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hey! ^____^v my name is lisa, but a lot of my friends call me LISAFER. i am aged a ripe nineteen. =P i'm trying to be a better person, because i used to be a real bitch. i didn't even like myself. i was useless, no good.. and just stupid! i'm really trying to shape my life up & cut out all of the bad things. i'm artistic to a fine point. i enjoy photography, graphic design, drawing. i also have a knack for ideas, really... i do! xD i have so many swimming in my head, and i always try to write them down. i write a lot. well, i used to.. but these days my muse has taken a loooooong vacation... x___x; i don't like labels, but if you could slap any label on me, i'd probably fit well in the GAMER status. *wh00p* there isn't a day you won't see me playing a game. i've got so many systems, i laugh about it. james just bought me a nintendo DS, so i've been constantly playing that ^-^; i'm obsessed with japanese style/ anime/ culture/ everythingjapanese. i love kawaii things like hello kitty, tamagotchi, just anything a little girl would probably like. i'm fond of bright, funky colors. i've been told i act like a little kid. but i like it! i'm always making lists of stupid things. i like to sew my own purses, i'm good with polymer clay... .__. & i *LOVE* craftster.org .... and i've ran out of things to type. XD

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craft up a storm!
my spaceship!

the faerie was an image i found through google image searches, if anyone knows who created her, please email me at lisaweesah@yahoo.com so i can give proper credit. brushes i've used can be found in my profile. click the "RESORCES that i use...". i also used one of premade_ljs layouts as a base for my code. you know, like a building block...? lol. o__o; i've tried to make sure i credited all the right people, so if i've made any mistakes, just let me know...

these little tamagotchis need a home! please link back to this URL & upload to your own host!!


this is mametchi <3

this is shimashimatchi <3

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Watch this shit! [Dec. 28, 2006 // 3:20am]

LOL... that bear fucking round house kicked that dude. And that last commercial had me crackin the fuck up.

she thought no one was in the car! LOL...... "that was stupid".. man i'm in tears. i wish i had a job to make stupid ass funny commercials like that. lol.
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LMFAO. i love this!! [Dec. 23, 2006 // 1:07am]

XD so funny!!!!
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[Aug. 15, 2006 // 1:53am]


take a peek under the cut!Collapse )
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[Apr. 20, 2006 // 7:40pm]
[ mood | bored ]

happy 420 you stoners! i smoked a bowl today, but that's it. no parties, nothing. *sigh*

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ICOOOOONS!!! [Apr. 18, 2006 // 3:01am]
[ mood | creative ]


+ please credit me where it is due.

+ i beileve i used bases for the some of the sailor moon icons i made from a sailor moon icon base community. i did a interest search, and i should kept the username.. damn. comment if you know the username!

+ also, put me in your user-info/whatever.

+ i *love* feedback. love them? tell me! hate 'em? tell me!

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Top TEN DVDs I Love [Apr. 17, 2006 // 10:36pm]
I decided to make a list of my 6 favorite DVD movies I own <3

Welcome To The Dollhouse

This has to be my favorite movie of all times. It's the story of a ugly underdog, and what she has to deal with through-out her day. She makes you feel disgusted, sad, and sympathetic all rolled into one. I feel so connected with this movie because I was in her shoes once. When I was in middle school, I was tormented often. Asked if I take baths, called a dirty sewer rat, made fun of because my teeth are crooked.. I felt the same way Dawn did, alone... wishing someone would love me. Thank god I filled out & look a lot better now! ( & I have James to love me. )

Pulp Fiction

Everyone should know this movie. One of the best!! I know this movie by heart. I love how all the people in the movie are connected in some way, and how it plays out. This movie is a cult classic, and everyone should love it. I don't have to explain this movie, because I'm sure everyone should/or has seen it. If you haven't, go out and buy it. You'll love it!

The Neverending Story

I had the biggest crush on Atreyu. I used think if I visited a book store, I'd find a book like this. My dreams were shattered, but I still love this movie. I want a luck dragon, damnit. And when Sebastion re-names the empress, what name did he name her? I could never make out what he yells out the window. I wish I knew.


EVERYONE has seen this movie, and I *love* it!! I know every song by heart. I have the biggest crush on David Bowie just because of that movie. I used to yell, "Goblin King take me away!!" ...I was such a nerd. I loved the masqurade ball scene. Who would want to wake up from such a beautiful dream?

The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane

Everyone who loves Jodie Foster, has to watch this movie. It's about a girl who moves in a nosy New England town. Her father is a poet, and she has travelled the world, and is very well-educated. She plays a wise-beyond-her-years 13 year old girl... you know what? I'm not going to spoil it. You just have to watch it, because it's an awesome movie.


A dark & twisted movie. I think I had to re-watch it a few times to actually understand the plot completely. Extremely gorey, lots of blood. It's an anime movie, made by those twisted fucks in Japan. So you know it's gotta be good!

<3 yay..
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[Mar. 06, 2006 // 7:44pm]
Here are a few random icons I've made for your usage.

+ please credit me in your user info, or a link to my journal, somewhere.
+ do not edit, i worked hard to make these.
+ comments, wonderful things to say are welcomed. ;) haha.
+ enjoy ^-^v

more behind the cutCollapse )
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[Feb. 17, 2006 // 4:14pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

wanna see more brushes? look ---> behind the cutCollapse )
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[Feb. 17, 2006 // 4:02pm]
[ mood | creative ]

i drew some anime girls a long time ago, out of boredom. check them out..

under the cutCollapse )

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[Feb. 17, 2006 // 1:54am]
[ mood | impressed ]

hey everyone! like the new layout? lots of color, huh? i love it.

and tomorrow, i will have brushes & icons up for you to use =D

oh & does anyone have good FREE web hosts WITHOUT POP UPS/ADS? i want to make a webpage. i need a good reliable host.

so how does the new look suit? comments, feedback? lots of love to my LJ friends =3

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