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new born

Oct. 20th, 2009 | 02:36 pm
location: United States, Tennessee, Knoxville
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I haven't posted on here in well over a year but I thought this worth sharing.

On Oct 5th at 10pm on the dot I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy on the planet, Roland Edward. He was just a little over 2 months early but apparently could not wait any longer to come. He weighed in at 3 lbs 10oz and 17 1/4 inches long.

he is eathing on this own and doing really well all things considered. He has no major issues and all we are waiting now is for him to get bigger. I have pictures on facebook if anyone would like to see just send me a message.

Just wanted to let everyone know.

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(no subject)

Feb. 21st, 2009 | 12:09 am

Describe me in one word... just one single word. Positive or negative.
- Leave your word in a comment before looking at what words others have used.
- Then post this meme to your own journal, if you feel like it.

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Writer's Block: Tricky Questions

Jan. 13th, 2009 | 02:39 pm

What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?
omgosh, what did I do this time?

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My year in review

Dec. 31st, 2008 | 11:11 am
mood: hopeful hopeful

January - Moved from our house in Ten Mile to a house in the city that the boys went to school. The joy of packing/ unpacking taking over our household. Our household adjusted nicely to having full custody and not having to deal with the boy's mother too often even though my nice genes invited her over a little more than I would have liked normally.

February - Found out that I was pregnant Feb 2nd. Panic and Elation set in and I called the doctor's right away. The first ultrasound seemed unusual and I was told that I would need to be watched closely because whatever was growing inside the sac didn't look like a baby but something that might be cancer and could or could not be attached to the baby. So start the tests. Every three days testing my HCG level and whatnot. Ultrasounds ever week until we got a heart beat and could see the baby and whatever was in there was deemed a clot. Something they said not to worry about. Our lives relaxed a little bit about the pregnancy.

March - We're finally settled into the new house. Pregnancy is going well. Morning sickness and exhaustion suck. The boys are doing well in school and getting excellent grades. Tax return came back and we did some decorating for the kids rooms. Started my new job with Child Support the end of Feb and I was settling into my position.

April - Nothing remarkable happened. We are working on getting the house exactly the way we want it.

May - Middle of May contractions start. I freak out and call my doctor who says that he thinks they might be Braxton hicks and if they get worse to call. The end of the month we have the court date to finalize the custody orders and make sure they are solid and set up child support. May 27th - Wake up with contractions so bad that I wake up Daddy. We go to the hospital where they pick up on irregular contracts, test me for all sorts of stuff then decide that it’s a Urinary Tract Infection. Put me on a time release med (which by the way does jack sh*t for those of us that have had gastric bypass) and send me how with orders to stay calm and rest a lot. Two days later back at work I realize I'm leaking a rather gross looking... there is no other way to put it... slime. I call the doctor panicked who tells me that I have an ultrasound tomorrow and not to worry about it. Ultrasound May 30th. Gather up all the kids so they can get their first look at their little brother or sister. We find a strong heart beat and a wiggling little Ziggy. We ask if it’s a boy or a girl and the next thing on the screen is my little one spread to show the world HIS goods. Some jokes about how Daddy can only make boys and nothing else then the Ultrasound Tech gets a little quiet and asks if we can have the boys stand in the hall. I'm funneling, which is a fancy term for going into labor. I'm sent directly to the hospital. After a day I ask to be transferred to University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville.

