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most call me katie.
12 July 2007 @ 11:55 am
i have finally done it.
i'm leaving this wonderful journal.
i've created a new one.

PLEASE GO AND ADD oh_thelove

i'll be sure to add all of you guys too!
love for you all!

♥ katie
most call me katie.
11 March 2007 @ 09:28 pm
dear all my friends,
you guys are amazing. i could not ask for better friends. To you guys in san antonio, i'm really sorry that i had to move away this year. i miss you guys so much! i miss spending time with you and just hanging out. I want to thank you guys especially for staying in touch, that means a lot to mean. you guys haven't forgotten about me. :) i just want you guys over there to know that i have met some amazing people here. They have completely changed my life. To all you katy people, i don't know what i would do with out you! I thought that moving here would be horrible. I wouldn't be accepted, i would be an outcast, i wouldn't have friends, that i would have to go back every weekend to san antonio or some ridiculous thing like that. but boy i couldn't have been more wrong! All of you took me in, accepted me, let me be part of your group. I can't even begin to tell you how thankful i am for you. One of the first people i met after moving here, alyssa, told me that i should try out her youth group at Grace Fellowship. I don't know what my life would be right now if she hadn't said that to me. I went for the first time on my own, and that terrified me. I didn't know anyone going into The Garage. But for some reason, i kept coming back. Which is amazing because in san antonio, i had stopped going to youth group and church in general and i had known people there since fourth grade. I didn't feel as accepted there though. UUMC is mostly Clark people, and i was a churchill person. I even worked at the church, but that was the only time i was there. As their relationships with each other grew stronger, i faded out. At grace, i was welcomed with opened arms. Talk of a senior bible study came up and i went to meetings about, even though i didn't really say anything. The first actual bible study was great. We all went around the circle and told each other basically our lives. I found out that Reid and I lived in the same area at one point. i told them all about how i was new and my experiences at UUMC. They were all amazed at the fact that i had kept coming to RPM not knowing anyone. Some of them had said that it would have been really hard for them to do that. That just compelled me to come more. I am so thankful to have found a great place right off the bat. I've grown to love you all so much! You Grace people have changed my life. Truly. I had fallen away from God, from church, from people in general it seemed. I know it probably didn't seem like it to you san antonio people, but i was really struggling with my relationship with God. I never really talked about it. I would say "oh i've got church today" but that would be about it. Now i feel like i'm living in church. I'm constantly around people who live for God, who reflect Him, and it's amazing. I can see the change that it has brought in my life. It's also put conviction into my life. My relationship with God has grown so much stronger in just these few months that it had for a long time. I would go to one camp with UUMC and the past couple of years, i wouldn't even get that camp high. Here i feel like i am always on the camp high. I know that i need to take it and run. Run and spread the glory of God to everyone. I am truly happy that i moved. It has changed my life! thank you guys for putting up with me! i know it's probably hard accepting someone new into a group like yours, but that's what makes you guys so great. It is hard for me coming into school senior year because i still don't know very many people and i can always ask you guys "who's so and so" and you will tell me! i almost (almost!) don't want to graduate because i feel like in a couple months i won't get to spend so much time with you guys here. i'm still really getting to know you and i want to continue to do so. But college will be amazing and it will bring even more changes.
So to all my wonderful friends, you mean the world to me! Whether you live in san antonio katy, i love you all!
And there kind of is a point to this. And that is you guys in san antonio need to come over to Katy for a visit. i'm not trying to be selfish or anything, but it seems like i have gone over there all the time and not very many of you have come here. You guys are missing out! please come and see me! we've got plenty of room! haha. You need to meet these people who have been amazing towards me! :)
God Bless you guys! i ♥ you!
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most call me katie.
24 August 2006 @ 04:09 pm

so i thought it would be a good idea to compare which days cinco ranch has school off and which days churchill has school off and etc. so here it goes.

Cinco Ranch                                                                                               Churchill
September 4                                                                                            September 4
September 15- early dismissal                                                                    -----
October 9                                                                                                     October 9
October 27- early dismissal                                                                          -----
November 20-24                                                                                  November 20-24
December 18-29*                                                                                 December 20-29*
January 1-2                                                                                                January 1-2
January 15                                                                                                 January 15
-----                                                                                                             February 23
February 26                                                                                              February 26
March 12-16                                                                                             March 12-16
April 6                                                                                                              April 6
April 9                                                                                                                 -----
April 13- early dismissal                                                                                -----
-----                                                                                                                  April 27
May 23- last day of school                                                             May 23- last day of school

*- these dates vary a little; notice cinco gets out two days before churchill does. :)

CRHS- May 25, 7:00
Churchill- May 28, 7:30

so only a few differences. katy actually has early dismissals throughout the year, not just at the end of semesters, which i like. i think we have early dismissals at christmas too, but i'm not sure about that. and we don't graduate on the same day! yay, that means that churchill people can come to mine, and i can go to theirs! i'm thinking of a nice longggg weekend with them. :)

i think i'll keep this public for people to look at. i know a lot of people don't have lj's, but they can still look at this.
miss you guys.

most call me katie.
28 September 2004 @ 05:47 pm

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hello. and welcome to my journal. 

it is a friends only journal...but
i would love it if you wanted to be friends
i'd like it if you would comment and let me know just a little about you. 
a name and how you found me is fine. 
i'd just like to know who is reading my journal.