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Harder Now That It's Over

12 November
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Britt, short, 14, nerd, single, dances, acts, reads, writes, is slowly going blind.
90s, acting, adam brody, adam sandler, almost famous, amanda bynes, anchorman, andrew mccarthy, anne frank, anti-fur, apples, archie comics, babies, bald men, barry white, benny and joon, big cities, big fish, big smiles, birthday parties, board games, books, canada, candice, catcher in the rye, cheese, chicago, chocolate, claire danes, clouds, coffee shops, coldplay, concerts, costumes, cowboys, credit meadows, crushes, cupcakes, dance, david bowie, daydreaming, diamonds, dirty dancing, dressing up, ducks, edgar degas, elephants, elton john, english, filmore, fleetwood mac, food, french, friends, garden state, geeks, gilmore girls, girl rockers, green, hanson, harry potter, hats, hawksley workman, haymakers, heath ledger, ice cream, jeremy sumpter, john mayer, johnny depp, joss stone, learning, louis armstrong, marolyn monroe, michael jackson, michelle branch, milk, modern love, modest mouse, molly ringwald, money, movies, music, my fathers dragon, my morning jacket, my pets, my so-called life, nick drake, night time, o-dot, online chatting, pandas, pat rooney, patrick fugit, penny lane, penpals, performers, perksofbeingawallflower, peter pan, pictures, pie, pink, poetry, presents, pretty in pink, prettyboys, pumpkin pie, queen, ramona quimby, raspberry barrets, reading, ready or not, red hot chilly peppers, rosey cheeks, rugrats, ryan adams, ryan gosling, school, secret admirers, skittles, sleeping, soup, spongebob, st. elmo's fire, stevie wonder, stormy days, summer, supertramp, swedish berries, tegan and sara, the beatles, the clash, the proclaimers, the replacements, the shins, the sims, the smashing pumpkins, the temptations, the velveteen rabbit, the wonder years, tutus, u2, umbrellas, usher, van morrison, weezer, writing, yellow