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[18 Feb 2006|03:32pm]

New El-jay *


Im sick of lookin' back && seeing the exact same thing .. 
Well actually;; the exact same PE RS ON 

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[17 Feb 2006|11:37pm]
Well . . where to start?

Weds- We had school =(   It was so hard. . lol  Nathan came to get me for school && i was almost late;; then my locker went psycho. . && some other events happened that literally just ruined my day. So then we had "conditioning" for softball. It was AWFUL! we were all about to throw up. . it was quite a work out!   so After all that, i went home && took a shower. Jade said she wanted to go to the games, so I got ready, went to her house for a lil while;; then to the games! wow. . the games sucked, but Jade && I had fun =]

Thursday- School. . then softball. Yuck. I was soo sore. . After that, i went to the games. Sucked- again.

Friday- WOW! School, softball, then the games! It was fun to say the least ;)   The only bad part was that Jelane && I got in a fight && I wouldnt talk to him, so he got up && left. It really sucked, but at the end of the night, we were okayy! lol Most of the time, I sat with Cody! I just adore that boyy!! He found out somethin' that I hadn't told him && I felt bad for not tellin' him, cause i tell him everything. . but i dunno. We fought every 5 minutes, then we were okayy again. haha. . we're dorks!  

I dunno what to say. . humm. . 

I'm grounded. yes, grounded. i have never been grounded, but I'm not that upset because I need a weekend of rest anyways =]

Well . . Im gonna go *

// ED IT I cannot believe I forgot to mention that I saw Kirsten && JEssa Sheww! I have missed them ladies so freakin much!!! I love you girls =))
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[14 Feb 2006|10:04pm]

Sunday - Tuesday *


Sami && I went to Dereks to go sleigh riding && it was SOOOO fun.  It was Sami;; Derek ;; Christian;; Chris && Me * Omg! I had a blast. . . We all got lazy after a while though. . haha.   After sleigh ridin' for  3 HOURS;; we went to Derek's && just laid around. We were worn out! it was so funn though.

That night, Sami stayed with me && it was so funny.  I started laughin' SOOO hard && Sami ran in there && scared me && I thought i was gonna cry then i woke mom up cause I was laughin so loud * haha.. what a night Are you callin me fat? Im a fat lesbian! lol 


Sami had to leave at like 1 or 2 cause she had to go shoot around then to her game so I called Mom && told her I needed to go to Norton so then I called Ambyr && Mom Ambyr && I went to NOrton. OMG! it was great. . my Mom knows everything about me now. " Mary, you're such a slut" yess. . Mom called me a slut,. lmao * it was so funny though  

Well, last night someone called me && told me something && it REALLY surprised me. It was awfully sweet though = ]   I talked on the phone 'til like 4 this mornin' * It was funny funny funny!


It really really really sucked. I hate Valentine's Day.. SOOO much.   It REALLY got to me. Sheww. .  = [

There wasn't much to today except for someone messaged me && told me that * J * really did love me && was tellin' me some stuff. . && lord, i just dont know what to believe.  shewwiez *

Well, there's my boring life *

2 hours delay tomorrow =]

i almost forgot!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THE DEVIL'S REJECTS!! Its the best movie ever made !
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[13 Feb 2006|02:46pm]
Okayy This weekend was probably one of the best ones ever *

&& plus, Im gettin ready to go to norton with mom && ambyr which will make it even funner =))

Im so happy *

BUT;; Valentine's Day is tomorrow That really just SUCKS. I have no Valentine =(

I'll update about my weekend when I get back tonight ♥

♥ Happy Birthday Christopher Aaron ♥
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[12 Feb 2006|01:29pm]

I love it *

Me && Sami are headin' up to Dereks to go sleigh ridin' && Im super excited

We are gonna have a blast ;))


I miss * h i m *

He called me last night && lord, i just adore the boy =)

I really couldnt be any happier! ♥
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[11 Feb 2006|03:56pm]

Last night was great *


My plans were originally to go to Christa's after school then to the games;; but Christa didnt go to school so Dustin took me && Tes over there && we got ready && went bowling =)) I was doin so good then Kenny caught up with me =(   I was so sad . . lol *

Well; I finally met Trevor! He is so f'n adorable =)  && I saw the lovely Lindsey!  

