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[Dec 24th, 2005]

this is why i love the holidays.

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<33333 [Dec 22nd, 2005]

k so, i haven't updated in a while. life is so good right now, last weekend i hung out with dan  & stevie and stuff, it was fun. then i hung out with kate and rach.
yesterday dan stevie and bryan came and picked me and katy up & we went to ricky's party. fun.
chirstmas is super soon which means my mom should be having her baby very soon. i'm excited for that.

i'd have to say that i miss this

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[Dec 4th, 2005]

yeah you're cute & mikes party was fuckin' fun.

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just to say i adore you again. [Nov 27th, 2005]

this break was fun.
hockey games are fun.
friends are great.
pictureess<3333.Collapse )

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you're cute<3 [Nov 20th, 2005]

okay. so this weekend was fun. friday i went to justin's house. i hung out with him and zachh.
yesterday i hung out with katyy. we went shopping and hung out with her cousins. then came back to my house. <3muchh fun.. EDIT. boys suck.

christmas is comming soon <3Collapse )

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each moment i'm with you, is like a dream come true<3;. [Nov 13th, 2005]

friday i went to katys house. fun fun.   saturday i went to the movies with justin, lizz, zach, mike, alexx bush, and justin d. saw two. but i already seen it so it was kind of pointless. <3. 
today was the babyshower. wow.

<3Collapse )

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[Nov 1st, 2005]

hmm. this week has been great. so has the weekend.
friday. michigan state then bcc playoff game. all fun.
saturday. drzewicki party. haunted house on mitchell bus.
sunday. movies with justin : *
monday. took my sister trick or treating.

i love my friends and my boyfriend.        <3

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[Oct 25th, 2005]

 last weekend. <3 bcc vs. western. 
Saturday. katys fam. party for a bit.
then haunted houses with her and jay.
ts only tuesday and i'm already ecstatic for the weekend.


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[Oct 16th, 2005]

football game was on friday. wow cheering for it definatly wasnt fun, i got hit by a football player. but whateverrr.
saturday wow homecoming was so funnn it was crazy how fun it was. <3first i went to katys house to take pictures with her and katrina then me angela and andrew went and took picutres at justins house before dinner, than we went to dinner at outback with, blair shannon stephine and kara. it was funnn. then we went back to justins til the dance. we played cards<3 then the acual dance was awesome.i loved it<3/


pictures<3Collapse )

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[Oct 9th, 2005]

<3this weekend was great. went to the game friday with katy and janessa. triple overtime is crazyy, i wish we would of won but still a good game.
saturday stayed a kates again and ate steak with her fanile and janessa. and went to the mall for a bit.
today. came home, showered and stuff., then went to the mall with my sister and grandma. i got my homecoming shows and jewlery. <3 i seen a lot of people there today. it was coool.


11weeks<3new baby.
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[Oct 6th, 2005]

this week went by so fast. blahh. homecomings next weekend. im so excited! ++im excited to cheer for the varsity game next week. this weekend ill probably hang out with kate. like normaly.
at dance we took pictrures..

dancedancedanceCollapse )

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[Sep 27th, 2005]

this weekend. helped kate move into her new house. well sorta there not all done. went to the BCC game with her family to watch her brother and such. went ot get a homecoming dress which im so excited for. <3 yes. tomorrow. freshman game to cheer for. boo. its fun but i'd have to say if our football team was better it would be funner. but nope they suck. im also super excited for the BCC game friday. i love football games. love.

                                  everything in almost every asspect is great. :*


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[Sep 19th, 2005]

this weeekk, went prettty gooood.  normal week can't complain. this weekendd. hung out with kate and her familyy on fridayy. & went to thee game.  hung out with her most of thee day on staurday. then came home to hang with my familyy. blah we watched movies. Sundayy went to see Cry Wolf with Justin & Chels. it was an okaymovie can't complain. todayy  schoool then funeral homee for a bit. then dance for like 3 and a half hourss. what can i sayy. on the bright sidee ; i'm going to get a homecoming dress on Wednsday. woo, i'm super excited for that! I can't waittt.

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[Sep 11th, 2005]

life is gooood <3

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weekends = loveee <3 [Sep 5th, 2005]

Hung out with her all weekend.<3muchfun.

Theres so much stuff to look forward to since school has started/
 +cheering for more games.
 +my cousins wedding.
 +my mom's new baby comming soon.
 +my birthday! :) 





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summer 05' is offically over. :( [Aug 28th, 2005]
i'm going to miss this!

but summmer can't last forever, i think alomst everyone wishes it could.
yeahhh.Collapse )
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[Aug 24th, 2005]

justin drzewicki's parttyy todayyy! his parties are always super fun!there were so many people i havent seen in a long time! i took some pictures not really of alot of people i got sick of taking them! :)

pictures babe! ;)Collapse )

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I see it in your eyes ; i love you. [Aug 23rd, 2005]


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[Aug 21st, 2005]

this week i haven't really done anything major this weekk. except for hang out with katyyy. <3 i'm now super excited for bcc. mostly for cheerleading & football games. :) this week i'm super excited for the first freshman football game, & the Varsity gameee. I'll attend the Varsity game with Katyy & her family. Her brother plays :) well, i'm bored & i'm gonna put random pictures that i loveee <33

iloveyouandialwayswill.Collapse )

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i'm at katy's. :) [Aug 18th, 2005]

 ehh. i got my schedule today. :)

01. Pe- Thunberg, J
02. Sci- West
03. Alg- Jacobs
04. Key- Thunberg, T
05. Glo- Osterhagen
06. Eng- Mast
07. Conn- Tacey
08. Sem- Hickner.. but i'm getting it switched to ZANOTTI! :) & i have A lunch all weekkk :)


let me know if we have any classes together. <3



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