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so this is what love is.

2 July 1984
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Welcome to my journal. As you can clearly discern from the locked cover of this book, I have chosen a stance of friends only. It may seem a little unfriendly at first, but my reasoning for this stems from a firm belief that all the pieces of me contained herein belong only to those people who are a part of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love strangers. They always have so many stories. Everyone knows a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. This is why I will befriend anyone who comes along with a tickle of curiousity. Prove me wrong and I'll remove you, no questions asked. That is only fair. I think of this place as my home on the internet, styled and made to suit me, so as such please treat it with respect and I will duly return the favor.




I prefer to be called Dez. I'm twenty-something, though some days I feel much older than that. Sometimes experience can be heavier than years. I'm currently engrossed with the idea of travelling. I have always had a deep sense of wanderlust, as it runs in my blood. I could keep walking forever. I was blessed with my father's eyes and my mother's unfailing sense of loyalty. Often it has been exactly those qualities which have gotten me into, and out of, trouble. I was a dream created by two people in love, given a voice and a sense of lingering passion. I have a temper that can only be described by my Irish heritage. I love to build, to watch things grow from nothing. I am a spiritual explorer. I ask far too many questions than I should. Karma has finally delivered me to my other half and allowed me a measure of peace in being whole. I will never doubt just how much I would go through all over again in order to find him. I am Cancerian; crafted by the stars, I am charged by my emotions, left in the dark by logic and a fierce fighter. I am angered by injustice. I'm am saddened by apathy. Give me a challenge and see how bright I can truly shine. I am captivated by fantasy, ancient history and Grecian legends. I was born with a green thumb; I can make anything grow, or come back from the brink of being gone. I have a near compulsive need for cleanliness. I clean everything. I want to be able to heal others. One day I will visit every corner of this Earth. I have learned to never regret.

makes my world go 'round

old hollywood glamour | sleeping in | playing footsies beneath the table at restaurants | photography | long kisses | staring | nights in the country | intelligence | serendipity | angels | chop sticks | ancient history | warm socks | broadway | perfect moments | eskimo kisses | the sound of the rain | hot bubble baths | glasses | autumn | kittens purring | typewriters | fantasy | the open road | conversations with depth | dancing until my legs go numb | soulful lyrics | japanese culture | languages | run-way | peaceful moments | sitting on my balcony | making lists | night-time swings | poetry with feeling | late nights making love | comfortable silences | windy days | grecian legends | family gatherings | literature | late night walks | holidays | the forest | trains | creating | connections | belonging | nostalgia | ribbons & lace | waterbeds | feeling feminine | campfires | swimming | fresh, cold air | the sun on my face | long hair | fashion | longing | soundtracks | traveling | friends you can never forget | kindred spirits | thunderstorms | being unrestrained.

makes my teeth clench

morning breath | an empty stomach | apathy | people without manners | disorganization | screaming | wet feet | the dentist | blue cheese | crowded restaurants | suspicious people | fakes | suspense | starbucks | thieves | people obsessed with money | lack of appreciation | lukewarm drinks | being told to be quiet | tequila | condescention | people who ruin the ends of books/movies | ticking clocks | horrible grammar | too much light in my room | listening to fighting | losing consciousness | losing possessions | click-it pencils | wet wool | being called in to work when I'm comfy | people who talk at the theatre | cat litter | wet wool | liver & onions | not getting my phone messages | getting my phone messages | gossip at work | being sick | operations | family arguements | tests | two faced people | secrets | being in the back seat | bruises | loud dogs | cds that won't play | stubbing my toe | jealousy | crude humor | dead batteries | being restrained.