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Random Rants

my life, believe it or not.

18 July 1988
Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession
Love me or hate me, that is the question
If you love me then, Thank you
If you hate me then, Fuck you

~Lady Sovereign

Ah she is my new music obsession which is weird because i dont like a lot of rap. But i find she definatly says that well, haha.

Basically, i love to have fun with my friends, my top favourite music right now are 30 seconds to mars, street drum corps, sol seppy, taking back sunday, the used, imogen heap, paramore, my chemical romance, john mayer and switchfoot. When i say favourite music right now, i actually mean, huge real fan, know all the words, their backround stories, and all that jazz.

My journal is friends only but if you just comment on my page then i'll consider adding you, because im so deck like that.

I love music, movies, tv, fashion, and photography and im always up for laughing, even at the most inappropriate times, but i always feel bad laughing at those times. But its still funny.
Honestly, a day without laughter.... is like a day without a life. I guess. I dont know i wish i had said something better!

Much love,