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I hope i'm not revealing too much [entries|friends|calendar]

a failed attempt to capsulize a feeling.
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[Dec 19th, 2004, @ 9:19 PM]
new lj


[Dec 7th, 2004, @ 7:14 PM]
 because danielle and jamie are the mods and im helping them out with promotion in my lj :)

[Dec 1st, 2004, @ 8:02 PM]
k, ill be nice. public entry for sean. he asked and im bored so why not :)...but the one after this is friends only again.

[Nov 17th, 2004, @ 9:18 PM]
this is one time only.  sean wants me to make him a non-friends only entry so he can read it...so hi sean!


[Sep 5th, 2004, @ 5:13 PM]

That's right, Friend's Only. Comment to be added. And if you're worthy enough to read my lj i'll add you back :)


[Aug 25th, 2004, @ 10:48 PM]

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how the hell did it know i was little and shy?! that's what's weird about these internet things...

[Aug 21st, 2004, @ 10:54 PM]
adamn lazzara
it would be good times in bed with me and adam

which emo singer are you destined to hump?
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[Aug 14th, 2004, @ 1:11 AM]

Degrassi is INTENSE love

[Aug 5th, 2004, @ 8:48 PM]

[Aug 4th, 2004, @ 12:26 AM]

[Jul 26th, 2004, @ 1:56 AM]
i forgot to mention this amused me. according to lindsey, travelers or whatever bring large bags to mexico so they can put mexican children in there to escape the foreign land. lmao.

[Jul 24th, 2004, @ 10:53 PM]

[Jul 24th, 2004, @ 3:08 AM]
[ mood | content ]

yo, im so hyper and its 3 in the morning. is this REALLY what cheese does to you?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

lindsey and me had a nice conversation because we are the only ones cool enough to stay up so late. she's lucky she doesn't go to mac because she doesn't have to see "her" (yes name dropping, a-holes). besides all that...there's a part of me that can't wait til marching madness but then there is apart of me that says "fuck the drills and standing outside for 6 hours on the track and field marching and re-learning the steps for 5 days" maybe i don't wanna deal with the preppy people who tried out for colorguard and stood there at tryouts looking miserable. hey it was their choice to tryout in the first place whether or not it was around 90 degrees that day =). aileen said she'll visit us though, that should be cool...she could save us from alison for once. but at least going to be a sophmore is a good thing. not the youngest anymore plus we know the school better by now and what to expect. no more mr. damone for me though because im moving on up to bio this year woot woot. i proved scott wrong and passed that science regent. ok im talking about this a month late but oh well. im gonna listen to ms. vaiano (for once) and possibly tryout for basketball. yeah im short but...screw the people who take that as a disadvantage. i may not have the best skill but i was told by a gym teacher i was good and she thought i should play. oh man, bragging when ur hyper is great. ya, kyle realized we are like, the only couple in the grade who have been going out for so long. high school is mostly about hook-ups i noticed though. hm. anyway my contacts are pissing me off to the maximum extent of pissing one off. danielle and carrie are the coolest people to hang out with. we excell in stalking =). 2 more weeks til from autumn to ashes...woot woot. i have a feeling i should go to bed. but i don't wanna. i took the time to listen to "catalyst" today. that cd rocks and failure's not flattering is a good song. there is a gigantic mosquito on my bathroom wall. it looks like the ones from the jurassic times. andrew found it after we beat the shit out of eachother and he punched me and i kicked him then i closed the door and his finger hit it hard tehe....that's wut u get when u act like an asshole at 2:30 in the morning. i reallllly wanna go to the beach too. i get a bathing suit and i've worn it once! god damnit. i wanna go to the beach with all my friends one day. that'll be cool...if it ever happens. uhm...this journal was out of complete randomness and i highly doubt anyone will read it. i mean seriously, its so fucken long =). peace out gangsters (yeah that's right)


you think you know me, word on the street is that you do [Jul 23rd, 2004, @ 10:08 PM]
[ mood | lazy ]

today around 1 i went to the orthodontist...after that i went to danielle's house. carrie was there and then kyle came over. we attempted playing "fact or crap" haha amusing. then we walked to tri county and then the 99 cent store in the rainnnn. my blinky necklace fell apart ::tear:: lol. then we walked back to danielle's and ate dinner. then we watched sabrina and then degrassi. then we watched music videos and stuffffff and were "tortured" by danielle's sister's friend's brother [?]. then we decided to make up our own band haha that was interesting....im sooo lazy right now to go into anymore details about today. mkay so idk wut im doing tomorrow. laterrrrr.




you make me wanna lala


my name is fatty mc fat fat [Jul 22nd, 2004, @ 12:20 AM]
[ mood | tired ]

