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with the taste of the poison paradise.Im addicted.

My cosmopolitan♥Im addicted to youdont you know that you're toxic
I’ll take you to spend in my way.Just give in when you are ready to play.
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new lj!! [07 Feb 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I've had a new lj for a while, but I have realized that I like the people on this friendslist...

SO if you want to be added to that lj...comment in it and I will for sure add you!!

__1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart __1way_heart

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HUG ME HUG ME [24 Dec 2003|01:34pm]
[ mood | cold ]

give _pinacolada_ more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own


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7. When going on a trip, be sure to get some sleep...or caffine [24 Nov 2003|10:32am]
[ mood | cold ]

Okay, so I am in Atlanta right now. It is raining, which doesn't help my hair much, but really, I dont care. Its 55 degrees here with humidity being 97%. @ nite its suppose to be 30 degrees...ahh cold!!! I love Atlanta though. For some reason, I feel @ home when I'm here. My mom and I were discussing for my junior year I would live here with Gina, the women we are staying with now. She has a little girl whose 5 named Carleigh. Shes so freaking adorable and normally little kids annoy me. Her word of the week: INSANE. But yeah, so we were discussing it and like, I would miss alot of people and my family, so I don't know, I'm going to think about it.
I woke up @ 5am this morning, which is 2am on west coast time. So saturday nite was the last 2 performances of the play. I got to put make up on Sean which was fun even though he kept saying I was poking him in the eye. I swear I wasn't though, you just know those people who are not easy to apply make up on? Yea, hes one of em. he kept squinting his eyes and such when I am trying to put eyeliner on the bottom. Then he starts laughing which makes it harder. Hes so cute and sweet, and so fucking funny. Anyways, so I was @ school from 12pm to 11:30pm because after the performance ended @ 9pm, we all stayed and tore down the set and cleaned up. When I got home @ 12am, I still hadn't packed for Atlanta. So I stayed up until 1:30am trying to pack and do laundry. But I fell asleep and woke up @ 4:30am. Then left the house at 7am and got to the airport @ 8am. Got on the plane @ 10:35am... and in east coast time, landed @ 5:00. Then I went to bed @ 9pm and woke up @ 5am...so I am kinda tired...considering that in my time, I went to bed @ 6pm and woke up @ 2am. 8hrs, so not bad...

One good thing about being here for Earthlink is I have a computer so Veronica doesn't have to update for me hehehe...but I will call you to chat. We need our chat time!

I stole this from _bliss_
01. Best username - bunniesofpink, trimalynn, naturellebella.
02. Best userpics - heatherdawn07, naturellebella.
03. Best layout - fuckerface, trimalynn, _bliss_.
04. Most likely to comment in your journal - pinkrazi, malibubarbi143, dessa5.
05. Who is the most intelligent or insightful person you know on lj - Heatherdawn07, secretweapons.
06. Whose journal do you enjoy reading the most - Malibubarbi143, _amanda_leigh_, pinkrazi, _sun_devil_.
07. Which user is the funniest - matticus_finch.
08. Which user is the sweetest - Dessa5.
09. Which user can you trust the most - _amanda_leigh_, pinkrazi, Dessa5, malibubarbi143, skaking241, heatherdawn07.
10. Which user do you know the best - _amanda_leigh_.
11. Which female user is the most attractive - pinkrazi, malibubarbi143.(seeing em in "real" life).
12. Which male user is the most attractive - secretweapons, matticus_finch, _sun_devil_.
13. Which user is the oldest - restless18.
14. Which user is the youngest - labelxxme.
15. Which user do you see the most - _amanda_leigh_, pinkrazi, lilpixiedust.
16. Which user do you talk to most online - secretweapon, trueformshows, dessa5, malibubarbi143.
17. Most confident user - malibubarbi143.
18. Prettiest hair - teeniestephanie, floatmyboat.
19. Most like you - pinkrazi, _amanda_leigh_, dessa5, malibubarbi143.
20. Users you'd like to get to know - floatmyboat, tinkerbelldncr, bunniesofpink, geeky_gio, toohotbootydrop.
21. Most gangsta - restless18, saleenwigger, blowmywhistle.
22. Best smile - labelxxme, toohotbootydrop, _bliss_.
23. Most likely to do a rock star - buffydork99.
24. Most likely to be on time magazine- dessa5.
25. Most artistic - ayaspiralout.
26. Most likely to see at college - _bliss_.
27. Most likely to run as president - dessa5, ayaspiralout.
28. Most likely to beat me up - hmmmmmmmmm...
29. Most spontaneous - dessa5, malibubarbi143, _amanda_leigh_.
30. The best person to cheer you up when you're down - pinrazi, dessa5.
31. Person you lost touch with that you wish you hadn't - Iamthewalrus7, insanedaisyz, truxlies.

