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Quixotic One
06 April 2009 @ 03:23 am
Why does every aspect of my life have to be such a struggle?
Quixotic One
07 November 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Hurm. With DnA gone to WV for most of the weekend, I find myself at home on Friday for the first time in awhile. Even turned the TV off with nothing to watch...

Speaking of Friday TV, have I mentioned that FOX sucks the life out of me? They go to the trouble of keeping Terminator around for a full season despite issues of it struggling on Monday vs football, only to announce they will move it mid-season (after football is over) to Fridays?! Adding insult to injury, they will pair it up with Dollhouse - effectively killing two birds with one stone. Good combo of programming, yet dropped into a death zone that has repeatedly destroyed good shows... WHY? The audience you want is not there on Fridays! How have they not learned that yet?!

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, things are slowly moving in the right direction. Got some hours at work this week, although when I wanted to leave early today, I got stuck for the full day. Fortunately, we don't have to work Saturday like they had planned/threatened. Likely next week, though... and all through the holidays. The hours will at least help me get financial stuff back in order; this paycheck got me out from under the gun on one thing. And I can splurge a bit with my Saturday morning breakfast buffet ritual again :)

The Browns finally decided to start Brady Quinn, who had a solid game for his first big start. Too bad the 'D' couldn't hold it together for a win that might have made something of this season...

Sunday is gaming & the big Hunter kickoff. Wishing Heather all the best on her first go as ST... Hoping it spurs me on to getting the Steampunk LJ game into motion. Ideas are spinning, and I think I have a good idea on what mechanics to try & use...

Kaylee's still a bugger on the housetraining. Just when I think I got her figured, she pulls a new trick. She also gashed my thumb a little with her tooth while trying to get her rope. Not a good week...

After the nicest week of Indian Summer, winter has decided it's a-coming. Imagine the first real snow won't be far off.

Still a little out of sorts... Something for another entry, perhaps.

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Quixotic One
04 November 2008 @ 04:55 pm
Yeah, voting & junk... whatever.

Just got word at work that the are modifying the schedule. I'm going to be stuck working Saturdays now also. But it's not really increasing hours much because they want us to work 7 hours each day instead of 8. So basically stretching the work week over 6 days... yeah. Unfuck me. *sigh*

Outside of that, I'm just trying to get by. Once the full paychecks start back up, I should be OK. Then I can get back on track with other things...

At least my last full weekend was fun. Friday night at DNAs for Buffy/Angel (S7 & S4 respectively)... Saturday we headed out to Heather's sister's Halloween party, including some friends of DNA (Shoutout to Lex & Megan!)... Introduced them all & some others at the party to 'Are You A Werewolf?' where much fun was had! Sunday was another alternate gaming day, where Lex & Megan joined us again. Introduced them to 'We Didn't Playtest This At All', where there was much, much laughter & fun :) Later, we screened 'Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising' for Mike & Heather - again with much laughter. Good times...

Not much else doin'... In TV news, Heroes is hurting so bad that they fired Jeph Loeb & Jesse Alexander. Let's hope the effort to rebuild the show doesn't kill it outright... No good TV on tonight - just some election thing or somethin'.

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Quixotic One
30 October 2008 @ 12:16 pm
Guess I've been ignoring LJ for a bit, which I'm sure has upset all of my readers (hey you two)... So what's news in my world? Hurm...

I'm working again. Sort of. The temp agency finally called me up with an assignment. It's fairly easy, close to home, decent hours... but they've sent me home almost immediately after getting there due to lack of work. This after working OT the first couple days of the week... Hopefully things work out to a stable work schedule soon. But some work is better than none.

Been hanging out on Facebook a lot, but still don't have an account under my real name :) MIght have to finally set one up. More of the gaming group is making its way over there & friending up...

Speaking of, we had some more alternative gaming last week. Actually managed to get through two whole games all day - a long B-Movies game & Acquire. I just barely won the latter. And another session this week before kicking off the long-waited Hunter chronicle the following Sunday...

Although it's been about a month ago, I don't think I mentioned my new glasses. A birthday gift from the folks landed me some badly needed new specs, and I also got my first prescription sunglasses that I love!

Still living off the TV schedule, although the shows feel a little off this year. Most of my favorites are struggling in the ratings but keeping on due to odd factors like the economy. Been having to watch a few online due to timing & such... Spending a lot of time at Dustin & Amanda's place, spurring them through Buffy & Angel. Both are desperately waiting for the next season of Angel after seeing the S3 finale cliffhangers earlier this week :)

In the realm of favorite TV, it was recently announced that David Tennant, aka the Tenth Doctor or Ten, will be leaving Doctor Who after the upcoming "specials" season. Just as he's made it to the top of my favorite Doctors list, he leaves :(

What else? Kaylee is getting a bit bigger, but not much smarter... Lots of new games coming out of the European shows. Hoping to have a steady income by the time they start hitting over here. Monty Python Fluxx is out, but I haven't been able to get my copy yet... Finally starting to catch up on my comics.

