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04:37pm 05/06/2005

New Journal

add meh.

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07:42pm 31/05/2005

Ok.. so I just found out Dopamine are playing the Cavern Sun 26 Jun aswell as Three Fat Fish on the 8th of June.. Twice in one month?! random..

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02:59pm 08/05/2005
So far the glasses rivalry stands at;

Some pics of moi from give It a name;

Read more...Collapse ) Holleh I would like my hair kinda like this if poss


Urm yeh. Thats my longest post in 2 months. Too obsessed with Myspace..

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07:03pm 22/03/2005
Im going to New York in 6 hours.

See you all on the 5th of April. Yes, I will have a good time.
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12:52pm 28/01/2005
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12:13pm 28/01/2005

From Autumn to Ashes is Love

Friends Only, sweetie ♥
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01:57pm 18/12/2004
  I have one of those crazy yahoo things.. i dont really understand how to use it, but I have a cool hello kitty imviroment thing.

panasonicxyouth is teh add name thing.. blegh
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07:18pm 17/10/2004
  feel free to whore these
[Im looking at you, punkemon boys. And where the fuck is the 'new' issue?!]

The Crime Scene = luff <33
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08:33pm 02/09/2004

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11:19am 16/04/2004
  Anyone reading this here, post a secret//wish//dream//confession, or anything. I've left anonymous posting on, and you will not be judged.  
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*bye bye*   
09:39pm 23/01/2004

was it ever such a suprise?
Leave a message if you want to be added. You know the drill
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