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6. Make a rule when I become a drama teacher: all your problems get checked @ the door... [21 Nov 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Okay, because I love you all so very much, I took the time to make this a "visual" story. Its actually very scandalous...so pay attention!
OKAY-- In my play that I am being the Stage Manager for, we have a little drama going on...yes... drama in drama. Interesting egh?
Anyways... so here are the main characters...
Michael (Mike):
and... Ms. Chessum:
okay...now...Ms. Chessum is trying to make this show look as good as possible while keeping herself together. But she doesn't want any of us to bring our personal lives into the mix because in doing so, it can cause tension with the play, and in doing so...ruin it...
Mike and Ashely are a couple and have been together for a month. Mike has always been one of my best friends, and truly, I can not stand Ashley. YES, with a passion I dislike that girl. Shes sooo mean to Mike and has him whipped and is always like--"Mike NO!!!
Sooooo...I come back to school on thurs...and I hear of something that happened the night before...between Angela and Mike NOW THEY DO NOT MATCH! THEY JUST...DONT...I TOLD ARIEL AND SHE WAS LIKE WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THIS MAD WORLD?
So yea...they had their make out session...and guess who see's em...no not Ashley... Lucia
! Well...Lucia
tells Ashley she saw Mike flirting with people. But Ashley assumes its Lucia
thats flirting with Mike and decides to hate her. Lucia
is bothered by this...So she tells Mike to tell Ashley that it wasn't Lucia. Mike tells Ashley he wasn't flirting, and Lucia was making it up. SO you would think, OKAY everythings okay...well not...The play was a total disaster...Mike comes up to me and says Kalen...do you think Ashley treats me bad? I said,"Your her pet." He got all like OMG NO! on that response tho...Ariel went up to him and was like,"hey, if you talk to her, maybe she'll loosen the leash a little..." But I pulled Mike aside and said,"Mike, do whatever makes you happy...and if your questioning it, that means something is wrong..."
So for the rest of the play, Mike was depressed...and Angela kept bothering me about how much she liked him...and Lucia was depressed...and our show bombed...and Ashley doesn't know that Mike kissed someone else...and Ms. Chessum is mad and is making all of us talk to Mr. Rouse (principle) and...Ms. Chessum...shes sad...

The End.

OH yea...and Mike and Ashley are still together...
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5. Help people to learn to be random like Dessa...we need to start classes soon... [19 Nov 2003|10:11pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

xIm Your DOCx: my cats going pee and hes staring at me =\
Just watched the OC.
It was good. Im just getting into that whole show. Adams hot, yep yep. Too bad he has a g/f for over a yr. dammit. Oh well, be happy, prosper, make little Adams that one of my daughters can marry?


If I died, like tommarow, would you come to my funeral?
Auto response from YourxMyxDoC: large.
that made me laugh...

I've been very, sad? lately. I don't necessarily think its sad. I think more in a state of mind where I needed to be with myself, but the more I was, the more "sad" I got...

Randomness time
SkaterPunk1825: u have nice tits
SkaterPunk1825: sorry lol
SkaterPunk1825: thats the first thing that popped into my mind


Heather07Dawn: i once was on a date and had the hugest wedge ever and so i tried to be slick and pick it without him seeing me but i wasn't slick enough cause he saw me do it and he goes "having a little pantie problem are you?" and I was like uhhhhh :-[

xIm Your DOCx: fuck shit damn hell I dont know what to say =\

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4. Become toxic to some guy, or @ least he likes me so much he thinks I am... [18 Nov 2003|09:03pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

JstRoCkonNSuRf: need to bounce for the sexy u kno?

I bought the new Britney CD. I know shoot me now</i> if you wish. I just wanted to see what it sounded like. It wasn't half bad. I love the song Toxic, which I will post under LJ cut if you wanna see @ the end of this entry.
I've been home sick for 2 days with the flu. Not fun!!!
I miss all my friends @ school. But not school in general.
So I have 3 more performances this weekend. One on thurs and 2 on saturday...then I leave for...
I leave monday and come back on friday @ 7pm. Then I might, might go see Bree on saturday. we are planning it, so hopefully it works out... hopefully... GONNA MISS ME?
♥I saw Sean tonight breifly...thats all I will say about that.
♥Boys really confuse me, but obviously I like it, or I wouldn't keep playing the game...ya think? I dunno. I was always that type of girl that went for the good guys, but maybe I am one of those girls that go for the bad. hmmm...::pondering::

Saw Amanda tonight, dropped by her house randomly, checked my email on her computer...then and there my job was done! You know I love you Amanda, more than your dads mini or computer combined! xoxo


okay well I just took a shower so I feel all squeaky clean :-P. so I am gonna go lay down and try to go to sleep and hopefully I will go to school tommarow to see my friends whom I miss. Mr. Armet can kiss my ass tho...I will NEVER miss him! bleh!

