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October 20, 05
new lj.


add me. this one is closed.

Photobucket [Wednesday
June 1, 05
This is a test post from Photobucket.com

March 27, 05

Sorry to do this to all you anonymous posters, but i kind of like knowing who my posts come from.

you can always add me as a friend if you're desperate for posting invites.



February 21, 05
i got saved exactly 1 year ago today.

happy one year!

February 20, 05
[ mood | excited ]



February 17, 05

new layout okay?

it will most likely change within the next few weeks/days.

maybe minutes. depending on my mood.

and when i changed my layout my friend's page stayed the same as it did before...

did i figure out some livejournal layout secret?

most likely not. i screwed something up in the livejournal thingie. i'm very distructive. i probably helped contribute to the "livejournal blackout".

i entered a contest to win a chance to meet ashlee simpson. =D. i like her. she's pretty.

(i do realize megan will be gagging at this point, so i'll change topics)

i rented fox and the hound/treasure planet/balto. oh yes. i'm in a disney mode right now.

and i'm also in a "missing-my-digital-camera" mode.

ohheyguesswhat- i'm gunna post my new year's resolution (one month and 16 days late.)

nyrCollapse )


ding fries are done [Monday
February 14, 05
oh yeah, this just in-

"Save a cow, eat a vegetarian"?

funny, tylor.

I have to run whenever i see you now.

February 14, 05
Hope everyone had a happy valentine's day-
or as Anna said-
it's Single's Awareness day.

i got a flower from the muy pretty heather
and a card from the very lovely kali.

there was a guy on Oprah today who weighed 763lbs!!!!!!
AND HE LOST 500!!!!!!
He's so little!
totally inspirational.

Stay classy, livejournal.

February 12, 05
i had a grand ol' time tonight, guys.

i was Marie "Mur" DerMisteree in Created For Caring's Murder Mystery.

A lot of people thought it was me.

I was snotty as Marie too. I noticed that as I was acting cause I was taking a very mean tone with guests. I was thinking "oh no! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be so rude!"

Then afterwards I was with Sammie, Jenny, and Mr. Reid, sucking the helium out of a balloon. it was all sorts of fun.

Everyone looked great. Ben plays dead really really well. and I think some of the guests had a little too much to drink.

All the girls looked stunning, -especially kelsie, robin, and jenny. they looked so great. and the guys looked awesome.

i had a great time everyone, thanks!!

soooooo stole this from robin. [Sunday
February 6, 05
1. What is your name?

Roxy, Roxanne, I was Grunty for a day...

2.Where are you from?

Bay City. (Eww)

3. What are your fav 25 bands?

what a PERFECT question, because I have 25 favorite bands:

1. Ashlee Simpson
2. Orgy
3. Beatle
4. Backstreet Boys s(hahahaa. Just kidding. But they are on the list)
5. Franz Ferdinand
5. Billy Idol (Drools)
6. Casting Crowns
7. Relient K
8. My Chemical Romance
9. Sugarcult
10. Blink
11. Weezer
12. Green Day
13. Micah Tawlks
14. Skillet
15. Chistina Aguilera (pre-"Stripped")
16. Michael Jackson (pre-little boys)
17. Nsync (When I was seven. hahaha- okay i listen to them a little every now and then...)
18. The Killers
19. Good Charlotte
20. 88 MPH
21. Atereva
22. J. Giles Band
23. Rick Springfeild
24. Tears For Fears
25. Phil Colins.

4. What are the top 3 CDs you've been listening to these days?

Christina Aguilera's "Nobody wants to be lonely" (i've been listening to songs, more than CDs, so sue me)

Orgy "Blue Monday"- Cuz I like it. It's kind of techno. If I could do the robot, I would to that.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack- "Sweet Transvesite", "Wise Up Janet Weiss", "Time Warp", "Wild and Untamed Thing"

5. What was your fav music video of '04?

Switchfoot's "Dare You To Move" (first version). It gave me chills. It was great.

6. What was the best concert you've ever been to?

ATF. I cried SO hard. I had no make-up on by the end of the night/
Backstreet Boys. I went to in the ...sixth grade? It was pretty sweet.

7. What is your fav food?

Potatos/rice/mac n cheese.

8. If you could go to 3 places anywhere on Earth, where?

1) Ireland
2) England
3) Back in Time- Victorian Era

9. What are five words you'd use to describe yourself?

1) quiet
2) funny (i hope.)
3) nice
4) creative?
5) nocternal.

