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nothing is real

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pho.tek.mut.nik [25 Jul 2008|09:53am]
[ mood | waking ]

let me re orient the east, oh my! the location or action has nothing to do with my revolution it just means some things are stupid as fuck. define "Scrap book" ...millions of pyramids on the back of a dollar bill will be rewarded. i stay here only to move [just so you know], my whole plan is working out fucking continually. im aware my journal isnt LIVE anymore but at least i am........................?? the only thing that inspired me to do this are moneymax and the end of all seasons through tears and locking myself in unwanted cubicles, parks, one certain trip, know one, sum of one. (1) (all you need)

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hey guys [09 Nov 2006|06:51pm]
[ mood | stoned ]

just thought i should let you all know of my current hair color
and that i forgot that i ever had a livejournal till 5 seconds ago

all is well in the lamb world
never forgot we are all stars
in the dope show

thank you and cheers

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[07 Aug 2006|03:02pm]
I can deal with anything if it is direct.

Taking a break from over appreciating music and getting lost in my own shower.
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[20 Jul 2006|11:48am]
[ mood | Yep. ]

Is it possible that I have turned into a robot, completely un-emotional and beautifully cold, and everyone else around me have turned into women?

Everything is about to happen. I am a decimal.

I'm considering my options.

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[20 Jun 2006|12:39pm]
Reality is nourishment, but people don't believe it.
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[19 Jun 2006|12:12pm]
Read a book.
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Category: Comfort of Rock Bottom [17 Jun 2006|01:19pm]
If we stay alive
It only means we are ready to die
Our enemy, re-created from the other side
Released from the outside
We never look at ourselves enough
In another perspective
I once saw my soul creeping around
Like the President does in the White House
Lying, ugly, and brain dead as a mouse in those
Fucking stories they feed us about stealing
Cookies from the cookie jars, Live in disgrace
Those people don't even know themselves enough
To look at my face

So fuck what you're saying
We are all here to create
And you are preventing creativity
With the violence you make
I'm gunna destroy your brain with
Telepathic truth that you're gunna hate
But I think that's better than
Making everyone live in your mistakes

[Live, Learn, Seek, Create]
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[09 Jun 2006|04:13pm]
[ mood | content ]

Isn't the knowledge that comes from the experience more valuable than the knowledge that doesn't? It seems fairly obvious to some of us that a lot of people need to go outside and sniff around-walk through the grass, talk to the animals. That sort of thing.

Struggling over unimportant matters can make one increasingly confused. You can run yourself around in circles, and provide a lot of dull information.

Live. There is something more.

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Rhythm is the key as we open up the door. [03 May 2006|10:48am]
Everything is nothing in the end.

Yet everything is crucial to the ending.

I sat back listening as my head was being pounded with those exact thoughts.

I have a funny story.
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What is love? [03 Apr 2006|12:59pm]
I turned into a flower and caught my breath in a flight over city lights and vivid architecture. Delayed thoughts linked and I was tasting sound and hearing dirt.

My heart skipped beats as I heard someone say they needed to frolick upon lazy sidewalks I felt lazy just sitting yet being just as productive as everyone else.

Tomorrow I have a dj session in a closet. I love everyone, but some are just so smart. Must save more $ for vinyl.

Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go, nowhere to go.

I would like you all to come watch a movie with me. It's called MyMomIsComingOn420ToSeattle. It's going to be really great! Come watch me lose it.
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People don't believe me [27 Mar 2006|12:25pm]
[ mood | content ]

when I recommend to forget about things
in this moment
and remember that you are not important
you are not more important than anyone else
but just as important as everything around you

I don't think about things much
and everything comes out perfectly
strung in the air with absolute clarity

Things work themselves out
and I don't even try
life has this mysterious way
of crossing lines and bridges

We all meet again
united in lit perfection

People, traveling, music, the people, the travels, and superfood. I think I love it all. I don't have time to think about anything negative anymore. Life is easier, and things are more appealing. I'm trying to be scattered so you understand...things I've put in my body and the comfort of my head match together like dirt and trees. For me, it all comes down to having fun, exploring the hidden interior and [not so hidden]exterior light. I know some see things too-have you noticed things flying around in the sky lately? Huge airplanes, and big yellow moons floating around the sky? Formations of bricks, patterns of light, red white and blue flashing lights which execute obnoxious noises in a time of panic. We are an experiment functioning as one. Break free. Some choose to ignore what's really going on, yet we all see the same thing.

I stare at 20something people. Wake up motherfuckers.

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[14 Mar 2006|10:26am]
[ mood | content ]

Remember me?

I am long gone in my own head to keep track of computer things. I'm blocking out

What will be will be :]

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You are what you eat. [23 Feb 2006|01:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

The ways in which humans use plants, foods, and drugs cause the values of individuals and, ultimately, whole societies to shift. Eating some foods make us happy, eating others sleepy, and still others alert. We are jovial, restless, aroused, or depressed depending on what we have eaten. Society tacitly encourages certain behaviors that correspond to internal feelings, thereby encouraging the use of substances that produce acceptable behaviors.

Suppression or expression of sexuality, fertility and sexual potency, degree of visual acuity, sensitivity to sound, speed of motor response, rate of maturation, and lifespan-these are only some of animal's characteristics that can be influenced by food plants with exotic chemistries. Human symbol formation. linguistic facility, and sensitivity to community values may also shift under the influence of psychoactive and physiologically active metabolites. A night spent observing behavior in a singles bar should be fieldwork enough to confirm this observation. Indeed the mate-getting hustle has always placed a high premium on linguistic facility, as perennial attention to patter styles and opening lines attests.

