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October 26th, 2012

crap @ 11:51 pm

My whole class wants to dress up for lecture next wednesday.

I have to come up with a costume by next wednesday!

April 8th, 2006

Carbon Qualifier 4-8-06 @ 06:21 pm

Current Mood: calm calm

100 meter dash
14.4 seconds
10th out of 42

200 meter dash
10th out of 38

The thing is I need to learn to get out of the blocks and get up to speed quicker. In practice I can pick it up any time along the track I want. You know, really turn on the gas. But at a meet there's so much more pressure. You'll hear someone comming up behind you and you try to move faster, only to succeed in getting tighter. Which, ironically, makes you slower.

And I got a wicked sunburn. I've got a nice little outline of my jeasry on my shoulders, where it goes from white to red. I've got some on my legs, but it's not too bad.

January 10th, 2006

(no subject) @ 10:13 pm

Hello there, this is a friend's only journal.
If you would like to be put on my friend's list, leave me a comment


and maybe if you are lucky I will add you.
If you would not like to be added, go ahead and leave a comment saying so if you really feel like it. It's really all up to you.
Well, no, it's not. For I get to deside in the end if I want you to be my "friend" or not. So perhaps you should put something interesting in your "Add me" comment, for I am more likely to add you if you do.

October 16th, 2004

COLLAGE!!! @ 12:16 am

cause I'm hot that's why.


October 12th, 2004

there is absolutly nothing wrong with Hot Topic.. or wanting to be a vampire! @ 06:25 am

Confucius say 'Be kind to others,
at it will be returned
to you 10 fold....
just kidding; they'll walk
all over you.
people suck ass'
Billy's Weird...cat...thing tells your fortune!

May 1st, 2004

the roof @ 04:39 pm

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

Oh my gawsh! the roof is SOOOOO much fun!!!!!! I finally got the screen out. The place by the chimny is cool but it hurts your butt to sit where the roof has a peek. HA I love the roof!!! It's warm cause the shingals are black.. I could get a tan up there with the comforts of my room two steps away. HA I love it!!!
Widow screens are easier to get in than out.