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Shrinking Violet

"I was much further out than you thought..."

15 April 1987
par·ox·ysm [ n. ]

  • A sudden outburst of emotion or action: e.g.: a paroxysm of laughter.

  • A sudden attack, recurrence, or intensification of a disease.

  • A spasm or fit; a convulsion.

I'll let someone else do the talking:

"So unimpressed but so in awe
Such a saint but such a whore
So self aware so full of shit
So indecisive so adamant
I'm contemplating thinking about thinking
It's so frustrating just get another drink in
Watch me come undone

So rock and roll so corporate suit
So damn ugly, so damn cute
So well trained, so animal
So need your love, so fuck you all
I'm not scared of dying I just don't want to
If I stopped lying I'd just disappoint you
I come undone