When thinking about drugs, we tend to focus on episodes of intoxication, but many drugs are normally used in subthreshold or maintenance doses; coffee and tobacco are obvious examples in our culture. The result of this is a kind of "ambience of intoxication." Like fish in water, people in a culture swim in the virtually invisible medium of cuturally sanctioned yet artificial states of mind.

Languages appear invisible to the people who speak them, yet they create the fabric of reality for their users. The problem of mistaking language for reality in the everyday world is only too well known. Plant use is an example of a complex language of chemical and social interactions. Yet most of us are unaware of the effects of plants on ourselves and our reality, partly because we have forgotten that plants hace always mediated the human cultural relationship to the world at large.

Terence McKenna "Food of the Gods"

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Aurafice. [15 Feb 2006|04:30pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today makrks the fay after my 21st birthday.

I was wrong...having your 21st on Valentine's is NOT lame. Everyone's ready to show the love anyway...and when its your birthday [your 21st at that] they are all extremely eager to either give you a hug or a cocktail. YEAH.

How do you sum up a day like yesterday?

Woke up with heavy eyes 2 hours before I had to be at work walked like a robot to the kitchen turned on the coffee pot Lounged around and played in the sunlight on the carpet Went to work for 2 hours made 40 bucks got taken out to lunch ordered my first alchoholic beverage A georgia peach Made my way to Ians drank beers and talked about vinyl opened up a present VINYL god I think i'm drooling right now anyway Clever Dunnes free drinks left and right stuck to vodka [the entire night] proceeded to run around on Broadway stopped at my brothers house or was it? trying to find him, knocking all all the apartment doors just to say hello to everyone He wasn't even home Spinny Nonsense my ego is pushed aside as I'm screaming "It's my 21st birthday WOOO!! Mike and Ian at my side I thought I didn't hire babysitters tonight i'm thinking a white russian sounds good Done Made Stephanie and I partake in a couple secret roomate meetings Shh eyes back and forth the entire night Exchanging secret smiles Norah and Max come over and Trever too we all head to the War Room for drum and bass night fuck fuck I am left alone I meet people I see Stephanie and Sonya and Matt Everyones buys me drinks I hit the dance floor in 7 seconds flat Body science shows up in all their dancing gear glory I laugh as an asian guy trys to battle me I show him up by grabbing his invisible drink from his "real" hands through liquid movement swallow it then proceed to vomit it up all over him Matt tells me to just keep it at 90 degrees all the time He makes sense I have conversations with people that seem like rehearsed lines It's all obvious written in the sky we exchange quick sentences The beauty of small deep talk I think I found my niche I proceed to leave and walk home alone but decide my night isn't done at 2 am so I stop at QFC for some vitamin water and overall funny human interaction People still can't get over the fact that it's my birthday [it's the 15th at this point, jerks] I stumble hope with the biggest shitfaced grin and I stop at Jack in the Box WTF and announce to everyone that it's my birthday Medium size fries on the house the cashier insists I get home fast and that he can definitely tell I've been drinking I feel embarrassed I beg for a breathe mint on the sidewalk A guy comes up behind me and insists on walking me home his name is Jesse he is antisocial I turn on 12th instead of 13th because I feel nervous and drunk Make my way in Tackle Ty Mike shows up these guys stay up for another hour with me smoking bowls and I talk about the best night of my life as I use smaller more to the point words I discover the lack of language backed up by images.

Being 21 feels like a lot of work. Being 21 feels tired and hungover but I'm loving it.

Oh yeah, pretty sure I lost my ID on my walk home last night.

Thanks for all who called with birthday wishes, thank you so so much.


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[02 Feb 2006|06:06pm]

I turn 21 in 12 days

I don't feel like writing anything at the moment. I'll get back to you. [thumbs up]
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Incredible. [27 Jan 2006|10:57am]
I've let myself go to an ultra soft, body molding matress. I can hear records spinning from the other room. The $800.00 mixer that I want [and worth every penny, mind you] is beautiful. Last night I went to sleep with ideas taking over my head, while three geniuses created sound in the other room. I sat on a hard floor for a couple of hours staring at such sexy equiptment, figuring out music structure of techno, and listening to all of our opinions. gahhsjhdjhsjh.

Sometimes I can't explain the vibe that I want to create. It's going to be difficult and a much needed journey.

They are all going to Canada tonight to go to a party--I have to work in the morning, so I'm totally missing out but hopefully I'll get out somewhere in Seattle tonight if someone wants to go with me.

I appologize for random sentence structure but my mind is going at a ridiculous rate while listening, thinking and making music. Shit, sometimes I forget about how fortunate I've been just to meet great people and see the things I have. I want to continue to learn and meet all the right people.

UMM my brain is on overdrive at the moment, I'll get back to you.
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[24 Jan 2006|06:20pm]
[ mood | cramps/happy/nervous ]


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Do lists have purposes? [18 Jan 2006|05:33pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Who knew sundays could be so psychedelic?

I'm starting to take my job less seriously. [If you know me, you know this is a VERY VERY good thing.]

We're moving!

Hopefully purchasing those turn tables so I can start spinning soon.

Vinyl/music impulse purchases are far more exciting than anything else.

Realized I haven't talked to my family in a while. Our whole tree is disconnected.

I'm turning 21 next month.

Lately, memories that are printed in my brain will remain there forever.

I think coke-heads are too concered with life and are generally morons.

I have the desire to paint every inch of this ceiling.

I am happy. Very happy.

I've decided that I really don't feel like pleasing everyone.

I like going out dancing. Wherever, I don't care.

I can't stop dreaming about indian food.

I think it's cute that Stephanie can live off of copius ammounts of sunflower seeds.

It's rained 20something days straight in a row here. I hope the sun's ready for me.

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Go have fun tonight. [07 Jan 2006|05:47pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

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Language Barriers. [26 Dec 2005|11:15pm]
All I want, is for everyone to understand each other.
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