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Yamashita Tomohisa - "Daite senorita" PV [26 Oct 2006|06:58pm]

Artist: 山下智久 Yamashita Tomohisa
PV: 抱いてセニョリータ [Daite senorita]
Released: 2006, 31st May
Size: 46.3MB

About the artist - Yamashita Tomohisa (also known as YamaPi) is a member of JE band NewS, and more importantly (in my opinion XD) a very good actor. This is his only solo release so far, the theme song for the drama "Kurosagi" where he starred as the main character.
About the pv - The song is very catchy and beaty. In the pv we can see Yamapi fighting with strange people and I really like the photography and colours; but let's be honest, the only reason why someone would want to see it is his hotness, and the pv's packed with it. Yeah. XD
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Glay - "Rock'n'roll swindle" PV [21 Oct 2006|11:35am]
sorry, no image ç__ç
Artist: Glay
PV: Rock'n'roll swindle
Released: 2006, 12th July (single "G4")
Size: 74.58MB
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Miyavi - "Itoshii hito 2006" PV [21 Oct 2006|11:24am]
I'm sorry for making you wait so long! I started school and a thousand other things .__.

sorry, no image ç__ç
Artist: 雅-Miyavi-
PV: 愛しい人 2006 [Itoshii hito 2006]
Released: 2006, 2nd August [album "MYV Pops"]
Size: 60.52MB

About the pv - The song is a sweet ballad included in his recent album "MYV POPS" but he had already sung it live earlier. Miyavi is dressed in a very strange fashion ò_O
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The Pillows - "Please Mr. Lostman" [09 Oct 2006|08:41am]

Artist: The Pillows
Album: Please Mr. Lostman
Released: 1997, 22nd January

01. Stalker
02. Trip dancer
03. Moon is mine
04. Ice pick
05. 彼女は今日、[Kanojo wa kyou,]
06. ストレンジ カメレオン [Strange chameleon]
07. Swanky street
08. Suicide diving
09. Girls
10. Please Mr. Lostman

--requested-- (sorry for the delay T__T)
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Asian Kung-Fu Generation - "Kimi tsunagi five M" [07 Oct 2006|04:26pm]

Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Album: 君繋ファイブエム Kimi Tsunagi Five M
Released: 2003, 19th November

01. フラッシュバック [Flashback]
02. 未来の欠片 [Mirai no kakera]
03. 電波塔 [Denpatou]
04. アンダースタンド [Understand]
05. 夏の日、残像 [Natsu no hi, zanzou]
06. 無限グライダー [Mugen glider]
07. その訳を [Sono wake wo]
08. N.G.S.
09. 自閉探索 [Jihei tansaku]
10. E
11. 君という花 [Kimi to iu hana]
12. ノーネーム [No name]

About the release - Ajikan's second album, "Kimi tsunagi five M" (I've also seen it romanized as "Kunkei five M", but Ajikan's official site tells that "Kimi tsunagi" is the correct romanization) marked the first big success for the band.
Containing classic songs like "Mirai no kakera", "Kimi to iu hana" or "Mugen glider" (which MIGHT be my favourite Ajikan song if it wasn't so hard to choose only one XD), it's basically very guitar-oriented rock. There are very few slower songs, and Gotou shouts more than ever. As a commenter put it a few posts ago, and I definitely agree, Ajikan are aural coffee - they give you energy and put you in a rather hyper mood - and this album, as opposed to "Fanclub" for example, especially is.
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Asian Kung-Fu Generation - "Sol-Fa" [07 Oct 2006|04:24pm]

Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Album: ソルファ Sol-fa
Released: 2004, 20th October

01. 振動覚 [Shindoukaku]
02. リライト [Rewrite]
03. 君の街まで [Kimi no machi made]
04. マイワールド [My world]
05. 夜の向こう [Yoru no mukou]
06. ラストシーン [Last scene]
07. サイレン [Siren]
08. Re:Re:
09. 24時 [24ji]
10. 真夜中と真昼の夢 [Mayonaka to mahiru no yume]
11. 海岸通り [Kaigan doori]
12. ループ&ループ [Loop & loop]

