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Caitlin and Her Books

Keeping Good Company

29 March
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Book Reviews and Reading Log

This is my reading journal. I'll post what I am currently reading, what I hope to read, and reviews of some of the books that I've read. You can feel free to visit my personal journal, caitfish if you would like more about me and the other things I've been doing.

I've used tags to organize the journal into meaningful chunks.

Types of Entries:

Currently Reading/Recently Read/Priority -
Pretty self-explanatory. Just lists of all of the above.

Review Entries -
These contain quotes, and my opinions and analysis. The title of these entries are the book reviewed. An easy way to see all of the reviews is to view my history by the entries' subjects.

Tag categories for reviews are in terms of quality and type of literature.

Right now, the quality meter is set to three levels: favorites, meh, and dregs. I'll adjust that if necessary. The other review categories are pretty self-explanatory.

Please comment on any of these that you have read. I would love to discuss them!