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Saturday, January 7th, 2006
10:51 am - It's A Wonderful Night
So yeah basically, Wednesday night I gave myself a concussion and consequently, the past few days have been.... weird. lol So yeah I remember part of the drive to ProSource, but I don't remember getting there or setting up or going out on the track or anything. I guess I came over a triple and only doubled it and then was doing fine but some mysterious breaker bump caused my front end to come up then back down and wash out. I didn't hit my head that hard my dad said, but I think it might have something to do with hitting my head on the stairs on New Year's Eve too. Hmmm... we'll never know. So yeah, Kris got me on videotape asking the same questions every five minutes so I'll be able to see it later. haha I did a lot of stupid stuff while I was confused. I'm not aware of what I was doing until the car ride home, I remember calling Lindsey, but I guess I wasn't really making too much sense. So I missed school until the middle of fourth hour, I thought I was okay and so did my mom so I went to school. But then I would talk to someone and then forget what I said and stuff like that and I couldn't pay attention so I went back home. I got better though. We went to the hospital last night to get a catscan and make sure I was alright up there. I was. :) So today, we were gonna go to Motoplex, but it's snowing and nobody else feels like going, so that fell through. O well. I'll just hang out around here. Aight. Bye.

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
5:42 pm - Christmas Break
YEah so Christmas Break went pretty well I think. The first day we got off, Paige had her Christmas party and everyone exchanged gifts and stuff. So I stayed the night there. Then the next day, I went to ProSource to practice and Kris helped me out. Then I went to Lindsey's birthday party and we played DDR and stuff. So I stayed the night there. Friday, I went to Elysia's with Lisa and we watched fricken' Moby Dick for english extra credit cause we all needed it. I fell asleep of course. lol There's a lady with a beard in that, but you have to look closely. Yeah... haha. Saturday was Christmas Eve and that's the fun day because everybody on my mom's side of the family comes over to celebrate Christmas. It was fun as always and I got some sweet stuff. Christmas, I woke to a video iPod. I love it. yay! Yeah my mom still sets the gifts out after we go to sleep. haha Then my dad's side of the family came over. That was okay. The little kids got a little older so they're not as annoying. lol The day after Christmas, I have no idea what I did. Who knows. Tuesday, we had to leave to drive to Missouri to see my Papa. We got there on Wednesday and that day was probably the most boring day ever. But it was nice to see him and Okie, his wife. We stayed the night with them, then got up in the morning and had to drive home. Friday, we went to the Motoplex with Kris again. We only had a couple hours there because Stephen had to be somewhere at 9, so of course some C riders crashed really bad and were sitting on the track for at least 45 minutes waiting for an ambulance because he couldn't be moved without a backboard. O well. Saturday was New Year's Eve. Maria, Lindsey, Lisa and Ron, Paige, Nicole, Drew, Allison, Holly, Elysia, and Kristen came over. Man, it was a blast. haha I couldn't believe we stayed up until 9:30 in the morning. haha We just put in 13 Going On 30 at like 4 then The New Guy at like 6:30 then talked a while and fell asleep after a little bit of Jimmy Fallon. Elysia and Drew had to leave before we even went to sleep! That must have sucked really bad. I have some New Year's Resolutions this year. I usually don't, but I'm gonna stick to them this year. I already have been to some of them on the list. :) Well... it technically was the next so after we got up 3 hours later, everyone left and I took a siesta. The next day I was pretty depressed :( and tired too so it kinda sucked. I never caught up on sleep. Today was the first day back and it really sucked really bad. argh. But then about halfway through the day, it was okay. Alright... finally my mom brought the car home so I can go to the mall and the Y. :) Aight.