About the release - This is Asian Kung-Fu Generation's most successful album, and you can understand why by listening to it. It contains hits like "Rewrite" and "Kimi no machi made" (whose pv I'll be posting soon *_*), and the songs are very straight and direct, with powerful guitars and vocals and yet very catchy, not too "hard". There's a wide range of sound here, from almost punk to sweet ballads, to uptempo happy sounding numbers. I highly recommend this album, especially if you haven't heard anything by Ajikan and want to give them a try ^__-
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Fujiwara Motoo, "Song for Tales of the Abyss" [04 Oct 2006|09:10am]

Artist: Fujiwara Motoo
Album: Song for Tales of the Abyss
Released: 2006, 22nd March

01. 譜歌 ~quartet~ [Fuka ~quartet~]
02. meaning of birth
03. promise
04. time to raise the cross
05. in between 1 and 0
06. a place in the sun
07. mirrors
08. finish the promise
09. 譜歌 ~song by tear~ [Fuka ~song by tear~]
10. promise ~live~
11. カルマ [Karma]
12. abyss
13. 譜歌 ~solo~ [Fuka ~solo~]

About the artist - Fujiwara Motoo is the vocalist, leader, guitarist, songwriter of Bump of Chicken. This is his first (and last, as he puts it) solo effort.
About the release - This is a soundtrack album collecting the songs Fuji has written as BGM for the Namco videogame "Tales of the abyss". This short (barely 30 minutes) album's pretty much instrumental, as the only proper songs are "Karma" (the game's main theme, performed by Bump of Chicken, from whose lyrics are taken the titles of all the other songs except "Fuka" and "Abyss") and Fuka ~song by tear~, sung by a girl in the lost language that appears in the game. The melodies are very RPG-esque, and very beautiful, often developing orchestrally and rearranging parts of "Karma".
I never thought I could like an instrumental album, as instrumentals gets immediately boring for me. But I LOVE this album. I believe Fuji is the only one who could make such a miracle XD
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L'Arc~en~Ciel - "Shinshoku ~lose control~" PV [01 Oct 2006|08:21pm]
[no image, sorry ç__ç]
Artist: L'Arc~en~Ciel
PV: 侵食 ~lose control~ [Shinshoku ~lose control~]
Released: 1998, 8th July
Size: 48.51MB [Not very good quality T__T]

About the pv - There's possibly nothing I can say to introduce Laruku, so I'm just going to tell you that this pv is creepy *shivers* The song is great though.
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Asian Kung-Fu Generation - "Fanclub" [01 Oct 2006|08:14pm]

Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Album: ファンクラブ Fanclub
Released: 2006, 15th March

01. 暗号のワルツ [Angou no waltz]
02. ワールドアパート [World apart]
03. ブラックアウト [Black out]
04. 桜草 [Sakurasou]
05. 路地裏のうさぎ [Rojiura no usagi]
06. ブルートレイン [Blue train]
07. 真冬のダンス [Mafuyu no dance]
08. バタフライ [Butterfly]
09. センスレス [Senseless]
10. 月光 [Gekkou]
11. タイトロープ [Tightrope]

About the band - Straight guitars, earnest vocals, Ajikan rock my world. I don't really give a damn if Gotou Masafumi is in or out of tune, because you can feel his whole heart and soul in the slightest trembling of his powerful voice, and the thing I love the most in a man is his earnestness. Not only do they rock, they create songs that are amazing in structure, tune and variation. One of the finest rock bands around now.
About the release - "Fanclub" is Ajikan's latest album release (a c/w compilation is coming later this month) and I think it's the greatest album among the excellent production of the band. It's really varied, and even though they are following steadily the rock genre, they experiment a lot. The songs are just perfect (except maybe "Senseless" which is more of a jam session than a song) and Gocchi's voice is getting better and better (because he quit smoking yes! *gives thumbs up to Gocchi*). A must-listen for rock fans.
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Super Eurobeat 170 ~ Super Anniversary Non-Stop Mix 2006 ~ [30 Sep 2006|12:06pm]