10. Name your dream rock and roll supergroup

Vocals (Guy): Jay Gordon
Vocals (Girl): Christina Scabbia(?)
Vocals (Backup): Amy Lee
Lead Guitar: Slash
Rythm Guitar: Paige Hailey (he might play lead? But he NEEDS to be in my band)
Bass: Cliff Burton/Les Claypool (my stepdad tells me they're good)
Drums: Tommy Lee
Synth: Amir Dekhar (last to my knowledge I think he played Synth for Punk Statik Paranoia")...or my sister

11. What was your fav movie of 2004?


12. What's your fav room in your house?

My room. That's where my laptop lives.

13. Describe your dream guy.

He's saved, he has an "alternative style". Pretty eyes. Nice hair. Smells good. Nice, funny, sweet, caring, listens to problems and has input, can tolerate me (that's a hard one), can love me unconditionally, and won't laugh at me, unless he's got a good reason (but I'd probably be laughing at myself, too, so it's allowed.)

14. What do you most hate in people?

Arrogance, unwillingness to accept others.

15. What do you most like in people?

Warm pesonality, listening abilities,

16. What is your favorite curse word?

Hitler? I don't know. I try not to curse.

February 6, 05
[ mood | my legs hurt ]

Absolutely brilliant performance by Paul McCartney.
I could rave about it for hours.
Good job, NFL.
Pick a classic, not some "here today, gone tomorrow" teenie bopper who'll be forgotten in five years.
Paul McCartney hasn't been forgotten in roughly 40 years.
Very nice.


argh [Friday
February 4, 05
[ mood | calm ]

I'm not going to Sadies.
I'm going to be in Created For Caring's Murder Mystery.
Besides, there's no way anyone would want to go with me-
so why waste my night being emo?
I'm going act. and die.

Tim Curry is great.
I want to watch my Rocky Horror movie again.
I miss the Time Warp
and the Transvesite song.
But Torie still has it.

I don't know if I said this in a previous entry, but the last show I went to was...eh.
I went with Rianne, Trudi, and their friend Ashley. Or Reder. I'm not sure which she perfers to be called.
Trudi's friend Dave and his band played. Batteries Not Included.
They're good.
There was a lot of green day and blink 182 and weezer playing. And a little coheed.
Where was grant for all of this?

I've got to find some plays for Mutliples. I'm in Forensics (no, not DNA. Story-telling) and I'm doing Multiples with Sam, Jenny, Hope and Kristen.

I'm listening to both Beetlejuice, Skye sweetnam, and Rocky.

I was bored the other day so I started ghettoblasting Nsync and Christina Aguilera.

Okay, friggin Pop by Nsync rocks. I don't care what the haters say.
Ciera has a beautiful voice
Christina was GORGEOUS in the "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" video with Mr. Ricky Martin.

i'm becoming stronger in my walk with God, and even got someone to go to sunday church with me!
My stepdad asked me, when he picked me up from youth group:
"So, what do you get out of this christian thing?"
I told him that I got a good relationship with God, I got faith and hope, and I got Heaven waiting for me.
"Oh." He says. "There's some stuff going on in my life and I think I need something positive in it."
And then I began rambling on about how I felt when I was saved (which was the best feeling I've ever felt, thank you)
"Oh okay. So, if things go okay this week, would it be all right if i went to church with you?"
I litterally had to keep my excietment burried in my stomach, or else I'd start freaking out in the car.
So he came.
I'm not sure if he liked it, but at least he went, you know?
He got a feel for it.
Maybe he'd like to go again??

ugh. drama sucks.
WARNING: Venting followsCollapse )


February 2, 05

everyone needs to find


and wish her a happy birthday....

just like this:



January 31, 05



flavor flavv!

Sorry, those are my sparatic words of the day.

church tonight, yay!

new schedule...kind of yay...

Forensics- Kristen, Robin, Sam E, Sam S, Phil - super yay

Biology- Kayla, Phil, Sara (needs to show up!!!!) - yay!

American History- Krista, Becca, Phil- yaay!

Math- Austin...that's it...kind of yay...

bored. no one seems to love me anymore.

sniff sniff



January 31, 05



flavor flavv!

Sorry, those are my sparatic words of the day.

church tonight, yay!

new schedule...kind of yay...

Forensics- Kristen, Robin, Sam E, Sam S, Phil - super yay

Biology- Kayla, Phil, Sara (needs to show up!!!!) - yay!

American History- Krista, Becca, Phil- yaay!

Math- Austin...that's it...kind of yay...

bored. no one seems to love me anymore.

sniff sniff


i can see the blood of a thousand men who have come and gone [Saturday
January 29, 05
[ mood | cranky ]

I miss Nip/Tuck.
And Rescue Me.
Bills are Cable Nazis.