the last entry was friends only so this means this one isn't =). well today i got into a fight with my brothers. i wanted to call my mom to tell her they were lighting her candles and trying to melt caramel (i didn't even know we had that). so i go to get the phone and jason starts kicking me. so then they took the phone in the room with them and then lindsey called and jason had the nerve to tell her i was grounded and i couldnt come to the phone. haha! what a jackass. so theni went in the room and tried grabbing the phone from him but i got kicked about 6-8 times in the leg and knee and then he scratched my pinky til it bled. but at least i got it =). then my mom came home and yelled at them for harassing me and lighting candles when she isn't home. man she was pissed off beyond hell. ok so anyway. then we went to my aunts house and went in the pool with sammy n stuff. he only can say my nickname though haha it so cute. but he always asks for andrew and never cares to say jason really. then my mom took jason to my g-ma and g-pas house so my dad could pick him up. then she came back and we stayed there and did absolutely nothing for about 20 or 30 more minutes or so. then we went to the food store cuz my mom was too lazy to cook tonite or go out for food so andrew and me picked out our lean cuisine...dinner-in-a-box thing haha. ya so then i took a shower (not important really) and lindsey came over. i gave her her pics and then we attempted to make popcorn. have u any idea how difficult that was lmao. half the bag didn't cook so we were scooping out the kernels and putting them back in the bag then sealed it back up and let it pop again in the microwave. i learned that standing right in front of the microwave damages the brain...but u know me, i don't listen =) lolol. so then we watched some of i love the 90's and then degrassi. mkay then she left. laterrrr.


[Jul 20th, 2004, @ 11:39 PM]
every other entry will be friend's only because i feel like it...plus my friend's without lj's can't read em.

=) [Jul 19th, 2004, @ 11:43 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

oh man, soooo much fun today/tonite. well...i made plans to go with kyle to the mall hopefully along with kim and frederick. so kyle and me get there and attempt to call kim and frederick but no one answers. so we walked around a bit...went into the book store and tried to find "the perks of being a wallflower" but we couldn't find it not even with the guy telling us where it is. so i got AP magazine tehe...ya $4 and kim crumpled it and sat on it hah...its even torn in a corner...::tear:: oh well. mkay so then kyles dad gave us a ride to kims cuz she invited us over instead. so we started walking to cvs and stuff then frederick came and we got a ride up there from his mom. mkay so they got these things u throw on the ground and they make sparks and...smoke? lol idk. so then we attempted to play wiffleball towards the Mac field but ya...that didnt last long after frederick threw the ball by the sump and we couldnt find it. so we walked to subway. then we walked back to kims and hung out in her room haha  its really nice i must say kim...its all "ikea-ness". lmao we started our own dance club in her room. we listened to the thong song, tipsy, and get low. haha that was great. then we went outside and played poker [texas?]. and then i helped kyle with his "lanyard" that him and melissa were making haha...i beleive his exact quote was "i feel like an 8 year old girl again" (normal?). then we danced some more in kims room and listened to the ghetto music and then we were told to go outside cuz of the noise so we went in the shak. we shut the lights off and stuff and everyone was giving eachother massages (cept for me cuz im too violent for that haha). ya but i did slap frederick a few times =). then we talked in the dark...mhm....ya i "talked" cough cough lol. of course if u were kim, frederick, kyle, or melissa u would know. then we talked about wut we like most about eachother that was interesting =). then i went home and my mom got jason a drink and me a frosty =D. ya of course i just HAD to eat salad before that cuz i didn't eat dinner except a bag of chips. mkay....im too fat. bye.


btw, i love you...almost 8 months <33


[Jul 17th, 2004, @ 5:54 PM]

give _playing4keeps_ more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

this isn't gonna be friends only as a present to u people lol...not like anyone cares [Jul 16th, 2004, @ 11:59 PM]
[ mood | content ]

hm well, im typing with 1 hand cuz i burnt my finger badly today.

danielles mom dropped her & me off at villa carmelas where we got pizza then walked to the deli. then we walked to carrie's house to pick her up. then on our way there, we song almost the whole brand new cd lol. ok so then the 3 of us walked back to danielles and hang around and then jamie comes over (first time i met her after talking to her)  and then kyle. we played the emo game which was sooo funny plus we got far =D and then we started playing with the star and the accordian (the 2 coolest things in the world haha).  then carrie and danielle had this smart idea of watching the spice world movie haha. 1 1/2 hours to torture kyle =D. then we hung around on the computer for a lil while longer and kyle, carrie, and danielle's sis were throwing things at eachother while danielle and jamie were on the comp. yeah, i watched in amusement and poked people with the claw thing and then i poked kyle in the balls with the plastic sword.... then we all ate dinner and roasted marshmellows. i now have strong hate for that. i thought my marshmellow was cooled off and stuff but when i touched it i burnt my finger, ran around her backyardshaking my finger in pain, and then pratically colapsed on her grass. danielle took me inside and started getting the peroxode and stuff but then i told her it was burnt not cut so i walked around with ice on my finger forever lol . so then we all were gonna walk to tri-county but it was closed so we walked to nathans and played games. kyle won like 1 hundred something tickets so carrie went up to the guy who worked behind the counter and he goes to mac and he was all lazy-like and she asked him for 90 something tattoos lmao. so he actually gave us that many! and then danielle said he told us to get out or something cuz we were annoying hahahaha. it was great. then we walked back and carrie and jamie vandalized street signs by writing brand new rocks on them and other stuff lol. then i almost lost my bracelet trying to throw someones lost hat on a roof of some building. but then i found it and we continued walking. then my mom and mary jo picked up kyle and me and we drove him home. idk wut im doing tomorrow...hmmm MY FINGER HURTS LIKE HELL IT BURNS SOOOO MUCH =(....laterr


im tired of looking around...wondering what i gotta do or who im supposed to be [Jul 12th, 2004, @ 11:10 AM]
[ mood | tired ]

anyone else find these amusing?

stueYboBchikeNmO: im so black, its not funny
stueybobchikenmo: im like totally the opposite of mj

stueYboBchikeNmO: im making a xmas tree with light up raccoons


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