Its took Jen sooo long to think of something interesting for me... but it was HILARIOUS so I had to post...
FragileXelegancE: say something interesting to me
FragileXelegancE: i know this sounds weird, but just do it lol
die4you22: something interesting
die4you22: jk
die4you22: hmm
FragileXelegancE: cute lol
FragileXelegancE: having a hard time @ being interesting?
die4you22: yes!
die4you22: haha
die4you22: hold on i am getting one
FragileXelegancE: lol
die4you22: ok
FragileXelegancE: got it?
die4you22: if you have sex for an hour you lose 560 calories
FragileXelegancE: lmao
die4you22: weird but all i could think of

ToxicCollapse )
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3. Give thank you letter out to my friends, and new t-shirts for their wet shoulders... [17 Nov 2003|09:19pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Friendships come and go...or do they?

Sometimes I question how good of a friend I am. How sometimes I make mistakes, but I hate doing that because I see the looks on my friends faces after I do, and I can barely look @ it. I'm not saying that I want to be perfect, because I know no one is. I just want to be real. Its hard to explain. Some friends I see everyday and I give a occasional hug that means hey I acknowledge you. But then some friends, I just stop, and hug for so long. I think its because in a way I want them to feel like they are important, which they are, and in a way, I want to feel important as well. I want the hug to be a little longer, just to show: "hey, I miss you, and love you." But when I do this to some, and not others, does that mean they are more important? Or is it just something, some high I needed @ that moment.

Some friends I do treasure. And some, I don't care if they die out. Some I don't want to die out, but I can tell it is happening. Last week I cried 3 times w/ alot of emotion, and just strong in general. And this was the first time I had ever cried in front of my friends. And with Amanda, this was the first time I cried infront of her, and she came to comfort me. And when that happened, I cried even more just because it made me feel good that at least someone cared. Lucia my friend, she always hugs me when I am crying and says just let it out. And maybe I have been holding it all in. How I feel about certain aspects of my life. Maybe thats not healthy...

Maybe, I need to grow up...

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2. Have a bigger career than Hilary Duffs [16 Nov 2003|10:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I just realized that I never spoke about seeing Hilary Duff.

♥She wore so much make up, I could have stuck a pencil into her face and it would have gone 1 inches into face coverup. My goodness.

♥I had a feeling she was lip syncing because when she was continuing a "lalalla" or something, she would stop and a lil would keep going and her back up singers weren't singing.so tisk tisk Hilary!

♥Her clothes looked like she was trying to be a rocker when we all know that shes as poppy as they come.Give it up.

♥I liked her hair.It looked like perfect.SOOO blonde!And SOOO straight.

♥Her sister is sooooo freaking pretty!!!And her sisters boyfriend is even hotter!They all looked like they had perfect everything.It kinda scared me...sorta...

♥Hilary is soooo freaking short.Shes 5'2.Her sister came to my neck when I talked to her.I felt sooo tall and I am 5'4 so like I use to never feeling tall.So that was pretty cool.

OKay I think thats all of it.If I can think of more I will tell!

In other news...
.I have the flu.
.I never get sick.
.but now I am.
.what the fuck?.
.I love Target!.
.I got a new flat iron because mine broke :-(.

b1ow my whist1e: you need to get laid
yea...I know...

I'm thinking of asking Sean to my Winter Formal...I think he likes me...but who knows.should I take the chance???

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1. Make sure to bring a real gun to drama practice...to shoot myself with. [16 Nov 2003|12:45am]
[ mood | crazy ]

My first entry...
If you wanna be added to this journal which btw will be filled with laughter, tears, fun and sadness and in all and all be very VERY enertaining...then by all means, comment my darlings.


Tonight was the second showing of Play On @ my school...And I must say, very VERY hectic. I put together all of the stage like built it , and vacummed and unscrewed flats and screwed pictures on the walls between 15 minute intermissions.Man, I almost wanted to shooooooooot myself. Ms. Chessum was being such a bitch to me the whole time.I am really surprised that I am still working for her. I really am.I mean, being me, I would have quit right about now...but no...I know shes stressed and I am trying to be as helpful as I am really.And I am hoping that is it...cuz if it isn't it, I am gonna have to have a ♥ 2 ♥ with her!
I almost had a heart attack tonight, yes, Kalen almost died...::tear:: I know, sad stuff.;-).Yes, it was all my fault, so in actuality, I gave myself a heart attack.I left from the curtain duty (opening and closing it @ the right times) because I thought I had time and I had to help Phylisis (Ariel) with the "Darjeeling Diamond" so yea, the curtain was suppose to close and I yell @ Caroline "CLOSE THE CURTAIN!!" but she wasn't!!!I was screaming as quietly as I could, if that makes ANY sense what so ever.My goodness.Ms. Chessum called me right as the began to close it, and the hung up when she saw the were...:::whipes brow:::

I like Sean...I know I do...gah.

I haven't abandoned sweet_rebelion_, so DON'T delete it, or think that... this is just my public journal!!!

Okay, so we're having a winter formal for once, and they got my bro booked to DJ.My bro DJ's for Jack Nicholson and Christina Aguilera and others @ their parties...so he did it REALLY cheap for my school...I was sooooooooo happy!Now please pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, let him be a smash!!!Everyones happy to have a real DJ, so woooo hoooo!


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