefoot because I never wear socks. I'm also wearing shorts, and had already had an incident with a guardrail on the way to the location, which left me with this really big gash above my knee. Sean, being the chivalrous man he is, gave me his shoes and we start running into the woods, which is really a steep ass hill, like a ravine. Someone is puking, Sean's lighting the way with his cell phone. Then he dropped it, and we couldn't find it, so my cellphone became the flashlight. This began around 1:30. So we keep running, and I hit the first barbed wire fence. Owwww. I jump over it, we keep running, get to the bottom. Did I mention I was in a chain of people helping eachother down this totally flat decline? Yeah, Sean, Whitney, and I were all helping each other. We get to a flat spot and stop for maybe 15 minutes. Whitney continues down with Robin, and Sean and I rest. Then, I see sweeping lights from the top of the hill, and I tell Sean we have to go. We keep going, find Whitney and Robin again, find a tiny little spot and sit, waiting, for about an hour. By then we've gone about a mile, and we can hear a road. Hopefully, not the highway. We hear someone yelling "FUCK THE POLICE" but we can't figure out if it's like an NWA sort of Fuck The Police or a FUCK! THE POLICE! kind. So, after a long while and a very tense moment in which someone walked around us with a flashlight but didn't see us, we decide to head for the road. Uhhh...this is where it gets a little hard. We first hit some marsh land, and we have to run so we don't sink. I'm holding my cellphone behind me so that Whitney and Robin can see where they're going (Robin is also barefoot) and I hit another fucking barbed wire fence. Ouch. We climb that, and reach this field with briars and brambles and rough grass...fucking crazy. We start to head towards the road but we realize there is a huge fence. so we start walking around where there's a little break. By now everyone is just covered in mud and cuts and scrapes, but we find the clearing and head toward the road...which is the highway. We're walking towards it and we hit ANOTHER, very very deep, very muddy marsh with lots of tall marsh grasses. We're all RUNNING through it so we don't completely sink down, and then we find a fence. We all help each other over it, and then keep going through more briars until we hit the last fence before the highway. We jump that and end up about 3/4 of a mile from the exit where Sean's car is. Robin is in the back looking out for cars and Sean is in the front. Everytime a car drives by we have to throw ourselves down and hide, which is hard because at times the highway was level with what we were walking on. Sean ends up breaking class with his foot, which is only covered in very wet socks, which is awful. Then we reach an overpass, and Robin and I slip. I give her Sean's shoes because I've been spoiled with the shoes thing enough and she slid her feet down weird gravel-cement on the overpass. Then we climb down to the road beneath the highway and start running. We see two Vermont troopers and we once again have to dive into the side of the road. Finally, we run enough so that we're right by Sean's car. We get in, and TA-DA! We're saved. We learn later that one person was fined 300 dollars and 12-13 people were PC'ed.

That's high school. I will post pictures of my legs later, because you really won't believe the story until you see how fucked up I am...no dresses or skirts for me for quite some time...

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Oh, summer vacation.... [07 Jun 2006|10:11pm]
So here's a little synopsis of what has transpired these last 2 weeks.
-Show at the Radio Bean with Sean Hood and Sam Rosen.
-Show at the Lilypad with Pillow Fight! Hands and Knees, Sam Rosen, and a handful of comedians including Hamilton Morris (oh lala he's SUCH a name)
-Got my dimples pierced
-Got stoned and took Latino pictures...I want those bad, Sam Rosen.
-Dimples started to reject, so now I have little tiny scab-holes on the outside of my cheeks and big huge lumps on the inside.
-Created a resume and set up many an interview for jobs in Vermont
-Set up a time to look at the most awesome apartment in Morrisville (cross your fingers!)
That's about it.
I cut my bangs??
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Wooh wooh!! [31 May 2006|01:09pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So yeah...I guess that I'm doing modeling for Bennett and CO. next week....!!! I'm pretty excited about it.
I'm in Vermont right now, sitting around. I found THE PERFECT apartment in Morrisville (8 miles from my school!!) for THE PERFECT amount (550 including utilities) and it's totally cute. It's a studio, and it's painted this lovely little yellow color...it's also above a lady's barn. She has an organic garden and chickens just like my dad!! I'm waiting for her reply to my e-mail. Maybe Sean and I will check it out later today...cause it's pretty rad.

Otherwise, nothing new. How about you guys??

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SAD! [26 May 2006|11:56am]
[ mood | devastated ]

So, today was the last day that I ever had to step foot inside Amesbury High School. I am eternally grateful for that. Although, I must take my poor little ratty to the vet today to be euthanized. I feel awful. I am going to have him cremated, then make a box involving rats to hold his ashes. I think I'm going to sit with him while they euthanize him. I'm so upset. Fuck a good day gone bad.

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I do TOO MANY surveys [15 May 2006|10:35pm]
There are pictures and a survey.Collapse )
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Mary Bardot?? [03 May 2006|06:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So I got bored today. I danced for about a half hour, then I decided to make my hair big. I was thinking about how awesome big hair is after Ms. Emma W. mentioned the idea of Liana with a huge beehive. I thought, hey, why don't I give myself big hair, like Bridgette Bardot? So I did. Mary Bardot = SO FUCKING BORED.Collapse )

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Huh? [01 May 2006|12:35am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

There are baby chickens (chicks, if you will) in my bedroom. 12, to be exact. My father is raising them so they can give us sweet eggs to eat every morning.

I really abhor school, and I don't want to go tomorrow. I'm planning on watching Twilight Zone at 1 and then watching the 2 episodes of BIG LOVE and then maybe eating an artichoke and going to bed. Uhh, yeah, BIG LOVE is the greatest show on HBO right now. Bill Paxton is so awesome in it, it's awesome. And Jean Tripplehorn (sp?) is great, too. Chloe Sevigny could be better, but she effectively makes me hate her, so I guess she's doing a good job.

Today was so summer. Here are some awesome pictures of it. SUMMER!Collapse )

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[25 Apr 2006|06:49pm]
Just want to say...Abu Ghraib is really fucked up. I don't know how in depth any of you got...but seriously, I'm just going to say this. That shit makes me cry. Like a child. I have no faith in humanity.

p.s. So I woke up at 3 this morning with a sharp pain, like a needle, right above my sternum. it hurt, and i looked, and there was this purple dot. i fell back asleep. i woke up, and it was all swollen and it hurt. Later, I took a shower and uhh, had a reaction to water touching it...it was gross...and it smells like ammonia, and it's REALLY itchy. Oh, and my ears started ringing. So, something bit me and now I'm afraid to go into my bedroom. EEEPPP.

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Time for a shitload of pictures. [12 Apr 2006|12:19am]
[ mood | cold ]

This is how we've done it.Collapse )

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