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Orange pekoe いかがですか?

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Welcome to Orange Pekoe, loveandcoffee's Asian music upload journal!
I will try to upload whole discographies and videographies of the artists I love, especially the ones that are less common to find on the net.
To know what's already been uploaded, check the memories!


1. I will only upload on megaupload. I hate it as much as you do, but it's the only server that keeps the files alive as long as someone keeps downloading them, and I don't want to find myself with a bunch of useless dead links. I will not reupload the files to other servers, but you may ask in the comments, if someone is kind enough to upload them for you.

2. Requests are allowed in this post's comments. Anyway, before requesting, check if I actually have what you're looking for in my frequently updated Japanese pv list and Japanese albums and singles list (Chinese equivalents coming soon). Requests are limited to one pv and one album or single a time per person. After I've fulfilled your request, you can request again.

3. You don't need to add this journal to see my entries. Anyway, all I'm asking of you is that you comment after you download. it just takes a second and it makes me feel repayed for the effort I take in ripping and uploading my cds. Thanks ^__^