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
9:20 pm - blah
Monday I did nothing. Tuesday, I was doing nothing but then I went to eat Wendy's with Drew and we got a free pencil and yo-yo and frosties. It must have been my lucky day. Then we went to get Maria and Paige and TJ and we all went bowling. But on the way to Maria's we got pulled over by a cop. lol It was crazy. It's cuz Drew blocked traffic when he turned left cuz he was out in the intersection after the light had turned left and the other people started going before he finally went. Nothing big though. SO I won the first bowling game, then I think Drew won the other two. It was fun. :) Today, I was GONNA go to the Y but my ankle still hurts so I just went to Maria's instead. WE sat around. Then she spilled coffee on me. haha I thought it was pretty funny. Then I went home. Interesting I know.

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Sunday, December 4th, 2005
8:48 pm - i'd rather be here than anywhere with you
yeah it's been like a couple weeks or something. I'll just do this week then. Monday. Went to school, came home, did nothing worth mentioning. Tuesday. Ditto. Wednesday, went to the Y. Thursday went to the Y. Friday, stayed after school to help someone with their video project, then went searching for just a plain black bag to use in Graphic Communications. Did we find one? Of course not. lol Then we drove around and then went to Paige's house. I went home kinda early cuz I had to get up at normal school time on Saturday cuz we went to the Motoplex in Indiana to practice and then stayed the night to race on Sunday. Kris came with us. It was fun. I'm sore, really sore though. HEY I got my new bike on the way there! Woo. Brand spankin' new 2006 YZF250. Yes! It's not as wide and feels lighter but I only got to ride a few laps on it. It's very shiny. :P I love it. So yeah we practiced and then we went and checked into the hotel and then we couldn't get into the pool so we went to the hotel next door to swim. The lady at the front desk actually said it was okay. Weird. lol Then we got food, then we went terrorizing Wal-mart at like 10 or something cuz there was nothing else to do. We only got yelled at once. lol Then we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Sunday was the race. I could NOT for the life of me get around these two crazy guys in front of me on the first Novice heat so I got 5th. If my holeshots didn't suck so bad I would have done a lot better. The first girl's moto, I was second into the holeshot, then I almost got pushed right into the wall over a double-double-double section and it scared the crap outta me, then I got passed by one girl and passed the other. So I had second. Then the 2nd Novice, I got third and the 2nd Women, I got 2nd after a sweet block pass. I love racing. I love it, I love it, I love it. :) And I fell asleep in the car basically 2 out of 3 hours home and I'm still exhausted. Peace out.

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Sunday, November 13th, 2005
10:21 am - i don't need to need you
yeah so Thursday, I think I came home and slept. lol I was exhausted for some reason. Friday was a scrunched up day, not a half day, not a whole day, a scrunched up day at school. lol They gave us 2 hours off of school so that we could go to the regional championship football game 3 hours away in hudsonville if we wanted. I was like..... uuuhhhhh no. lol But I got a shortened day at school so w/e. So I ended up going home, falling asleep, being woken up by my cell at like 2 by Paige, so I walked with her and Nicole and Leah to Taco Bell. First we stopped at Davidson cuz they were almost getting out of school to go visit Holly and some of us visited teachers. I didn't lol. So yeah it's a zoo in there. It's worse than the high school up stairs. lol Of course my brother and all his friends spotted me. haha. Yeah so then we were on our way to Taco Bell and I had my brother's "posse" haha following asking for money which I wouldn't give them. lol After Taco Bell we went back to Maria's and then went back to Paige's. Then we called Elysia and she came by. We sat around and watched TV and ate pizza and then they got in this massive pillow fight. That was fun. Then Maria dropped me and Elysia at my house, then I took Elysia home. Then the boys wanted a movie, so I had to drive them to Blockbuster. I had to get the movie cuz it was rated R, Saw. The guy was laughing and felt sorry for me cuz there was four of the boys and they were all being stupid as usual. hahaha it was funny though. So then we went back and watched it and Maria wanted to see it so she came back over at like 10. During the movie, Mark called and we decided to mutually break up. We're still friends though. In fact, I just got off the phone with him a little bit ago. lol I'm so happy that wasn't as difficult as I thought it was gonna be. Yeah so then I went to bed. I got up in the morning and sat around all day, attempting to clean, but I couldn't find the motivation. So then at 4 I went to Jackie's birfday party. We got there and waited for everyone then we were really bored so we made up this scavenger hunt type thing and you had to go knock on people's doors and ask and split in two groups. I wasn't expecting people to help out as much. Maybe it's just my neighbors that are dumb like that. But yeah. my team won. Score! Then we went back and ate dinner and watched Alice In Wonderland hehe. Then we went bowling at Woodhaven. That was fun. Then we went back and did some other stuff. We played "I've Never" ooooooh geez. hahaha. Then we left around 11 and I took Maria and Kristen home. I couldn't find the keys at first. That was a little scary. lol Now today I got up like and hour and a half ago and I'm getting ready to go to Twelve Oaks with my mom and aunt and cousin. Later I think my Spanish group has to get together to work on our video.

