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10th-Dec-2007 10:35 pm - christmas shopping on the 12th.
fob > joetroh play & live
It's physically and mentally tiring to buy Christmas presents for kids. It's tiring to do numerous rounds at the toy section of the department store and at Toy Kingdom. It's so hard to think of what these kids actually want. Toy cars and Barbie dolls are so overrated. I have 4 cousins I have to attend to, 3 boys and that uber spoiled CELINE, plus my sister who doesn't have any idea what she wants. Everytime you ask my sister what she wants, she answers "INDA." (I dunno.) So don't ever try to ask her what she wants, buy her an underwear set for god knows how much.

I ended up spending all the budgeted money, no kick-back. I forgot to buy my perfume, my flipflops and my starbucks. I emerged from the mall bringing two massive plastic bags. I have a train set (again!) for MJ, a car race track (overrated!) for DANIEL, a baby doll stroll (expensive!) for CELINE, a plug n' play for BRYAN, 2 uber cute pull-string keychains and a lame basketball game for whoever. Now, how are we going to carry this back to LEGAZPI?

Cute things I bought over the WEEKEND (not really)..Collapse )
24th-Oct-2007 04:52 pm - experimenting.
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I haven't made icons for 132500000000 years ever since I found out how crappy I was in this field. But out of boredom and jealousy, I tried out some tutorials and learned PSCS3 (finally!). I'm so proud of my 2nd batch(#s 1-4), I made it on my own with fiddling with the selective color feature. 1st batch(#s 5-11) is quite blahh.

x 7 Kimi Raikkonen
x 2 Fernando Alonso
x 2 Kimi/Nando

played around, be nice.Collapse )

CREDIT _smittenpiece
24th-Oct-2007 12:04 pm - f-locked people.
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you know the drill, as in COMMENT to be added!

Eventhough I'm crazy enough that I post my f-locked entries in non-f-locked blogs, I still want to f-lock my LJ for some weird reason and simply because I just want to.

01 You have to have the same likes as me
02 Obviously, if you HATE what I LOVE then you're out
03 The journal contains hefty amount of slash in it, so don't tell me you weren't warned
04 Entries include fangirl squeeing and drooling. If you can't tolerate that.. then, oh well
05 And yeah, I'll add whoever I want to XD
17th-Sep-2006 10:26 am - TRANSIT; Sponge Cola's Sophomore
smitten > crash spin bang-bang
ARTIST: Sponge Cola
ALBUM: Transit
In their sophomore album, Sponge Cola continues to produce exciting music. Consisting of 12 new tracks including “Movie” and “Tuliro,” the album features all original songs released by Universal Records, their new outfit. In signing with a label, they wanted to be heard more. They have never wavered in their quest for their message to be heard. Their message is their music. And music never sounded so good.
1. Bitiw
2. Tuliro
3. Movie
4. The Wandering
5. Gunita
6. Do You Know the Feeling
7. Sa Bingit ng isang Paalam
8. Myself in You
9. All We Need
10. Nocturne
11. Pasubali
12. Harapin

...oh, how I love the formality

I have to say I was a tad disappointed with this one. I think I expected too much from them, they had beautiful music in PALABAS and from there on I thought they will continue with their mix of musical styles in one album. Just first time hearing BITIW, I guessed there will be a different SPONGE COLA this time.

They headed to a "rock-ish, up-beat" vibe this time (Let's say a 160 degree turn from PALABAS). They had more Tagalog songs too, which I like by the way. I was complaining that they should've put more Tagalog songs in PALABAS. But.. Yael's feelings can be expressed better in English... NEON perhaps? or GEMINI.. TO THE SLY and THE CUNNING anyone?

But still a good album nonetheless. I hate comparing this to the 1st one... but PALABAS is really a good one. You should look out for MOVIE, DO YOU KNOW THE FEELING, ALL WE NEED, NOCTURNE and PASUBALI (even though this one's quite cheesy).


Here's a little something: One of my favorite tracks.. [ DO YOU KNOW THE FEELING ]
13th-Sep-2006 12:23 pm - tutorial list.
smitten > crash spin bang-bang
Here are some tutorials that I've added to my memories and used in making some of my icons. Hopes this helps!

If you would like me to remove your tutorial from the list, please tell me. Thank you to the awesome people who made these tutorials.

22nd-Aug-2006 11:35 pm - How To Keep My Love
smitten > crash spin bang-bang
from now on, everytime I watch a movie... I'll make my little review. Since I rant about movies after I watch them, this will help the excitement subside. So here's my first try...

REVIEW: How To Keep My LoveCollapse )
16th-May-2006 02:41 pm - 012
smitten > crash spin bang-bang
FORMULA ONE: white boxes

+ [3] Fernando Alonso
+ [5] Michael Schumacher
+ [2] Jenson Button
+ [1] Giancarlo Fisichella
+ [1] Christian Klien
+ [2] JP & Sebastian Montoya
+ [6] Nando | Schumi


(to victory, love & friendship)
1st-Jan-2006 07:44 pm - RESOURCES;
smitten > crash spin bang-bang
CSS by minty_peach

Jim & Pam Moodtheme by mrsotown
The Colbert Report Moodtheme by crackified
Fernando Alonso Moodtheme by shotglass_icons



31st-Dec-2005 12:21 pm - icon hoard 3
smitten > crash spin bang-bang
icon hoard #3. asian invasion.

i c o n s:
16 InSung // JiWon

icon hoard #3Collapse )
31st-Dec-2005 12:15 pm - icon hoard 2
smitten > crash spin bang-bang
icon hoard #2. senseless whatevers.

i c o n s:
2 se7en
1 mary-kate and ashley
1 rain
1 jolin tsai

icon hoard #2Collapse )
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