We left early from the BA so we could make it home without gettin' snowed in * But, after we went to Monterrey's && Wal-Mart * It was fun fun fun!  Then Travis freakin' flew home. . haha * I thought we was gonna die!  Then, we went home && just hung out =)


I laid in the tannin' bed about 2 in the AM * haha   I laid 15 && surprisingly, my white ass didnt get burnt so i liad another 10 && right in the middle;; Trevor called my cell phone! He kept tellin' Tes he was my 'secret admirer' haha. . So He interrupted so I only got to lay about 20 minutes * but, its okayy  * that boy is just crazy!


So we all finally went to sleep around 5!! Sheww;; it was so late && then we woke up at 11 cause my cell started ringin' && it woke Tes && Christa up too. . I felt bad =(   Im sorry!


So we laid around for a while && then got ready && went sleigh riding! hehe  * it was so f'n cold;; but fun =)


I just now got home about 20 minutes ago So Im just layin around waitin to talk to 'someone'

by the way;; Im crazy about someone * =)) He's just. . wow *

I hope everything works!!



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[09 Feb 2006|04:35pm]

Disregard that last update.

Life is good. No;; scratch that. .  Life is wonderful.


I couldn't be any happier *  My friends are just amazing. . .


Today was fun. I swear I can tell Tes anything. Her && Christa are honestly my best friends. I love those girls more than anything in the world! 


I can't wait 'til tomorrow! My weekend is going to be spent with my 2 favorite girls =) yayy!


Only 5 more days 'til ♥Valentine's Day♥

Well;; Im out *



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[08 Feb 2006|03:58pm]

Short Update. . .


Well- this should be common sense;; but some people are just so dumb that I have to remind them.


Listen, If I want you to know something, I will tell you =)  If you hear something;; ask me.  Don't go ask someone else.  ASK ME! All that does is cause drama when you get other people involved. Oh yeahh, && another thing- - Stay the hell outta my business ;)


I think I got my point across?

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[07 Feb 2006|04:16pm]

Wow. Life is Wonderful.

Last night was just what I needed to get my mind off of everything.


A night out with my 2 favorite girls in the world, + possibly the 2 funniest guys in the world.


I just adore my friends. =)


this weekend is going to be fun! Christa, Tes, && I are hanging out =o)

I can't say how happy I am that we're all becoming so close.


I have came to the conclusion that no matter how much I say that i am completely over him;; I NEVER will be. I loved Michael && I always will.  BUT;; that doesn't mean I'm not going to like other people.


There is someone who I'm crazy about;; but, I guess we'll just see what happens there.


I talked to Glyn last night =)) when I first answered the phone, i didnt even recognize him. After I talked to him it felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. He said he was happy && he loved it down there, so that just brings a big smile to my face!!


Christa wasn't at school today =(   I missed you, Christa!!

Tonight me && Carissa have to work the concession stand for softball * ugh. It sucks, but atleast she will be there with me :)


Well.. I am gone *


a few memories from last night.

" What's that bunny's name. . . Flubber?"

"Let's get it on"

" I dont know the words... blah blah blah .. Here chillin with my friinds in Virgiiin "

" My humps " haha



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[05 Feb 2006|05:39pm]

20 minutes 'til the Super Bowl *

Go steelers!!


plus, Dickenson County- 2 hour delay   ;)


Life is wondermous =o)


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[04 Feb 2006|09:23pm]

Last night was.. Odd * haha


It was a WILD night though..  lmao..


