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December 30th, 2004

08:37 pm - Same as Deadjournal.
Well dad didn't feel like going to Logan to see the Christmas Lights in the park, I kinda didn't want to go either but, kinda did. So after I got my hair cut we went to the mall. I was wanting to go to the movies, but dad didn't feel like taking me. Anyway, my haircut looks pretty, it doesn't really look layered, it has a face frame and its angled...oh well. Come to find out Michelle and I picked out the same haircut without knowing it, my picture I picked out just had the hair curled a little bit on the ends, soo that threw off everything, I was wanting a different one from her, oh well. Maybe if i have time in the morning I can curl the tips up, like my picture had.....I'm going to try that in a minute. Anyway, I do like that haircut. I was in Sears today, at the checkout counter while dad paid for something and OMG the cashier was sooooo rude, dad even agreed that she was a smartass. I was talking to dad and she started to get into the conversation. Then she started calling me short and laughing, I should have been a smartass right back, but decided to be nice to her since dad would say something if I said something. She was also a white person and she talked black, that got on my nervers, she's a poser. Anyway, she just pissed me off, its really not my fault that I'm short, its mom's fault. Those comments really hurt, big time.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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December 5th, 2004

04:54 pm - Hmmm.....
I just had this idea, since I'm on the computer a lot why not keep up with my LJ, but I'm still going to keep my Deadjournal. I dunno, I don't see the use to keep this one. I just got it so I could join a community, what a waste that was.

So, my day was ok. Went to church then ate out at the Chinese resturant. The Chinese guys were staring at me, it got kinda annoying after a while. Everytime I went to get something off of the buffet they started and sometimes when I caught them staring when I was eat.....it really got on my nerves. So one of them decided to ask if I was a twin, who was older, and how old I was. After that they continued to stare. I hate that.

I just woke up, I slept all day. I don't think I'm going to go to mama's church tonight, really don't feel like it, I'm so tired.

I also need to fix this layout, I need a background. This is sad that I'm finally getting around to it.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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July 16th, 2004

05:49 pm - Sick.....
I'm so sick, it did go away for a few hours, then I ate mini m&ms and drank som 7up, now I'm sick again, and thats all I had all day. The smell of dinner makes me sicker.

Maybe I'll try to eat something.
Current Mood: sicksick

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July 14th, 2004

05:23 pm - Bored now.....
Mom woke me up around 9:30am this morning. Dad wasnted to leave the house before 10am. Well I get dressed and put in my contacts rushing around, come to find out dad was not ready at all watching tv. He changed his mind about leaving so early. We left around 11:00, I could have had an extra hour of sleep. We went to mom and dads friends house, they said they would stay for a few minutes, but no we had to stay for an hour. Then we went to the mall, I bought a cute shirt from AE and got a Vanilla Late from Starbucks. It was really crowded there, being that it is early in the day and its usually crowded at night. There were these boys that said hey to us, I don't even know what they looked like, but I probably wouldn't cared, its not like I'm going to see them again. I actually didn't know they said hey to us, I was walking around counting money and not paying attention to anyone until Michelle told me. She said they looked young anyway. I noticed that there were alot of police, news people, and news cameras out today around Charleston. I have no idea why they were there.

I think I'll try to get ahold of Kleigh, I haven't talked to her in forever. I talked to Taylor yesterday, she asked when they can come and spend a few days to a week with us. I hope its soon.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Sunshine- Lil Flip and Lea

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July 13th, 2004

11:29 pm - Tired....
Most of my day went to organizing mom's things and bagging up clothes to send to charity. I'm glad I got rid of all of my clothes I can't and won't wear, I have more closet and drawer space. That space will go to my back to school clothes. I had to count every item so mom and dad can't write it off on their taxes, I counted and bagged 937 clothes items, and I still have to go to mama's house and clean out her closets. Dad said since I did so much work he'll reward me. I think I'll ask him if he will give me gymnasic classes, I miss gymnastics and I want to try out for cheerleading....like that will ever happen. I want to try out but I can't find out when the tryout date is, that always pisses me off.

I think dad is going to get up early and so his medical charts. Michelle wants to find another book to read so he decided to drop Michelle and I off at the mall for a few hours. That is if mom or someone wakes me up or I wake up to my alarm clock.

Well off to watch something.
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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July 12th, 2004

02:46 pm - Tired, bored.....
I shouldn't have woken up around 11am, thats to early. I just didn't want to sleep in until noon.

I want to do something today. Maybe go to the movies or something, I wonder if dad will take me after work.

So bored, I might call Kleigh and Taylor later.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Sunshine- Lil Flip and Lea

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July 11th, 2004

09:31 pm - Dry!!!!
Ok my hair is finally drying out from the rain I had to walk in.

Had to go to mama's church, I couldn't get out of it. Then I had to go to K-Mart with mom, dad, and mama. I saw Josef again, he looks different.

Reba comes home next week, maybe we can go to the movies and watch The Village, if she wants to.

Well off to check on my pizza.
Current Mood: hungryhungry

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July 10th, 2004

10:57 pm - Sleepy, Sleepy, Sleepy, Sleepy
Tired and this is odd for me being tired so early. I got home an hour ago. We went out and did stuff around town then mom and dad went to their friends house and I think that bored me so bad that I just got tired.

I want to see The Village when it comes out, its suppose to be scary, but it still looks good. Well off to get something to eat and watch something, just maybe I'll get to bed early.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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July 9th, 2004

10:32 pm - .......
Bored. I need to go to the mall tommorrow and find another pair of black pants for show choir, I'm suppose to wear tan or black pants, well I like black pants they make me look pretty. I'm working the Clay Adkin concert on July 13th. I hope its busier than the one I worked on 4th of July.
Current Mood: boredbored

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02:10 pm - New Livejournal!!!
I got this livejournal yesterday night, but was to tired to post anything. I was mainly fillinf out a app. for a community my friend Reba put together.
Current Mood: boredbored

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