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[16 Dec 2006|02:15pm]
[ mood | fucking exaughsted ]

Its been a while since I updated. Or at least, I think it's been a while since I dont remember when the last time I updated was... or what it was about. The football game maybe? I dunno.

I finished up my exams Thursday and Friday, so now I'm pretty much just lounging around the house for the next two weeks, aside from work and the occasional preformance. However, I do have to read The Scarlet Letter for AP Lang. and Guilded Age for AP US History. Both will probably suck, but thats ok. You have to do what you have to do.

I had a preformance of The First Time Club (a play I've been doing), it was amazing, we got a lot of positive feed back which was great. We put it together in less then a month and a half. We should be proud and damn right we are. The lady for the program wound up being late, so we wound up preforming late which made my dad mad. Now, I'm exaughsted because I had to get up at 6:30 in the morning and now I have to go to work till 10:30. Fun.

Tomorrow, I dont have a damn thing to do 'cept a bit of christmas shopping which should only take an hour or something. 


I have to leave in like five minutes for work. So I'd better go. Later!

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[24 Sep 2006|06:57pm]
The game was pretty cool yesterday. We lost like we expected, but I dont think any of us really cared. After the game I wound up at a hookah cafe with my cousin's wife, Natalie, her sisters, Jesse and Mary, Jesse's boyfriend Josh and Adam.

And, pics for Meme (because I know you want to see them), Vic and Liz.

Rival game 2006Collapse )
After game Hookah cafeCollapse )

I learned that in my photobucket I have:
[14] pics of Vic
[13] pics of Me
[12] pics of Liz
[09] pics of Liane
[05] pics of Maddison
[04] pics of Ariel and Yara
[03] pics of DJ, Katie, Lexi and Tom
[02] pics of Jesse, Sam, Laura, Eddie, Renee, Amy, Garion, Amanda, Jason and Gaby
[01] pics of Melissa, Q, Josh, Tscagg, Jon, Kelsey, Rob, Lauren, Shelese, Natalie, Roman, Jaime, Beth, Justin and Blair.
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Friends Only.... you know the Drill [02 Mar 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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