Well I thought we was gonna leave around 5 or so but then Zach called at 4 && says he has to go to Wal-Mart before the game.. so we FLEW to Norton.. haha *

When we got there, we couldn't find what we were lookin' for && i was freakin' out cause I thought that we were gonna be late.. but we werent *

When I got there I saw everyone I love *



Christian *


BECKY! yayy



&& I cant think of who else?


Well, I just adore Emily.. I know I can trust her with ANYTHING. Thanks for everything last night dear! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

&& Lindsey was picking on me.. haha * she knows what Im talkin about "MARY MORGAN!" haha.. I love you hooker

&& Toe, thanks for testing me.. hahah - "How many fingers?" lmao.. I LOVE YOU!

&& Christian - I'm sorry I kept beating you up, but you hit me too so you can't complain! haha I love you so f'n much ;)

I think I scared Becky though.. I was so hyper && i ran up to her .. haha sorry dear! I'm glad we finally met! I love you darling

&& after the game, Zach took me to Huddle House to meet up with Adrian. Sheww... i got a little scared on the way home though. Hmm.. long story.

But, last night was fun * I left some parts out, but I dont think they were necessary;; right Emily? haha

&& today was just as good * Adrian woke up at 10 but I woke up at 1:30.. then i FINALLY got up && took a shower && got ready && then I went to Christa's.

That was so fun! Tes && Carissa were there, too! Sheww.. I love them girls =)

I think we're doing something this weekend;; but I'm not for sure.

Im just glad me && Christa are friends again.. I have missed that loser!! haha


Well.. now I'm going to watch TV *  && guess what IT'S POURING THE SNOW!! whoo hoo


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[01 Feb 2006|10:39pm]

After a VERY long talk with Whitney Rowe; I have realized A LOT in just the past 10 minutes..


I know it sounds crazy, but she really opened my eyes.

What is a friend?

A friend is someone you can fight with && say the most HORRIBLE things to && then the next week//day you'll be friends again. DO you know how much love that takes? a lot.

It takes so much time && forgiveness to forgive. && I really see who really cares now.

So many of my friends dont even realize it; but they have completely just dropped me like I was no one. They only come to me when they see Im upset or when they need something. Why?! I dont wanna just be someone whos there only when YOU need me. It's not fair . its not.


But now I see that my TRUE friends are undescribable!

Tes; Wow.. we have been thru so much. God, there were times when I thought we would never be friends, but now I see that we can stick thru anything! You are my best friend && I know that you'll be there whenever I need you.  && You should know I'll do the same for you! I love you so much && I hope our plans work for this weekend!


Adrian- Lord child.. my FIRST friend && i do believe we have been thru more than any other of my friends. You are such a good person && you don't need to let people get to you. You are awesome && I LOVE YOU! can't wait til Friday ;)


Christa- Whoa. I have so much to say. I know we havent been on good terms this year, but that is going to change! Im glad we're friends again! i love you =)

Toe- You dorkwad, I just HAD to put you in here.. You dont know how much you have helped me here lately * I LOVE YOU

Whitney- I miss you SOO f'n much * Come see me soon =o)

Jake- I know things are complicated right now, but hopefully they will just get better. You are the hottest prom date EVER ;) I love you! ♥

Chris- thanks for bein' here for me lately * I love you, darling!!


&& my other friends, I LOVE YOU DUH.. these are the people who have been there for me today, though * =)




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This one needs to be public [31 Jan 2006|10:07pm]
[ mood | crappy ]


So today was alright.. I came home && threw up 3 or 4 times.. I dont think Im sick.. its just cause I've been so depressed.

Today 2 of my teachers brought up tomorrow && asked how I was going to take it.

As most of you know; Glyn leaves tomorrow. Shew..  I didn't think it would bother me this bad, but its makin me so upset that Im actually gettin' sick to my stomach.