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
7:30 pm - so what's the deal, don't you feel what I'm dealing with
Yeah it's been a while so I'll start with.... the weekend after the last post. That was when we went to Sandusky for the club race. It was fun, but I wish we had gone to Baja instead. It sounded like fun after. Well anyways, we got there the night before and we had forgotten our keys and NOBODY was there but luckily the gate was unlocked. That really would have sucked if we couldn't get in after driving all that way. But then even the next morning barely anyone was there and we thought that they weren't even gonna have the race or anything but people showed up and they did. I won my drop of novices, then Stephen won his and we had to race. He beat me off the gate and I couldn't pass him. MANNNNNNN was I pissed. haha He got fast. But then I pulled the holeshot on him and there was no way he was gonna pass me. Then OF COURSE the spark plug cap came off his and he had to stop for a second anyways so we'll never know for sure. Yeah so then we left and spent the night at Luna Pier and then got up and went to the Dux race. That race is always fun. It was packed! If we had gone just a little bit later, I don't think we would have gotten a parking spot. But I had lots of fun. I got first both times in the girl's class and that was against Aaron Miller so I'm proud of myself. hehe. Then I had third in my first 250 heat, then a 6th(?) in the second and I missed going to the "main" by one point. Oh well. Then we went to Pizza Hut after and came home. Monday was Halloween. Yes I went trick-or-treating. hahaha But yeah I think that was my last year. The whole walking around thing just isn't fun anymore. haha But I'll always dress up. I didn't get much candy but I threw it away cuz I'm trying yet again to eat healthier and exercise for motocross. Anyways, yeah so that was Halloween. But then the rest of the night pretty much sucked. Yeah, crying and what not. That lead into the morning but everything's good now. So then I just did whatever on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, I had a "lesson" from my friend Kris at his track. It was fun. There were other people there riding too. I think I'll learn a lot. Thursday..... hmmm I sat around probably. Friday, I just hung out with Maria and Paige and Nicole at Paige's house and we took a bunch of pictures and then went driving around to Wyandotte. Then Saturday was Jeff Clark's. I took Maria with me. I think we had fun. We got there way too early though. lol I felt sooooo much faster there. Like IDK something just clicked. I don't want to sound conceited or anything but I felt awesome that day. Except for the fact that I fell three times, but I'm not worried about that cuz I have to start falling down sometimes if I wanna learn to go faster. But yeah I got third in the novice class the first moto, the first girl's moto I was soooooo close to my friend Jarrica (I'd never beaten her before and she's on a 450) and then I just slid out in the sand. The Clarks' track is ALL sand. Then the second Novice moto I was running fourth after some bar-banging in the first corner and then I slid out in the sand again. lol The second girl's moto, I BEAT A 450 IN THE HOLESHOT AND I USUALLY SUCK AT HOLESHOTS. And then she was behind me for a while but I pulled a nice enough lead and then I just *plop* fell over. Out of nowhere. I had a fricken' half lap to go. Everybody was yelling for me to get up and some guys were trying to help me and everybody was clapping trying to make me feel better but it really sucked. But she is fast so I'm just glad I know that I am capable of winning. So then we stayed for the party part for a while and hung around with Jarrica and Kris and John and Darren(?) for a while and got trophies and stuff and ate a bunch of junk and then we headed home. Sunday I didn't really do much of anything and it was kinda relaxing. Mark was supposed to come over but it just didn't work out. Monday, IDK it was a crappy day. I had to wear my glasses to school and everyone was like "hey you're wearing glasses" and I was thinking "yeah no shit really?!" haha But then I felt sick and I wanted to come home but I couldn't get a hold of my parents until last hour. But then I started to feel better. Then I went to the eye doctor's and then Panera's and the Y. Yesterday...I went to Y again even though I was really sore so I didn't lift weights. Today we had that dumb special recognition ceremony but I got out of 4th and 5th hour for a double lunch. We went to Applebee's. The lady brought me the wrong meal so I got to keep it. Score! Then we went practicing at Kris's. It think I learned some more again. It's cool. Ok this is long enough for nobody to read. Adios.