June - I spend the first two days of June laying with my head 25 degrees below the rest of my body and with a catheter so I don't even have to get up to pee. 1st - spent the whole Sunday borrowing nurses to talk to, praying to God for the health of my baby and wishing to Heavens that there wasn't something wrong with me. The 2nd - Around 10am we go to the ultrasound and they tell me what I already knew. That Ziggy's feet were in my cervix and I was too dilated to do a cerclage. They tried to get some of the amniotic fluid out of me in the hopes that he would move up enough that we could keep me from delivering at 21 weeks. Two hours later they tell me that there is nothing they can do; my contractions are increasing and getting more intense. Determined not to cry I spend my time praying, not that they can save Ziggy because my meeting with the head of Neonatology confirmed that if he had been just 100 grams heavier they ****might**** be able to intabate(sp?) but that he's just too small for that. While talking to the doctor he told me that even if we could it would be painful for Ziggy. He wouldn't be able to see or hear. He would be mentally retarded and the thing that made me decide to induce - all of his skin would peel off and he would have to regrow it. I couldn't see putting my child through that. I spend the rest of the month learning the true meaning of broken hearted. 

July - I remember the 4th. We spent the day with the boy’s uncle and his two year old. Watching the littlest of the kiddos run and scream every time a fire work went off. Laughing at how silly they all look. July 15th we went to court and they finally finalize the order for support and custody. The kids are technically in our care for good.

August - The results of the autopsy come back that nothing was wrong with our little guy and that he was a prefect little angel in every way. We get the pictures back from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. A wonderful organization that

came out and took pictures of our little guy for us to have to remember.
my Angel ZiggyCollapse )</div>

September - My eldest's birthday, my birthday and the purchase of our new home. We bought a three bedroom house with a den and a HUGE master bath. Moving in is a hassle but the space is nice and it’s ours. All three acres.

October - went way too fast. Daddy and I go the University of Tennessee for genetic testing to find out if it was something within us that caused the preterm labor. Came back with a finding of two different blood disorders. Both of which put me in the high risk category. I have something called PAI4G4G and something called MTHRF - Both make you clot too much but one of them makes it extremely difficult for you to absorb b12 and folic acid. Something critical to having a healthy baby. More vitamins are added into my mix of vitamins but are taken willingly. I'm also told that from now on I have to watch my bruises because it could become dangerous. Other than that we are told we are healthy and can start trying again.

November - Child support starts!! Thanksgiving at Daddy's brother's house. Family and fun. More unpacking and deciding we want new flooring. YAY!!

December - The Christmas chaos starts. Decorating, baking, and shopping. Sleeping...... ehhh I think not. My biggest Christmas gift was the conversation Daddy and I had about trying again to have a baby - Christmas vacation the trying starts.... :-) December 24th - Daddy's Birthday, Dec 25th Christmas of course and dinner again at the brother in law's house. Dec 27th my middle child and my brother's birthday's. Cake all around. Dec 29th Daddy and I have been married 3 years. Today - I wrote down just two things I’d like to accomplish this year.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year and that all your wishes for the New Year come true.

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Sorry I hadn't updated

Aug. 20th, 2007 | 10:39 pm

I want to apologize to everyone for not updating since I was about to have my surgeries. I thought that I had done a few updates since then. I'm sorry if I caused anyone worry.

I came out from both of the surgeries much better, my back pain is almost completely gone and I am doing a lot better. I think the extra skin and hang was causing so much more trouble than I had realized. 

The reason for the loss of contact is two major things, three weeks post op from my breast lift we called to talk to our kids out here in Tennessee.. their oh-so-wonderful mother told us that her husband had been arrested for driving without a licsense, so we told her we were sorry and said if she needed any help that we of course would help. We asked to speak to the kids and she told us that they were outside playing. We left it at that then called back 2 days later and asked to speak to them again she at that point broke down and told us that she was being evicted. We asked why and after a good amount of prodding she told us that she had been arrested for Huffing Paint and Shooting Cocaine while our two year old was in the bedroom watching her 10 month old. That the kids were of course taken away by DCS and we had to come out here to get custody of them. 
Our time now has been entirely devoted to the fight of getting custody because apparently even though his name is on the birth certificates and no one, not even the mother, is denying that he is father there has to be some big custody hearing. 
On the upside while our attorney was listening to all the tapes that we supplied him of all the conversations we had of her calling us over and over and asking for money he said that he heard something interesting.
Her exact words were "I swear to God Kevin, if you don't send the f***ing money to me tonight I'll drive all the way up to Maryland and get John (her husband) to kill your f***ing a$$". In the attorney's exact words that counts as two things, exstortion and custodial blackmail. Further more she stated on more than one tape that if Kevin didn't send her more money (even after she knew the state had said that we should send it directly to her) that she was going to have John adopt the kids and Kevin would never see them again. And she also told him that if he didn't send more money before Christmas that we wouldn't see them at all. 

