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Is anyone still subscribed to this journal?

Posted on 2008.09.30 at 04:36
If so, comment. I was thinking about starting to update it again after this indefinite hiatus, since I don't regularly talk to a lot of you anymore. Anyhow, lemme know.

Also: reading through my old posts, I realized to my chagrin that despite some severely angsty/emo moments, all things considered I was way cooler in high school. Need to get on that.



I should be studying for my exam that's in half an hour

Posted on 2006.11.14 at 16:03
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But can I just point out that the best thing about Claire is that despite us only talking to each other a few times a year, sometimes I receive text messages that say "let's go to southeast asia this summer" and know that in all likelihood, we will.


Worst thing ever?

Posted on 2006.11.03 at 13:01
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If forced to watch one, which would you choose:

a) A video of the exact date, time, place and manner in which you will die, or
b) A video of everything bad anyone has ever said about you?


Posted on 2006.10.28 at 01:44


Know what rules on your birthday?

Posted on 2006.10.25 at 04:04
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Putting your cell phone in your pants at 3 minutes to midnight, and knowing that you'll get the same call you've been getting every year since your old best friend moved away. What can I say, we value pleasure. And each other. :)

[edit]Also: at approximately midnight, watching Prince shoot glittering guitar sperm into the heavens, followed by a freeze-frame shot of his face. And then dancing to When Doves Cry.

[edit]Also: getting an adorable shirt from your favorite roommate, and eating dinner at Java Green with really nice kids.


Great movies are kind of like life because they're

Posted on 2006.10.15 at 23:17
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sad and confusing and so beautiful, and I've never felt so much like I was living my life while watching someone else pretend to dream about living theirs. Also, it still feels kind of dirty to get blown off by one of my closest friends after a night like that, and after words like that. It doesn't seem fair to anyone. But: dreaming and talking about going south on the drive north to home felt pure.

So I'm building a friend ship and sailing away. Bring your toys, books, snacks, pets, survival kits and maps. The captain is wisdom. The first mate is love. The cook is generosity. The deckhands are humility and strength. The crew are compassion, honesty, grace, devotion, openess, respect, joy, and comfort. It will be a blast!! We're going to Tahiti.



College is great but

Posted on 2006.10.11 at 13:30
I just want to ride with the top down and the dogs in the back and my brother next to me hollering out mountain goats songs and running through the woods like we're 10 because we'll always be 10 together, and running down to the water and jumping and hollering and chasing the dogs and sitting and watching the birds on the lake and that's all I goddamn want, because there's no dogs or brothers or lakes here, and they are crucial.

So I'm glad I'm coming home this weekend because I'll get what I want and it'll be great.



Posted on 2006.10.04 at 16:57
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The tree with the lights in it

Posted on 2006.10.02 at 22:55
For the newly sighted, vision is pure sensation unencumbered by meaning

Yesterday there was a girl on the grass in the park. She was standing there with a fistful of strings and six balloons of as many colors above her head. For a while she was just watching things. Then she picked up a big branch, about as tall as she, the kind that's spread out like a fan. She carried it around for a bit, holding it up in front of her, not letting go of the balloons. Then she placed the branch at the base of a big tree and began walking around again. She picked up a smaller branch, this one with some greenery still on it, and placed it with the other. Her little sister toddled after her, and picked up a stick to place under the tree. No words were spoken.

It was all very important.

She knew what she was doing.

She identified as part of the world and not as witness to a spectacle. She picked up bits of the world and moved them to a different place than they were before, because that is what you can do when you are a part of something.

Their mother was watching from a distance, smiling, and Janan was taking pictures of men playing chess, and someone was singing "Wild Horses," and someone was yelling about white people, and water was coming out of the fountain, and I was lying on the ground.



Posted on 2006.08.16 at 22:28
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So most of my pictures didn't turn out, and there are still a bunch on Keith's hard drive (god knows where that is now), but in the meantime, here are two pictures that I feel essentially sum it up.

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