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
4:34 pm - hey hey where have you gone? You used to be the one, we looked up to.
welp, I'm bored and you know what that means! Update time! Woooooo I'm sure that if anyone is reading this they're getting sooo excited right now. yeah.... I left off where I was going to Lindsey trailor with her. We had fun. We went to a drive thru haunted thing which was kinda lame scariness wise but was fun sitting in the back and laughing at the people inside the truck. haha It was me, Lindsey, Grant, Marissa, Lauren, Rosalie, and TJ. I don't know if I spelled some of those names wrong but I'm sorry if I did! Then we went into a haunted train car and that was fun too. The next one was a a haunted maze. Well, first you had to go through the house part which was ok but then when we got to the maze, they had so much fog and strobe lights that you couldn't see ANYTHING. So naturally, we got lost. haha We went all the way to the end I guess but you can't tell that it's a door, then ended up back at the beginning holding people up then finally the dude dressed up as a prisoner helped us out a little bit. haha It took forever!. Then we went back and had a bonfire. We left the next day after walking around a little bit. Sunday when I got home I don't think I did much of anything at all. It was nice. Monday was school of course then and I can't remember what I did at all. Tuesday I went practicing with Kris and John and I got two laps in, then I made a dumb mistake and crashed and my freaking handlebar just freaking snapped in half! It never should have broken the way it did from the way I fell. So we drove home after that. lol Wednesday, Thursday, went to school then I don't remember what I did. I did something I guess it just wasn't important enough for me to remember. lol Friday I went to school then I took my driver's test! woooooo. I didn't have any points on the parking one til I got to the parallel parking which sucked. I got three points doing one thing! haha But I still passed. Then the driving part, my mom was in the backseat and was chatting away with the lady and I don't even think the lady was really paying attention. Score! But no I did fine driving any way. She didn't really say anything except when I didnt check before I crossed the intersection. So then it was only four o'clock so we went right to the secretary of state and got my license. I took a horrible pic. lol I'll see it in 2 to 3 weeks. So yeah then I drove around a little of course. Then Maria came and got me and we went to Halloween USA to get something. Then as we were leaving here neighbor Kyle drove up and asked if we wanted to go to some haunted houses with them. So we went back to his house to wait for his other friends. Then we all drove to the one at Heritage Park. It was really long but it wasn't very scary. Except for the "The Exorcist" part a little bit and then the REALLY tall thing. lol Then we decided to go to the hayride one. We went in the haunted trailor thing first and they said we could only go in two's. So me and Maria went in first and it was a pretty good one. haha Maria was freaked out and I was just trying to look at the ground and keep walking. Then we waited for the hayride and this little kid dressed as the Hulk or something kept trying to scare us with his little toy chainsaw and it was soooo cute but then he started hitting people with it. lol The hayride was fun but it wasn't scary at all really. So then we went back and I decided to go home. Saturday, Mark came to visit. He brought me roses since we missed Sweetest Day. Thanks! I met Justin and Kevin(?) I am the worst with names ever! geez I'm sorry. Then we went out to eat with Maria then we just hung out for a while. It was great. Then my family ended up staying at the other house for the night so we had a bonfire and everything. In the morning I got up and did my homework then it was time for Kristen's Birfday party. WE went bowling. Me, Kristen, Allison and Lindsey were on a team. I suck at bowling now. lol Then we went to Kristen's house and had pizza and Batman cake hehe and then opened presents and then we were looking for a scary movie to watch on Demand and