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i'm no angel;

i'm a witch

Marlene McKinnon
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The Player
Name: Gabby
Gender: Female

The Character

Character's Name: Marlene McKinnon
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Appearance: Standing at a height of about 5’7”, Marlene is naturally very skinny (to the point where she has to explain "No, I'm not sick, damnit!"), with a ‘pear’ like build with wide hips and bottom, along with long legs. She has a darker compexion.

Her hair, typically, is a dark shade of brown and is long and curly. Her eyes are a light shade of brown. (PB: Rosario Dawson)

Character's History: Marlene was born into a very wealthy family, though one wouldn’t be able to tell simply from talking to the girl. She’s very grounded and doesn’t really flaunt her status. She’s a half blood and doesn’t hide it at all.

Her mother, from childhood until attending Hogwarts, was very much an elitist Pureblood. Snobby, bratty, and very much selfish, she tended to look down upon those who were ‘lessers’. It wasn’t until she attended school and realized the reality of the world she lived in that she slowly, but surely, began to change.

A large part of it, of course, had to do with the man she met, and would eventually marry. She was no longer a slave to her own heritage, but an open-minded young woman who was curious about the world around her.

Eventually, she realized she wanted to ‘pay back’ the wrongs she had done and became an Auror (something that, later on, her daughter aspires to be), and helps those who she once put down.

Years later, Marlene was born.

She had a happy childhood, for the most part, aside from the occasional torment from her Pureblood cousins, who unlike her, felt very much above everyone else. Marlene, however, had the idea of equality instilled in her from a young age. And, being that her father was a Muggleborn, she was exposed to both the magical and Muggle worlds growing up, so she would better understand how similar the two world really are—along with their differences, of course.

Growing up, Marlene wasn’t the strongest of children, and was easily picked on and bullied. She never really stood up for herself, and that’s probably affected the type of person she is today. She abhors fighting and seeing the smaller, weaker parties lose out.

Her first brush with magic, ironically, was due to a temper tantrum caused by one of her dearest cousins. The end result was said cousin having a nasty experience with boils. The two aren’t as close as they should be, obviously. Still, Marlene would do anything to protect and help her cousin out. It’s not as if she hates her, no matter how much she pretends she does, she just disagrees with her. A lot.

In school, she’s always been friendly and sociable. She works hard at her classes (most of them, anyway) and lives up to the idea of the ‘stereotypical Ravenclaw’. She studies her butt off and manages to get good marks most of the time.

The girl doesn’t have a mean or bitter bone in her body, so she’s pleasant to just about everyone. She loves talking to people and flitting around different social groups. Marlene gets along fairly well with most people due to her pleasant nature. This, combined with her hard work, led to her being made a Prefect, something she takes great pride in.

Character's Personality: Marlene’s a really nice girl. Like... really, really nice. She's open to everyone and has a big heart. She firmly believes in giving a person more than one chance, because... really. Why hold grudges when life is short? Live it up! That said, she's friendly and has a smile for everyone, no matter how they may have treated her in the past. Because of this, it can be somewhat easy to take advantage of her. She won't catch on right away, but when she does? Woo, funtimes.

Marlene also has issues dealing with any strong emotions. She likes to be as mellow and relaxed as possible, so dealing with anything that can throw her off of that is something she does not want. She's mastered the art of ignoring and pretending things have not happened. Life is so much easier that way.

the Scales of Justice. Cardinal, air, yang - planetary ruler: Venus. Keywords: "I BALANCE"

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and governs the kidneys, lower back, and buttocks. Positive traits include a rational, logical mind, a fine sense of aesthetics, diplomatic aplomb, good taste, charm, skill with words, intelligence, an innate sense of fairness and justice, and exceptional beauty. Negative characteristics include indecisiveness, excessive dependence on other people, conformist tendencies, manic depression, extravagance, and manipulation.


All Ravenclaws are intellectual, but Ravenclaw Libras have their heads in the clouds more than most (Pisces Ravenclaws may have them beat, but not by much). They are romantic and idealistic, and prefer to live in the world of pure theory rather than in the messy world of action. While social and pleasant, they are still quiet and shy, and rarely make the first move when in a group of people. In the classroom, they tend to wait to be called on, or raise their hands when they are sure that no one else knows the answer, but they do tend to be the teacher's pet on a fairly regular basis. It's hard to hate them for this, because they are so pleasant to everybody. Ravenclaw Libras are the most speculative (and indecisive) of all Libras, because they have the intellectual capacity to explore all ramifications of every action and reaction.

“You are a progressive person with dynamism and enthusiasm. Your life is characterized by emotional ups and downs, and you are a sensitive person who picks up much--perhaps too much--from your environment. At times you feel overloaded, but your will is strong and you are resilient. In fact, you can be extremely stubborn at times! Highly magnetic, your communication skills are notable. You could be a natural teacher.”

Strengths: Both magical and personality:

Marlene’s an intelligent girl and very much the essential Ravenclaw. Nothing comes before her studies (except maybe family) and she works hard at them.

Her best classes by far, are those that involve wand work. She finds those the most useful and interesting to learn. She excels at Charms and naturally took to them from the time she started to learn them. Transfiguration comes in a very close second—she’s good at the class, but doesn’t like it nearly as much as she does Charms.

Marlene is very open to others, and has a heart for everyone. If you need a shoulder to cry on, she'll hold you; if you need someone to listen, she'll lend an ear; if you're belly's aching, she'll make you a sandwich; etc. She's not all that shy, and is definitely able to just walk right up to people and start a conversation, or start drilling them with questions as she is known to do. She wouldn't be called an introvert or an extrovert, really.

She believes in fairness and justice for all, and will fight to the death for that. There’s a belief of ‘protect the innocent, not punish the guilty’—she’ll fight for those who need someone to fight for them, but she won’t actively go out to seek revenge for something done to her.

Weaknesses: Both magical and personality:

Oh, God, her classes by far are Potions and History of Magic. She’s not that great at Herbology or Divination either, but those two are by far her worst.

Potions? She can’t seem to get a handle on without lots of tutoring and help. She worked her butt off to get into the N.E.W.T level class and continues to work harder on that than any other class she currently takes. Potions don’t come easily to her, and she can’t do the work completely on her own. Seriously. She hates the class, it hates her, but she forces herself to do well so she can get to her life’s dream. Because of lots of tutoring, extra studying, and giving up sleep, she manages to do fairly well, despite her HOPELESSNESS.

History of Magic is something she didn’t have the attention span for. Her mind wandered and she couldn’t bring herself to focus on anything while the professor was instructing. Most of her time was spent doodling or trying not to fall asleep during lectures. She ended up doing horribly in the class and dropped it as soon as she could.

She’s a bit of clingy person, needing the acceptance and approval of others before she can move on with something. It’s hard for her to make up her mind about anything, which can leave her in a huge rut. If she’s stuck between two things, she does the Ravenclaw thing by weighing her options, but that doesn’t make the decision making process any easier.

When it comes to other people and getting what she wants, she’s not above manipulating them to her will. Guilt trips? Oh, yes. She’s definitely not past using those to get what she wants.


Marlene, for one, is deathly afraid of snakes. This is due in part to an incident when she was around five years old. A cousin of hers, in her first act of magic, managed to make her hair turn into snakes. So, the fear is hardly a ‘girly’ one, per se, but she has excellent reason behind it. She’s also a bit scared of heights, but it’s not as limiting as it once was.

On the more emotional side... abandonment issues. Like whoa.