Artist: VVAA
Album: Super Eurobeat 170 ~ Super Anniversary Non-Stop Mix 2006 ~
Released: 2006, 2nd August
[---download disc 01---]
[---download disc 02---]

Click here for LONG tracklistingCollapse )

About the release - A special edition Eurobeat compilation, including all the most famous eurobeat tracks, ready to dance parapara! XD It's kind of amusing that while Eurobeat is a genre that's mainly successful in Japan, all of it is made in Italy (my country) by Italian singers and producers XD I don't usually listen to Eurobeat for pleasure but I immensely enjoy dancing parapara (I was almost at pro level once upon a time ç__ç) so I mainly use this as a soundtrack for dancing.

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Miyavi - "Selfish love" PV [30 Sep 2006|10:51am]

Artist: Miyavi - 雅-
PV: Selfish love -愛してくれ、愛してるから- [Selfish love - aishite kure, aishiteru kara]
Taken from the album "Miyabiuta - dokusou", released on 2006, 13th September
Size: 126.79MB
[---download PV---]

About the pv - Nothing special, just Miyavi and his guitar - and they do all the talking. *__* He's an amazing guitarist, I'm so impressed.

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Hamasaki Ayumi - "Love ~destiny~" PV [30 Sep 2006|10:50am]

Artist: Hamasaki Ayumi
PV: LOVE ~destiny~
Released: 1999, 14th April
Size: 49.20MB
[---download PV---]

About the pv - A rather quiet PV, when Ayu was very young. It shows her during several aspects of being a celebrity: writing lyrics in a dressing room, being surrounded by journalists, recording in a studio etc. but it's all so slow, as if it were suspended in mid air, as if she were cherishing time to its smallest second. It's quiet and sweet, reflecting the mood of the song.

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Bump of Chicken - "Sailing day" PV [30 Sep 2006|10:49am]

Artist: Bump of Chicken
PV: Sailing day
Released: 2003, 12th March
Size: 78.63MB
[---download PV---]

About the pv - "Sailing day" was used as the theme song for a "One piece" animation movie. That's why you see a swarm of Monkey D. Luffies running in this video XD It's so funny and they actually move a lot (which is rather unusual for BoC videos lol XD) One of my favourite pvs!

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Remioromen - "Minamikaze" PV [28 Sep 2006|07:51pm]

Artist: Remioromen
PV: 絵画教室 Minamikaze
Release date:
Size: 153.51MB
[---download PV---]

About the pv - This is one of the loveliest pv's I've ever seen. It tells the story of a boy and a girl going out together and though the story in itself is really nothing, it's just so cute and happily romantic. The director is Banba Shuuichi, one of my favourite pv directors ^__^
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Asian Kung-Fu Generation - "Kaiga kyoushitsu" PV [28 Sep 2006|11:03am]

Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
PV: 絵画教室 Kaiga kyoushitsu
On forthcoming album "Feedback file", to be released on October 25th 2006
Size: 75.31MB
[---download PV---]
[---download mp3 (PV rip)---]

About the pv - Woah!! New Ajikan goodness for us! They've just announced the release of their c/w compilation album later this Autumn, and this is one of the two previously unreleased tracks. The video includes footage from several lives, and the song is old-school Ajikan and just ROCKS. I've also ripped the mp3 from the video for you all to enjoy this great song ^o^
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Bump of Chicken - "Only lonely glory" [27 Sep 2006|06:05pm]

Artist: Bump of Chicken
Single: オンリー ロンリー グローリーOnly lonely glory
Released: 2004, 7th July

01. オンリー ロンリー グローリー [Only lonely glory]
02. 睡眠時間 [Suimin jikan]
(hidden track: Joy - "Shadow")

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No Regret Life - "Sign" [26 Sep 2006|12:41pm]