ended up watching the newer version on Psycho. Now, I thought that when people did movie remakes, they were supposed to improve the special effects, not copy them. So when the lady/guy (you know what I'm talking about if you've ever watched the whole movie) went to stab the first girl in the shower, it showed tons of blood in the bathtub but there was no blood on the knife or on her and the stabbing didnt even look really. IDK it was funny. So we mostly laughed instead of cried in fear. lol But I never would have guessed what would happened at the end. So you've gotta give the movie SOME props. lol Then I came home and just chilled. Yesterday I didn't do much of anything after school. Now I'm just waiting for my mom to get home so I can take the car if she'll let me to either go get Paige and Nicole to sell ads or hang out with Maria. Ttyl.

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Saturday, October 15th, 2005
2:23 pm
Yeah I haven't had any time to update this things since before my trip to Vegas. It was pretty fun. We left Thursday after school. I got the window seat. Heck yes. haha We got in Vegas around 9 their time. Then we checked into the MGM Grand. Man that place is HUGE. It's not even like a hotel. It's like a mall and casino with a giant pool area and an arena and lions and everything all in the saem building. It looks bright green at night. The whole city looks so cool at night. I took plenty of pictures. We went to see the Bellagio fountains which wasn't all that great and we went to New York New York and on the roller coaster and everything. Friday we went and got signed up for the races and then we went in the pits but not very long. The only guys that were out were Nick Wey (he's sweet) and Tyler Evans (he was wearing a G-Unit shirt haha). Later I saw Kevin Windham eating in the food court part of the hotel. I just sat by the pool on Friday before the race. Then we went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and went to the U.S. Open. It wasn't as great as I expected. The first night there wasn't all that much bar-to-bar racing. Saturday... ummmmm.. oh yeah I just took my time getting ready and went to breakfast with the family and my cousin and aunt. Then I went shopping on the Strip with Aaron and her mom. Then my cousin and I went to dinner with Chris and some of his friends. We took a limo to the Hard Rock. It was pretty cool. Then we came back and watched the races. Our seats were waaaaaaay better Saturday night. We were right above the first corner and you could see everything. That night the races were way better too. Bryne almost beat Ricky in their heat race. It was awesome. I wanted him to start in front of RC in the main too but he didn't get another good start so I left during the 250 main cuz it was obvious who won. And I needed sleep for Sunday. Sunday I got up and got breakfast at Mickey D's while my dad brought my bike into the pits and everything. I did pretty good during practice. Then when the heat races came around, I was in the heat with all the faster girls and took fourth. Which I was pretty happy with. Then came the main. O man. I was fourth after the first turn (i just missed the pile-up that was obviously gonna happen, there was one in every class) I was running 4th Easy. Then in the second lap I went to go pass third place and I did but then I slid out. It was one of those slick, hard-packed turns and we were towards the end of the motos. I was sooooo disappointed after. I didn't stall it when I fell but a girl that fell behind me was on top of me so I wasted almost a whole lap. But I still got up and got up to 9th out of 16. Man was I disappointed. ARGH! O well. Any place at the World AX Finals isn't too shabby I guess. lol Yeah so then Monday we went to the Hoover Dam. It was a cool view but then they wanted to go on a tour and that was boring with a capital B. Then we did some of the stuff I mentioned at the top the rest of Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we had to fly home around 11:30 Vegas time. (it's three hours behind) My dad wanted my mom to drive back home with him cuz I guess it's rough driving 2000 miles by yourself like he did on the way there. hehe He