I haven't updated in a while, didn't really find a reason to.

Show last night. It was okay.
Batteries Not Included was great.
I forgot the next two bands' names, but they were good too.
But the band before Espirantos sucked. Guilty or whatever. They were horrible.
Not really they, because (unlike many bands in Bay City) they knew how to play their insturments very very very well. Their music was very rock-star like. But the singer and the message was stupid.
The singer sang like a boy, looked like a boy, and screamed so you couldn't understand her.
The message was the same as every other mega-death rockstar. "Grr. We follow darkness. We're so good."
Whatever. Retards.
I can't stand it when bands just recycle everyone else's work and call it their own. Just sit down, take the time to write out your feelings and pain, and it'll be so much better than the crap that they sang.
"Audience for pain."
"Highway to Darkness"
Some crap about a vampire.
Yeah. I can see it took you a lot of time to write that. Haha.
I'm kidding.
Writting is an art, and a way to express one self. Not to just make money and look like something you're not.
They can say that it took a lot for them to write it, and it really came from them.
But last time I checked, there weren't many vampires in Michigan.
Or many angry twenty-year olds who have been to Hell.
Retards. I hate that.
They're just like Hilary Duff, for all I care.
That's the reason I don't like that blonde sack of happiness. She doesn't write her own songs. She has a great voice, but she's singing something a lonley thirty-two year old guy wrote. Argh.
The two crappy bands are one in the same.
They made me so made.

why can't people admit to their own mistakesCollapse )


I will not expose the ignorance of this faculty... [Monday
January 24, 05
[ mood | i like the newspaper =) ]

this just in:

Beetlejuice is my new love.  and Indy Jones. You can't forget Indy Jones. Temple of Doom Indy Jones.

I have a new friend. His name is Ron. I like making friends! You can never have too many friends.

scarves are mean.

want to know the truth about J.M. Berrie?

then follow me down the rabbit holeCollapse )


Indiana Jones <3 [Friday
January 21, 05

this feel wonderful!

I just got back from a show, in which i had been standing up for five hours straight (probably more) and now I'm laying in my reclining chair with my polar bear blanket and pillow, watching mr. Jones on the teevee. ahhh. nice.

88/natalie show tonight. it was sweet. i wore my hat. i got compliments on it. i think i look like Indiana Jones in it.

i had a great time with rianne, megan, trudi, moe, sam, mike, jamie, and amanda. wheee fun. :)

I was talking to mike about stupid songs with pointless lyrics. It seems that very few bands actually write something meaningful anymore. Ir's like they don't even try.

Indiana Jones is my hero. . . and Jesus too. But Jesus doesn't have a whip. Hahaha, that's okay. Jesus doesn't need a whip.

On thursday we had to dress up as someone from the 1920s for extra credit. I was a gangster, with a folded napkin in my pocket because we don't have hankerchieves.

"This place is crawling with creatures!"

"That's why they call it the jungle, sweethear"


Am I the only person who likes Beetlejuice?

Coments? Questions? Concerns?


west side. [Friday
January 14, 05
[ mood | predatory...it's so cute!! =D ]

okay so tonight i am going to go see "White Noise" with sammy, john, nicole, and robin. a lot of people think that it sucks. i hope it doesn't blow like seed of chucky. ghar.

oh well if it does. i wanted to look at jewelry anyways. (muwaha)

ooooo kali gave me my christmas gift- a pair of possibly the coolest earings i've ever seen- they're big hearts that are black on one side and on the other have a big, pink, streak tracing the middle. trust me. they rock.

sara gave me her gift to me too. a "god's always got a plan B" which i've looked through and like very much- and vanilla lotion. mmm. i've been getting a lot of vanilla body stuff (three lotions, one body spray). i think people are trying to tell me i stink. hmm :(

haha. thank you girls :)


1.yay! megan and i spoke in person for like the first time this week. haha. i need to get to school on time more often.

2. my cat bit in the face and it didn't feel to pleasent.

3. my earings smell good :D (they were in a smelly candle case).

4. i feel like listening to the backstreet boys.

5. new flipphone is fun. EVERYONE SHOULD CALL ME ON IT (even if it's to tell me i'm smelly.)

6. i gotta get ready to go! yay! movie!


!let's play a game!

(fill this out anonymously so i can guess who you are. whee!)

-001-how old you are

-002-your favorite color

-003-a quote you like

-004-lyrics from your favorite song

-005-line from your favorite movie

-006-a hint as to who you are

**paste this in your journal if i guess correctly**



January 13, 05
i have a new phone everybody!
a flip phone!

remember the number kids, soon it will be the only way to get a hold of me

867-5309Collapse )

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