Tasha is stayin with me tonight! yayy =)

But;; I went down there a second ago && i cant even look at him without wantin to just hug him && cry. I love that boy so much.

&& plus, he's been actin like he actually loves me here lately. I mean yeah; I know he does.. but now he's actually showing it which makes it a lot harder..


Ugh * Tomorrow I will come to school crying. You can bet on it =/

It's not like "Bye, I'll see you in a month or so " like it usually is.. its " Bye, I'll see you in about 6 months." Which is just weird && so hard to believe. God.. It's seriously depressin' the hell out of me.

BUT; I know its what he wants to do so that's good! Im glad he's gettin to travel to another country .. it still hurts though.

So yeah, tonight is my last night with my brother for almost half a year? that's so hard to believe..

Im gonna go because Im already balling.. sheww

I know most of you all dont care.. but I said it all anyways.


Keep Glyn && My Family in your prayers ♥

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[29 Jan 2006|09:24pm]


So yeah;; I said that all my updates from now on were gonna be Friends Only *

But, this one is just pictures *

So here you go *




You wonder why I love my friends? see for yourselfCollapse )

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[29 Jan 2006|12:50pm]
Friends only updates from now on ;)

Log in to read ♥
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[28 Jan 2006|05:25pm]

i found the dress i want *


it doesnt look good here.. but, it looks sooo pretty on * yayy =)



the pink one..


&& i know that it doesnt look good on here.. cause i dont think it does either.. but sheww * its so cute in person ♥

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[28 Jan 2006|11:02am]
last night was the games at PV

well.. i didnt get to talk to JG which pretty much ruined my night. We was waitin' on him, but we gave up && just left which i regret now =(

well.. after that Taylor,Miles && I went to Shannon's then soft petals then wal-mart.. On the way home I saw someone who I thought was Will Mays so i flipped him off just to be stupid, && well.. it wasnt him. haha.. oops!

I think Callie thinks im crazy now.. she saw me bein an idiot && dancin.. I didnt see her though. it broke my heart =(

well.. now me && taylor are gettin' ready && we're headin to Pikeville to go dress shoppin ;)


but, im gonna go finish gettin' ready *

call the cell if you guys need me =)
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[25 Jan 2006|07:42pm]
OKayy Guys.. so Im not gettin that dress *

Mindy told me today that that's the one she got && neither of us want to have the same dress.. so Im goin this weekend to find one * =)

&& Im not mad about it at all.. its her senior prom && plus, she's so nice.. so, It's all good =)

Just wanted to clear that up..

A lot has happened.. but Im not in the mood to get into it.

Love you all ♥

Edit //

I hate fat whores who say they're your best friend ;)
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[24 Jan 2006|04:34pm]

Pictures from Saturday with Telena ;)


&& then from Yesterday with Rashell ♥


&& then, the dress I want =)






Warning: we're the shitCollapse )

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[22 Jan 2006|12:26pm]
Forget that last update.

Im over it. Im not gonna sit here && cry about it cause why should I? Some people are never gonna change!
So, I mean.. whats the point?

Yesterday was awesome!

Telena && I went to Norton! It was so funn!!

First, we went to Monterrey- yumm.. We saw Christa in there. Then, after we ate.. we went to Wal-mart! There, we saw Jessica V.! I love her dearly! Then, we got bored && went to Radio Shack, then did some circles in Peebles parkin lot! hahah That was hilarious

Then, we went to Silver Warehouse && then to Wal-Mart again!! haha.. We was headin towards Goody's then we saw Jen, so we followed her to Wal-Mart lol.. We walked around with her && her cousin. That was fun! We saw Eric && Tim.. Dusty,Andy, && Joe.. Dustin && Kenny, && Leah && Matt..

Well well * haha.. we had fun!!

After that, we went to K-Mart && took some lovely pictures

" We can be hott without being lesbians!" haha..

man oh man!

Well, Im out *

I love you, Telena! I had so much fun yesterday =)
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