Artist: No Regret Life
Album: Sign
Released: 2006, 1st February

01. メロディー [Melody]
02. 西向き [Nishimuki]
03. あの日の未来 [Ano hi no mirai]
04. その瞬間に [Sono shunkan ni]
05. 扉 [Tobira]
06. Secret sign
07. オレンジ [Orange]
08. 失くした言葉 [Nakushita kotoba]
09. 夏の午後 [Natsu no gogo]
10. さよならが始まる [Sayonara ga hajimaru]
11. モノクローム [Monochrome]
12. Life

About the band - Yeah! No Regret Life rocks! And it rocks with the sexier voice the Japanese archipelago has ever produced, vocalist Oda Kazusou's. Simple guitar-bass-drums songs, but with a powerful earnestness vibrating throughout them and a voice that's manly, husky, sometimes hoarse, sometimes hushed, one side velvet, one side sand-paper. I wish they were more successful because they deserve all the recognition they can get. I have great expectations for their future~
About the release - "Sign" is Norigu's major debut album, and they already show all their talent. The songs rock so much, the guitars are tight but never overwhelm the balance of the tunes, and the lyrics are simple and poignant. These are just great rock numbers and surely must be really exciting to hear live.
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Remioromen - "Ether" [26 Sep 2006|12:15pm]

Artist: レミオロメン Remioromen
Album: Ether
Released: 2005, 9th March

01. 春夏秋冬 [Shunkashuutou]
02. モラトリアム [Moratorium]
03. 春景色 [Harugeshiki]
04. アカシア [Acacia]
05. 永遠と一瞬 [Eien to isshun]
06. 深呼吸 [Shinkokyuu]
07. ドッグイヤー [Dog year]
08. 五月雨 [Satsuki ame]
09. コスモス [Cosmos]
10. 3月9日 [Sangatsu kokonoka]
11. 南風 [Minamikaze]
12. 海のバラッド [Umi no ballad]

About the band - Remioromen is a three-piece pop-rock act. They are good for all seasons. XD References to parts of the year, athmosphere phenomena, seasonal flowers and similar things are to be found in each song. And they always manage to make you a little happier, a little more quietly joyful. They're so romantic ^__^
About the release - This album is so sweet but not too mellow, guitar-centred yet not heavy at all; it really puts me in a good mood ^__^ And vocalist-songwriter Fujimaki Ryouta's voice is very unusual, I love it so much!
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Ootsuka Ai - "Smily" PV [26 Sep 2006|12:12pm]

Artist: 大塚 愛 Ootsuka Ai
PV: Smily
Single released: 2005, 11th May
Size: 86.43MB

About the artist - There's more to Ootsuka Ai than a cute smile and happy, high-pitched voice. Ai, a Naniwa (Oosaka) daughter through and through, has also got lots of humour and a fresh touch to her music. She's got an amazing taste for arranging her songs by putting together styles that have nothing in common and blending them so perfectly you'd think they were meant for each other since the beginning XD And from happy pop tunes with metal guitars, to cute, bouncy ska numbers, to electronica pastiches celebrating the several flavours of ramen, Ai always provokes my curiosity and never fails to make me smile - and admire her talent.
About the pv - This happy, uptempo, summery song is also included in Ai's second album, "Love jam". The pv is set in Hawaii and is just so funny XD

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Shuuji to Akira - "Seishun amigo" PV [25 Sep 2006|08:08pm]

Artist: 修二と彰 Shuuji to Akira
PV: 青春アミーゴ Seishun amigo
Single released: 2005, 11th November
Size: 67.47MB

Shuuji to Akira was a Johnny's Entertainment shuffle unit composed of respectively Kamenashi Kazuya (Kat-tun) and Yamashita Tomohisa (News). It was created after the huge success of the drama "Nobuta wo produce", where the two acted as two characters called, you guessed it, Shuuji and Akira, and spawned this one single. It was the most sold single of 2005 (even if it was relased in November!) and it still is the most sold single of 2006!
Enjoy this nice pv then ^__^

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