So it sounds like we've got an excellent case but its so difficult on the kids. We're trying to make sure that they understand everything that is going on and why its all happening.

That is really the reason why I hadn't updated even though I thought I had. 
I'm sorry I worried anyone.

:-) We're doing ok here. Just very very busy bees.

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(no subject)

Nov. 5th, 2006 | 11:47 am

I haven't posted in a long time. TO tell you the truth I've not had the time. My life is pretty hectic lately.

I should update. Daddy and I set a date for moving to Tennessee. It will be the last day in January, weather permitting. We just cannot handle being away from our boys anymore, they are too important to our life and every day we are away from them is a day that we cannot get back. In the mean time we're going to be selling as much stuff off on ebay as possible, and working on setting up some webpages that could possibly make us rich. We hope anyway.

I've been stable with my weight an holding right at 200. I'm pretty darn happy there and I feel so much thinner than I have ever before. I'm keeping my hair pretty short right now with my upcoming reconstructive surgeries. I'm having my Tummy Tuck and muscle reconstruction done on Tuesday the 7th. I'm so nervous I can't even begin to tell people but the house is ready, the bills are paid, works knows I'm not coming back till the start of the new year and by then I should have the approval for the lower body lift. I'm ready. I'm ready to be finished with my weight loss journey and go back to being an active healthy person.

I'm going to be going back to school once we move down to Tennessee. I've got my heart set on a teaching a degree and with a little time and effort I'm going to get it. Its what I've wanted to do since Jr. High and I think its about high time I get it. Kevin is also going to go back to school part time and get a degree in IT with a minor in Business. Seriously he's tired of working for other people and really wants to have things going on his own. Its just a matter of the techinical knowhow at this point.

I just thought that I would keep everyone updated. If anyone wants to call I'll be at Northwest Hospital the night of the 7th.

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Long overdue

Sep. 28th, 2006 | 07:39 am

Hmm where to start.

Work is starting to get better again but I don't know I feel about it long term now. I'm working my butt off to make sure that I can hit all of their goals. I really want to be able to achieve the goals that they have set out for me. If not I'll just end up struggling to reach the new higher goals. Which is a change that comes from any merger - different goals I mean. We are starting to get out bonuses again. Which is very nice.

The kids are back in TN, they are doing really well in school. I'm glad to hear that they are doing well. We are working with Darlene (the ex) and getting to something that will work for all of us. We want something that will work out for the best for everyone. I think that she will be willing to work with us long term. We are hoping at least.

They are resubmitting the information for my tummy tuck to the insurance company. I'm really excited. It got declined the first time for a minor reason. It wasn't meant to be declined there was a BIG typo. So I should be having that by the end of the year. They are talking about taking off another 25 lbs of skin off my stomach. I'm so excited about that. After the tummy tuck is done we are already collecting the information needed to submit for the breast reduction and reconstuction. Then the butt lift and the thigh lift. Once all of that is done I can then have my arm lift and be all done. I'm really looking forward to having it all done.

I'm off to work for yet another hour of overtime.

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(no subject)

Sep. 7th, 2006 | 07:25 am

My Interests Collage!Collapse )
Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424</div

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(no subject)

Aug. 31st, 2006 | 10:15 am

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Aug. 18th, 2006 | 07:49 pm

I just found out..... that my birthday.... is the same as my favorite Harry Potter Characters!!!

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