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[16 Aug 2005|04:20pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Old shit first

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Really old shit second

Now the new stuff

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
4 beautiful crime

Hey whoa, got the camera fixed [13 Aug 2005|06:48pm]
This is a teaser?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
11 beautiful crime

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack [03 Aug 2005|09:35pm]
Just in time for school, got in at 6pm wed, enough time to hang with pedro, get some waffle, and talk to my kayla. I'm off to school tomorrow.

Yes, I have returned to the 803
2 beautiful crime

[20 Jul 2005|03:26am]
Well, after alot of thought, I will somewhat miss south carolina, but I feel its best that I leave, my mom has been pressuring me to come back after my boyscout trip, and I understand that she will miss me. But you must understand this, I've been in the same fucking place, may it be L-town, columbia, or whiteknoll, for way too long. I need to meet new people, make new friends, and shit like that. Also, while I'm gone, I wan't some of you to realize how stupid some of the shit is that we go through, or you put on me. Remember me by this: I'm not the perfect person (despite some people who think i am), I never killed anyone, and I never smacked that bitch up on Gervais Street.(ok, i really did?) Any of you who read this have to have at least one good memory of me, and about a dozen more bad ones. Oh well, I brought something interesting into your lives, and without me, you wouldn't have anyone to talk smack about.

I'll be back in 5 months.

Fuck you Julia Roberts.

-I'm leaving my cell phone here, I'm getting a new one (along with a new car) when I reach my uncle's house. And if I find the internet, I suppose I'll give it to you all... as long as I don't get anymore death threats.
3 beautiful crime

[18 Jul 2005|12:54pm]
Hrm, so lets see.

Got a call last night at 10:30ish from some guy threatening to kick my ass, I was at the hospital because my mom got in a car wreck last night. Even though I was going through enough shit at the time, the fucker pestered on and asked of my whereabouts, so I told him about my mom, and that I was at the hospital on 378, he then said he would meet me in the parking lot, outside of the hospital, I went outside, but he failed to remember I said the parkinglot outside of ECU. Assholes.

-My mom is fine now

-Today I got 3 death threats by 3 rednecks in 3 hours, can't a guy go fishing in peace?

-Went fishing with uncle jason, caught a 24 inch striper and about a dozen brim the size of like...2 pizza slices, we're eating well tonight..

-Menu for tonight
--grilled striper fillè
--deep fried brim
--side of mashed potatos
--green peas
(all cooked and prepared by yours truly)

-Talked to a guy that threatened me for about 10 minutes about his misfortunes and stuff of that sort, other than the part of him kicking my ass, he wasn't half bad, for a redneck.

Adios, I leave for washington DC friday, and I won't be back until 2nd semister, so I'll see you guys then.
2 beautiful crime

Pure Pwnage [16 Jul 2005|09:27pm]
I simply adore it when parents get involved in highschool drama. I can't wait, haha.
9 beautiful crime

I miss her [15 Jul 2005|12:54am]
Christ, why must we be delt the wrong cards in a game that matters so much? In the end, is there a higher meaning that I can't see? Am I to endure this pain to see the truth? My pain is nothing compared to what I've done to her, compared to what she's going through right now. It's all my fault, and I don't know if I can fix this one.
5 beautiful crime

Fuck those hoes [10 Jul 2005|11:35pm]
I quit subway, fuck those bitches.
1 beautiful crime

Rant [07 Jul 2005|10:39pm]
I've found that people are extremely shallow in their way of thinking. Either they're putting down the school for some odd reason, bitching because of the kids that are doing so, making sinister comments about groups of people that are unjust, and then there are the people who try to correct the said group by rectifying their statement with some "new" way of thought that, in fact, isn't even new or equitable, but in a sense, just makes the prior situation worse because of the group who said the first group angry, causing a confrontation, or getting some asshole like me involved because I belive that everyone will have their opinion, which is having a direct thought, marking (labeling) everything that they see, which I believe is to keep things in order, so they know what it is when it comes up in conversation, or those who have a more trained thought track who dont need marks to comprehend somthing. But thats where things get complicated, people like to be correct, and when they are offended by a group, they try to fix other people's thought process, which then offends the other group, bla bla bla.

So this is what I'm trying to say, you'll have you're opinions, that's totally fine. We're all human, and thats a fact. We have free will, whe have our own point of view, and that's how it will always be. But don't try to push your beliefs on someone else, because I don't like drama and bullshit, and I don't think anyone does actually, so yeah, don't be bitchin.

3 beautiful crime

Whoa buddy whoa [30 Jun 2005|03:42pm]
Internet is down, had a virus, oh well. Got a speeding ticket, $100 deduction out of my paycheck, and uh...my dad is a bitch? I dunno.

Jimmy moves to Beufort (spelling?) tomorrow, when he gets his RX7 fixed up he's gonna live in my attic, or guest bed room, which ever he perfers.

Oh, and Pedro is 19 now, what a boring age, haha. Adios.
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Welp [23 Jun 2005|06:37am]
I like this girl alot... :)

It's official [14 Jun 2005|06:25am]
Hot chicks like emo kids.

Go check out Kelly Clarkson's new video "Behind These Hazel Eyes" All of the guys in the weedding scene are scene kids, including the groom, best man, and people in the audience.

So for all you assholes who think I look silly, go suck a nut.

Have a great day. :)
5 beautiful crime

Ok, so I'm alright [04 Jun 2005|07:18pm]
Got in a fight with my dad, lost my car, still working at subway, need a new muffler, bla bla bla.

It's not like anyone reads this shit anyways.
9 beautiful crime

I am [31 May 2005|11:46pm]
so happy the blood brothers played some of their old songs.

Got in trouble for driving too late, dad's drunk, might get in a fight, oh well, if you dont hear from me, be worried.
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Subway [23 May 2005|09:17pm]
Yeah, I'm working now, no free time at all...
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jouvenile [18 May 2005|10:19pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Blargh [18 May 2005|10:19pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[16 May 2005|09:09pm]


And there's a storm cloud waiting over,
On the land that's sinking at the,
At the bottom of these buildings again.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2 beautiful crime

I'm tired of the complaints - here the fuck you go [15 May 2005|10:21pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
7 beautiful crime

Crust Kid at NBT [14 May 2005|01:29am]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
3 beautiful crime

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