did all that just so I could race. AWwwww. Even though we could have just shipped the bikes and it would have been so much easier. lol O well... so yeah we were on the same flight with my grandparents who came so they took us home. My parents should be home tomorrow. Thursday, I had a ton of work to make up. Then Maria and Paige and I hung out after school on Friday. Today I've been trying to get some more work done and clean the house and stuff but I really don't want to. Lindsey's gonna be here in like an hour to get me cause we're going to some haunted houses up by her trailor. It's gonna be fun! Bb sometime Sunday afternoon. Happy Sweetest Day Mark! Sorry I couldn't spend it with you. <3

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Monday, September 26th, 2005
8:00 pm - how i wish, how i wish you were here
MMMk so it's been like a week or so so I'll try and start on last Sunday. Yeah we went to Logroad to race and I didn't do so well in the first race, I crashed and my dad said I looked like I was "trail-riding" lol but then I stepped it up the second moto. I was just gonna ride the Novice class but then Kayla Morris and Jarrica Mitchell showed up so I wanted to see how I compared to them out there. So then on Monday I just went to the Y after school and Tuesday we went out to the Vespremi's to practice. That was fun. Wednesday I don't remember. Thursday we went back out to the Vespremi's but then it started pouring so we just hung out in the garage til it stopped then had to pack it up and leave. O well. Friday I had to get up really early to go to my LAST orthodontist appointment ever before school. After school was the football game. We smoked Dearborn. ooo yeah. We stayed a little later to talk to the band kids and then some of us went back to Lindsey's for pizza and a bonfire. That was fun too. Saturday. Wonderful. Mark came over at last. We went to go eat then walked around for a little before going to see Red Eye. The movie itself was stupid. But it was great anyways. Then later we ended up back at my house. My grandma and papa were there. Papa's feeling better. He was brought to the hospital on Thursday because they thought he was having another heartattack but it was just some weird thing with his ear that makes you extremely nauseous and unable to balance at all. But he's ok now, thank God. But my grandma gave me this ring with a Sapphire for September that she got when she was sixteen and then gave to me and I'm supposed to pass it on. The ring itself is a tad gaudy but o well. I think it's cool that I have something I'm supposed to pass down like that. But yeah then me and Mark just kinda hung out. We almost passed out on the couch. It was so comfy I couldn't help it. haha Then we went for a walk and his uncle came and they had to leave. Sunday, I was exhausted allllll day. So I basically did nothing. At all. And today right after school I went to Magic Motorsports with my dad. It took almost an hour and a half to get there with that stupid construction. But I got my free pair of boots and Stephen got his discount O'Neal gear. Then my dad bought me some new graphics for Las Vegas and some pink Oakley goggles because my Scott goggles just don't keep the dirt out. We got some extra clutches to be prepared for Vegas too. I'm starting to get excited/nervous about that. I don't know how I'm gonna compare to the other girl's on the track. But I'm trying my hardest to stay positive.

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Saturday, September 17th, 2005
4:40 pm - b-b-b-b-bored
yeah I'm bored. Just sitting here waiting til I have to go to church then we're taking off for Logroad. Shall be fun. n2m went on this week. It was just normal. I just got back from Best Buy. I had a gift certificate so I bought Relient K - Mmhmm and Death Cab For Cutie - Plans. woo. Oh I had my last class for Driver's Training Segment 2. woo. SO now all I have to do is schedule and pass my road test. Keyword = pass. ha Nah, i think I'll be fine. I just gotta practice my backing up. We had to watch those videos to scare us about drunk driving again. it does work. yikes. Ok time to go. adios.

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