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by fadingxmonday

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My Shows
The Addams Family
Alfred Hitchcock Presents:
Rescue Me
Pushing Daisies
One Tree Hill [early seasons]
Veronica Mars
The Black Donnelly's
House, M.D.
Heroes [1st season]
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Grey's Anatomy
South Park
Mad Men

My Ships

My Movies
Addams Family
Breakfast at Tiffany's
A Lot Like Love
Garden State
Match Point
Little Miss Sunshine
Rumble Fish
Walk the Line
Edward Scissorhands
Finding Netherland
Pirates of the Caribbean
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [2005]
Benny and Joon
Donnie Darko
Strangers on a Train
The Fox and the Hound
Half Nelson
The Darjeeling Limited
Lord of the Rings
The Outsiders
The Virgin Suicides
Lars and the Real Girl
Meet the Robinsons
Paper Moon
On the Waterfront
All About Eve
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Life as a House
Alfred Hitchcock movies
and classic movies, in general
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