Yeah, I'm totally unfocused. Trying to find a little order in the chaos. Ever working to be the change...

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Quixotic One
22 October 2008 @ 07:28 pm
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Quixotic One
21 October 2008 @ 10:38 pm
Still dunno what I'm going to do about... well, everything. Need a real pick-me-up that I can't have, but might have to make happen anyways...

We wound up having a game day Sunday, although Dustin decided to take a personal day last minute, leaving just me, Mike & Heather. That being the case, we went ahead with a previous idea of mine - a little ST practice. I offered a suggestion on how to play it out so it could utilize our Hunter characters from the upcoming chronicle without any continuity issues :) Heather took to it well (or had something similar planned) and gave us a solid run. There will be a few growing pains, but she did fine & I figure was glad for the experience... Looking forward to getting the whole thing going.

So... yeah.
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Quixotic One
18 October 2008 @ 03:50 pm
Anybody see the promo on this new fantasy/adventure series by the Xena creators called Legend of the Seeker? There's a definte LotR theme/feel/theft, although it seems to just be humans... Kicks off at the beginning of November, if you're interested.
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Quixotic One
18 October 2008 @ 02:47 pm
A couple bits for the fans of superhero movies, particularly Marvel... **looks at Mike**

One, that Incredible Hulk DVD you weren't planning to buy? Might have to pick it up... In the alternate opening, where Bruce goes off to the Artic, there's the briefest shot of someone with a star-spangled shield frozen in the ice....

Two, Raimi & Maguire have agreed to not one, but TWO more Spider-Man flicks. Unsigned so far is Kirsten Dunst... yay? :P There are rumors of the Lizard finally making an appearance after all the cameo setups of Connors, and possibly John Jameson as Man-Wolf?!

So, poll:

Who would you like to see as villains in the next Spider-Man films?

Kraven, the Hunter
Black Cat

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Quixotic One
15 October 2008 @ 10:38 pm
Life sucks, in general. Still, I try. I try... My dad gave me this compass he's had for most of his life. I don't think he meant anything but it sure feels like a sign. Hurm.

Impromptu gaming last Sunday. Dustin, Amanda, Steve & I once again gathers at D&A's place. Played a few games, tried out 'Arkham Horror' for a while, but seems it requires more time than we were willing. Another day... Steve pulled out an impressive trapped victory in 'Settlers'. We finished the evening with Buffy (Once More With Feeling!) & chat...

Week's been slow & nerve-wracking. Really freaking out over the whole deal... At least the free time is giving me a chance to get Kaylee housebroken. Not there yet, but improving slowly...

Some decent TV this week... Say what you will, but I'm enjoying 'Heroes'. Although the many storylines do get to be a bit much every week, the recent developments have been great. Oh yes, I told you so, Steve :P 'Fringe' is really drawing me in, unlike most everyone else. Damn them for playing with one of my pet theories - it will actually factor into the potential Steampunk game I'm working toward. Pushing Daisies continues to be exceptional & LOL funny! Sister Christian - HA!

Main distraction besides TV has been this Facebook application of D&D solo adventures. Blame Dustin for tricking me into signing up just to play :P Still, interesting... but moreso is what it lead me to. The discovery of something so cool: a website for online board-gaming! Not the crap though - cool stuff like Axis & Allies, Acquire, Kill Dr. Lucky, Guillotine, Nuclear War, & Robo Rally!! Online, multi-player games for FREE! And it's all programmed in, so games take no time at all...

Onward to the weekend,
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Quixotic One
11 October 2008 @ 02:02 pm
So I'm trying... making an effort. Not much sure if it's out of boredom with all this dead time on my hands, but there it is...

With gaming off indefinitely, I decided to pursue a different outlet with a possible LJ RP. Steampunk. Dunno if it'll find its feet, but it offers the potential of fun... Already cooking on the story (hee hee), but wondering what sort of system to use. Wanting something simple to put the focus on the narrative side of it to better serve the play-by-post method... Amazing Engine? Hurm...

Finally exposed Dustin & Amanda to the greatness that is 'Clue' last night. 1+2+2+1 :)


Oh, and as they have watched through Angel S2 (& Buffy S5), I let them in on the secret of Numfar & his dancing :)
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